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utility programs:
Utility Companies Offer Cash to Go Green
PG&E; Shift and Save Program

A strategic part of PG&E;'s green energy focus, Shift & Save helps protects California against rolling blackouts and improves the reliability of the power grid by reducing peak energy demand.

The $10 million program, part of the California Public Utility Commission’s permanent load shifting initiative, offers both upfront rebates and annual incentives to PG&E; commercial and light industrial customers for integrating hybrid cooling with existing and new air conditioning equipment. Unlike demand response solutions, which reduce the peak load only on specific days when the power grid is at risk of overload, Shift & Save helps to permanently reduce daily AC peak loads over the entire peak season, while helping PG&E; customers lower their energy bills.

Designed to pay incentives based on peak loads permanently shifted (kW) to non-peak times, the total potential payment for new construction /kW shifted is $1,400 and $1,950 for retrofit applications. Program participants on PG&E; time-of-use rates will also recognize additional ongoing savings on their energy bill by reducing their electricity use between noon and 6 p.m. on weekdays and during the summer peak period.

the Shift & Save market qualifications include:

  • All bundled PG&E; customers with service sizes typically suitable for A6, A10 TOU, E19 or E20 rates
  • Community college districts, cities and counties
  • Commercial, institutional, retail and military applications
  • Retrofit, new construction, remodel or gut/rehab and tenant finish applications
  • AC provided by DX refrigerant condensing and compressing

The program is administered for PG&E; by Cypress Ltd.

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