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Hard at Work Across North America

Field Proven and Deployed. 5 Million Hours and Counting. 

Across North America, Ice Energy’s Ice Bear energy storage systems have successfully logged more than 5 million operating hours in field trials and deployments conducted by more than 25 investor- and publicly-owned utilities, national labs, and research centers – as well as a wide range of private-sector building owners, franchisees, and national retailers. 

Installations throughout the United States and Canada span commercial, residential, retail, government, military, and educational facilities. These include data centers, restaurants, fast food outlets, convenience and Big Box stores, libraries, fire stations, schools, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, auto dealerships, and an airport. Even a movie studio, an aquarium and a zoo are among our successful installations.

These installations, each one documented and verified, show just how effective the Ice Bear energy storage system is in reducing peak demand across a wide range of applications, geographies and climates, including the hot, dry deserts and central valleys of California and Nevada, the coastal regions of Hawaii and California, the hot, humid climates of Tennessee and Alabama, and extreme temperature ranges of Northern Colorado and Ontario, Canada.

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