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utility programs:
Utility Companies Offer Cash to Go Green
SCE Night Shift Permanent Load Shift Program

Limited time cash rebates and incentives are available to customers in Southern California interested in making the shift to hybrid cooling through Southern California Edison’s innovative Night Shift permanent load shift program.

Night Shift is for mid-commercial customers who have buildings with 3 to 20-ton rooftop air-conditioner units and an electricity demand of at least 200 kilowatt-hours per day. Facilities that fit this profile typically include office buildings, libraries, school and university buildings, and big box retail stores.

Qualifying commercial customers can use the cash incentives offered by SCE toward the purchase and installation of Ice Bear hybrid cooling units. Rebates, in combination with monthly savings on electric bills provide a rapid return on investment, making it possible for companies to dramatically lower air conditioning costs without sacrificing comfort.

Ongoing savings come from shifting air conditioning electric load from expensive peak daytime rates to cheaper off-peak nighttime rates, while incentives are paid based on the total kilowatts permanently shifted from peak to off-peak times.

The program is administered for SCE by Honeywell.

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