Ice Energy helps utilities to more easily, affordably, and reliably meet their renewable energy goals.
By enabling the reliable integration and increased penetration of zero-emission resources like wind, solar and geothermal, Ice Energy’s unique storage solution – itself a qualifying Renewable Portfolio Resource – enables utilities to deliver reliable, competitively priced electric service to their customers in a more reliable, sustainable and environmentally-responsible manner. 
Our distributed energy storage solution can be deployed quickly to balance other renewable resources, such as wind and solar, which are intermittent by nature and often out of sync with peak demand. Storing off-peak wind and solar power and making it available when it is needed most makes it more useful, predictable, and valuable.  Increasing the demand during off peak periods with storage increases the amount of renewable resources that can be reliably integrated onto the grid, effectively delivering a more balanced load profile.
Storage also provides a much-needed boost to the off-peak wind market, improving the overall value of these assets by creating a load and increasing the demand for the growing abundance of off-peak wind power.
Our solution also complements the effectiveness of solar resources, which peak at midday. By using solar when it is available and using stored capacity for the post-solar peak, energy storage balances solar generation to provide maximum peak load reduction.
Shifting power consumption from higher polluting, less efficient technologies during peak hours, to cleaner, more efficient off peak sources delivers significant environmental benefits, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking the carbon footprint of existing resources on the grid. Each Ice Bear unit installed reduces net system CO2 emissions by 1.5 tons, on average.