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CoolData Controller

The Power to Control.

The smart grid capabilities Ice Energy's solution are enabled by a two-way communications network and a sophisticated, utility-compatible smart grid controller that controls the Ice Bear system, manages the connected rooftop packaged unit, and serves as an intelligent gateway for managing additional demand and consumption on installed buildings throughout a utility territory.

Control strategies can be applied to one, all, or any subset of storage devices. Schedule changes can be made on-the-fly in response to changing system conditions, or simply set and consistently maintained per schedule.

With an advanced software smart grid architecture to interface, integrate, and intelligently control installed units, the CoolData Control Network creates an aggregated utility resource that is interoperable, scalable, and dispatchable, providing utilities with the unprecedented ability to intelligently shape peak demand by managing the load profile of a single building, a feeder, a substation, a region or their entire grid.

This ability to aggregate and control thousands of individual units and to bundle their performance as a single utility resource enables a utility to evaluate the solution for capacity and energy in the same manner as other bulk energy storage solutions.

The anatomy of the network.   

Control of the system is managed across the CoolData Network through an advanced smart grid system architecture utilizing a sophisticated, web-based remote terminal unit (RTU), a data logging control system (a SCADA system architecture), and OSIsoft’s secure PI System® real-time data management infrastructure.

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