CoolData Controller

How It Works

Ice Energy’s patented CoolData Controller is a sophisticated, utility-compatible proprietary control and data acquisition device that controls the energy storage system, manages the connected rooftop packaged unit and – with the ability to capture raw data from more than 800 available inputs – serves as an intelligent gateway for managing additional demand and consumption on the building.

Fully networked and dispatchable, the system includes a programmable Controller, a sensor bus for field data acquisition, local data storage, a web server, and an Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet. The interface is through a browser-based Web portal that can also be accessed via mobile devices.

By network-enabling each controller, utilities can continuously monitor the performance of each Ice Bear unit against the key performance indicators that have been defined for a single unit, group of units, or population of units as a whole. With the foundation of this robust technology built on OSIsoft PI System™, integration and dispatch capabilities are easily implemented into existing EMS and SCADA platforms and meet security requirements for control center integration.

Able to accept up to 800 sensor inputs and relay outputs, the Controller can be used to enable Dynamic Demand Response, communicate with smart meters, provide voltage monitoring and support, integrate with OMS systems, and provide real-time and fully automated load management for the host building.

The Controller is also capable of interacting with both system operations and price signals, enabling the units to respond automatically to grid system emergencies or market based signals, provision ancillary services to the market place, and enable consumers to more effectively participate in load side programs.