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Discover the Power of Ice

By combining conventional air conditioning with Ice Energy’s ground-breaking Ice Bear energy storage technology and using each when it’s most efficient and cost-effective, hybrid cooling saves money and reduces the impact on the environment.

Pairing a patented energy storage module with a standard air conditioning condensing unit, the Ice Bear 30 Hybrid Air Conditioner is the industry's first hybrid cooling solution specifically developed to reduce the cost of air conditioning for small to mid-sized commercial businesses, delivering efficient cooling using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional systems.

Designed for fast and reliable connection to most air conditioning systems and requiring no modification to existing ductwork or structure, Ice Bear hybrid A/C units integrate seamlessly with the conventional 3-10 ton rooftop and split-system air conditioners that cool almost all light-commercial and residential buildings. Each Ice Bear unit can be applied to a 3-5 ton system, or a single 5 ton stage of a 7.5-10 ton system, providing 30 ton hors of cooling at a load of up to 5 tons.

The Ice Bear hybrid air conditioning system stores cooling energy at night, when electricity generation is cleaner, less expensive and more abundant, by freezing water within an insulated storage tank to create and storing cooling capacity for the next day.

During the day, the Ice Bear module using the energy stored the previous night to provide cooling by circulating chilled refrigerant from the tank to a modified evaporator coil within the conventional air conditioning system. The energy-intensive compressor within the traditional, high-energy consuming air conditioner remains unused during the day. Ice is then refrozen each night and energy stored again when electricity demand is cleaner, more efficient and less expensive.

During off-peak hours, the conventional HVAC system operates as usual.

Together, this unique hybrid system surpasses the overall efficiency and performance of conventional equipment alone, reducing more than 6,000 watts of peak energy consumption to as little as 300 watts.

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