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Distributed Energy Storage

Not all kilowatts are created equal. A kilowatt-hour consumed at night, during off-peak hours, costs less to produce than one consumed on peak, and has less impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the electric industry has never had a cost effective solution for storage—until now.

For the first time in the utility industry’s history, a transformational technology now exists to move significant amounts of energy consumption off peak without incurring significant inefficiency and losses in the process.

Ice Energy’s distributed energy storage technology, the first distributed ice storage technology developed specifically for retail, light commercial, industrial, office, educational and municipal buildings, essentially decouples daytime air conditioning use from peak energy demand by shifting as much as 95% of that peak demand to off-peak time periods.

  • Solves the root cause of the peak load problem, thermal peak demand.
  • Delivers thermal efficiency through non-cycling design and off peak consumption
  • Deploys as easy “plug and play” solution for rapid deployment using industry standard form factor, parts, and integration.
  • Technology is 100% verifiable in real-time, automatically storing energy off-peak and dispatching it on-peak without requiring interaction by the utility or behavior change by the consumer
  • Performance is predictable and measurable
  • Provides rate base and recoverable asset
  • Provides cost-effective alternative to new peaking generation

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