There’s no cooler way to improve your bottom line —  and the environment.
Combining a conventional air conditioning system with Ice Energy’s ground-breaking Ice Bear® energy storage technology and using each when it’s most efficient and cost-effective lowers peak electricity costs and reduces the impact on the environment.
Because our solution is fully funded by participating utility companies, there is no cost to the customers or building owners who choose to host energy storage units at their sites.  Ice Bear units are purchased by participating utilities and installed at their cost on individual buildings throughout their territories – without complicated incentive or rebate programs. Qualifying customers receive the Ice Bear equipment, installation and maintenance – as well as all the economic and environmental benefits of adding storage to their buildings – at no cost to them. 
Unlike load management cycling or other curtailment programs that require changes in consumer behavior, or can negatively impact comfort and economic productivity, this solution enables commercial businesses and building owners to reduce daytime energy consumption, control energy costs and reduce their environmental footprint without compromising comfort.
Designed for the vast majority of today’s retail and commercial businesses, it is applicable to about 80% of the US commercial market – in general all small-to mid-sized commercial buildings less than three stories served by conventional, refrigerant-based, packaged rooftop, split systems, or mini-split central air conditioners.
It’s appropriate new construction, end-of-life cycle a/c unit replacement, or retrofit situations, and can be easily and rapidly installed on customer sites, with no interruption of service.