In every commodity market in the world – except electricity – storage is used to address periodic imbalances between supply and demand.
Storage dampens price volatility, creates efficiency in consumption and increases reliability in delivery.  Only the electricity market meets spikes in demand by significantly overbuilding generation, transmission, and distribution assets. 
Ice Energy changes all that. Our revolutionary storage technology cost effectively stores energy off peak and delivers it on peak, at the point of consumption, without incurring significant inefficiency or losses in the process. This makes it possible for utilities, for the first time, to use cleaner, more efficient and less expensive off-peak power to produce and store energy to meet peak demand.
By fundamentally changing how — and more importantly when — energy is consumed, Ice Energy’s system provides utilities with a dispatchable, distributed resource that can offset the need for peak generation, relieve summer transmission congestion, improve the overall reliability and power factor of the system, and enable the reliable integration of renewable energy resources by reshaping the load on the system, feeder by feeder, at the substation level, or for an entire region.
By improving efficiency across the entire energy delivery chain from source to consumption, Ice Energy offers the first utility- scale, distributed energy storage solution to fundamentally reshape the load curve, increase energy system efficiency, improve grid reliability, and reduce green house gas emissions. 
Enabling utilities to transition to a cleaner, smarter, more reliable, and more sustainable energy system, this represents a significant new asset-based, sustainable energy resource equivalent to hundreds of megawatts of clean peaking power for utilities.