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Build Green. Save Green with Energy Storage.

In new construction, as well as end-of-lifecycle air conditioning unit replacement and upgrade opportunities, adding Ice Bear energy storage systems to your building adds value to the building.

It’s a powerful sustainable design option that can help you earn points toward LEED and other green building certifications, as well to meet the increasingly tough compliance requirements for new building energy codes, like California’s Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

The Ice Bear is designed for simple, fast and reliable connection with most commercial direct-expansion (DX) air-conditioning systems, specifically the refrigerant-based, 4-20-ton packaged rooftop, split systems, or mini-split air conditioners common to almost all small to mid-sized commercial buildings. 

This “plug and play” design means there are no changes to your ductwork or unique structural requirements. To make it even easier, several of today’s leading HVAC manufacturers offer high-efficiency Ice-Ready compatible rooftop units direct from their factory.

And, by reducing your building’s peak air conditioning energy consumption, you’re also reducing its carbon footprint, all while delivering your tenants and occupants uninterrupted cooling comfort and lower energy bills. It’s a win-win-win.

Sun + Ice = Savings

If you’re adding rooftop solar to your building, consider adding Ice as well. The two are a natural fit.

The Ice Bear system provides cooling when in the afternoon as solar output declines, and building cooling load peaks. As the sun begins to set in the afternoon, the Ice Bear units deliver stored energy to bridge the gap between increasing building electrical demand and decreasing solar energy production. 

Even Cooler, It's Free

Because Ice Bear programs are fully funded by participating utilities, for whom storage represents an important solution for reducing peak daytime energy demand, keeping energy costs low, improving reliability and helping the environment, Ice Bear systems are not sold to individual building owners. 

However, utility companies are buying thousands of these units to be deployed throughout their territories – and given away to you. In other words, these programs provide free Ice Bear energy storage systems to qualifying commercial and industrial customers and building owners within participating utility territories.

If qualified, you could be eligible to receive all Ice Bear equipment, installation, and maintenance – and enjoy all the economic, environmental, and performance benefits of adding storage to your building – at no cost to you.

Interested? Find out if there is a utility program in your area.


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