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Issues and Perspectives

Deploying energy storage at scale is critical to a cleaner, smarter grid.


Storage may be the answer, but it also raises a lot of questions.

  • Who can own storage?
  • Should storage be a separate asset class?
  • Is it appropriate for utilities to own it? (And if the answer is yes, under what model and what rate of return?)   
  • What's the integrated value of storage? How do I calculate it?
  • What types of storage is best for my needs?
  • Can it be cost-effective?

On one point though, agreement is clear. Storage in all its forms and applications – bulk, distributed, grid-scale, kinetic, chemical, battery, pumped hydro, CAES, and thermal among them – must be a key part of the energy conversation, firmly in the mix in any discussion about the transition to a cleaner, smarter, more reliable electricity system.  

Not surprisingly, thoughtful questions and discussions are multiplying correspondingly. 

Issues & Perspectives is designed as a clearinghouse of contemporary thought, word and deeds for everything to do with energy storage.

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