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For Building Owners, Managers & Occupants

Energy Storage Solutions for Cleaner, Greener, More Efficient Facilities

Clean. Comfortable. Savings. Now. 

For utilities across North America, energy storage represents a new approach to meeting peak energy demand, helping them to deliver reliable, affordable electric service to their customers in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner – now and into the future.

By shifting when energy is used, storage saves money, reduces emissions, improves reliability, and makes better use of clean, renewable energy.

By connecting Ice Bear energy storage units to air conditioning systems on commercial & industrial customer sites throughout their territories, utilities can reduce the amount of electricity required to power daytime building cooling – the single largest contributor to peak energy demand.   

In turn, this helps reduce overall demand on the electric system, lowers stress on the grid, and reduces the risk of brownouts and blackouts – even on the hottest days.

And, because power generated at night is cleaner, more abundant, and less expensive, it also means improvements in efficiency and savings in electric system operating costs. All of this helps to keep your rates as low as possible.

Which is very cool for you.

For the businesses and buildings where the Ice Bear units are installed, this means reduced daytime energy consumption, increased efficiency and lower energy costs, a smaller environmental footprint, longer equipment life, and more consistent cooling comfort for your customers and employees – no matter how hot it gets outside.

In fact, daytime energy demand from air conditioning – typically 40-50% of your building’s electricity use during peak daytime hours – can be reduced by as much as 95%.

And for those customers on a Time of Use rate, paying lower nighttime rates to power daytime air conditioning will translate into savings on your energy bill.

Putting Ice Bears to Work for You

The Ice Bear energy storage system is essentially a large thermal storage tank that attaches to your existing roof top air-conditioning system. The unit makes ice at night, and uses that ice during the day to efficiently deliver cooling directly to your building’s existing air conditioning system.

The energy-intensive compressor of your air conditioner remains off, and daytime electricity required for cooling is reduced dramatically.

Because it eliminates cycling during the heat of the day, adding an Ice Bear system also helps improve the efficiency and performance of your AC system, providing more consistent cooling, and extending the life of your equipment.
The Ice Bear is specifically designed to work with most commercial direct-expansion (DX) air-conditioning systems, specifically the refrigerant-based, 4- to 20-ton packaged rooftop, split systems, or mini-split air conditioners common to almost all small to mid-sized commercial buildings. In other words, an Ice Bear would be right at home on just about any building from a Starbucks to a WalMart, and nearly everything in between.

Designed for simple, fast and reliable connection to your building’s existing air conditioning system, the Ice Bear’s “plug and play” design means there are no changes to your ductwork or structure, and no inconvenience to your customers, tenants or employees.

How simple is that?

Even Cooler, It's Free

Because Ice Bear programs are fully funded by participating utilities, who see storage as an important way to reduce peak daytime energy demand, keep energy costs low, improve reliability and help the environment, we do not sell Ice Bear system to individual building owners. 

The utility companies are our customers, and they are buying thousands of these units to be deployed throughout their territories to be given away to you. In other words, this program provides free Ice Bear energy storage systems to qualifying commercial and industrial customers and building owners within participating utility territories.

If qualified, you could be eligible to receive all Ice Bear equipment, installation, and maintenance – and enjoy all the economic, environmental, and performance benefits of adding storage to your building – at no cost to you.

Interested? Contact us to find a utility program in your area.


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