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Transforming Energy System Efficiency and Reliability.


Utility Solutions

Ice Energy is a leading provider of smart grid and distributed energy storage solutions for leveling peak energy demand Our innovative solutions for large-scale utility deployment integrate revolutionary distributed energy storage technology, closed loop, two-way control, and an advanced software infrastructure to permanently reshape the load curve, and fundamentally transform energy system efficiency and reliability.

Ice Energy also represents a critical renewable portfolio resource to complement intermittent, off-peak renewable portfolio assets such as wind and solar, enabling utilities to shift significant load to off peak hours when the energy delivery system is both underutilized and more thermally efficient.

HVAC Solutions

As the leader in hybrid cooling solutions, Ice Energy offers a unique opportunity for HVAC manufacturers and commercially-focused contractors to green your business and grow your customer base with innovative, cost-effective clean energy solutions.

Green Building Solutions

Ice Energy offers breakthrough Hybrid Cooling solutions for the green building industry that reduce electric bills, improve energy efficiency, provide superior cooling comfort and lower greenhouse gas emissions. By combining conventional air conditioning systems with our ground-breaking energy storage technology, hybrid cooling saves money and lessens the impact on the environment.

Ice Energy’s Ice Bear Hybrid Air Conditioning products provide superior cooling comfort for homes and businesses, using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional systems, and surpassing the overall efficiency of conventional equipment alone.

Consumer Solutions

Many utilities now offer special incentives that significantly offset the costs of Ice Bear Hybrid Air Conditioning system installation and equipment.

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