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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans - Green Attic Ventilation

Solar Powered Attic Fan Roof Mount

Solar Powered Attic Fan Roof Mount


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E ven if you don’t want to use the attic to make an extra living space in it, you still have to make sure that proper air circulation is ensured for it and that the temperatures don’t go haywire when the hot weather makes its inevitable appearance. Otherwise, the rest of the house will inevitably be affected and the AC will have to run more to keep conditions tolerable in the rest of the house. If you are thrifty and value smart investments, then installing a solar attic fan is the way to go to create proper conditions in this generally neglected area of the house.

By opting for the solar-powered product, there’s another benefit that you reap aside from the obvious fact that running it won’t cost you a cent since it draws power from the sun – you will pay less money on taxes too. If this sounds like a good idea and you want to opt for this more Eco-friendly type of fan for air circulation in the attic, then stick with us to see an unbiased ranking of the best solar powered fans at the moment, as well as read useful reviews regarding each product’s performance, limitations, and perks.

Does a Solar Attic Fan Save Money?

Regardless of the type of climate you live in, you will always benefit from proper ventilation when it comes to comfort and expenses. The weather inevitably gets hot at one point or another during the year, and when this happens, the areas of the house that are not properly insulated or ventilated expose you to heat and moisture entrapment issues. The heat and moisture will get transferred into the living space, which in turn implies that the air conditioner will have to work longer and harder to uphold a comfortable temperature indoors.

Poor attic ventilation has the biggest impact on indoor conditions from this point of view since the attic gets hot quite easily because of the sunrays that directly hit the roof. You might be inclined to overlook the attic because it’s an area most people only use for storage, but preserving temperature conditions in it is just as important as it is in any other area of the house. While it’s true that investing in qualitative roofing makes a difference since certain materials don’t get as hot, without ventilation your efforts are in vain because the air in the attic gets inevitably hot at one point, which means that the temperatures in the levels below will soar since the ceilings will get hot.

Aside from the temperature issue caused by the hot air getting trapped inside instead of being circulated and ventilated outside, there’s the problem related to moisture. If the moist air doesn’t have a means to escape, it will inevitably affect the house’s structure. So, you will waste money on repairs and you’ll have to set up dehumidifiers in multiple areas just to keep the situation under control, all because of the simple fact that you neglected attic ventilation.

Moisture and temperature are two elements kept under control by proper ventilation, and expenses are reduced significantly if you make sure the attic stays dry and doesn’t reach scorching temperatures in any period of the year. But why is the solar attic fan the best option savings-wise? Here’s why:

  • It’s free to run: It doesn’t draw electricity to run, so there’s no extra expense when you operate it. Instead, it gets the power from the sun, so running it is 100% free. You pay for the fan and the installation (set it up yourself and even that part is going to be free), and nothing else beyond this point.
  • Higher energy efficiency: All fans produce a fairly cooling breeze. If you cool down the attic through this means, you won’t have to rely on air conditioning as much since there won’t be a sauna on top of the living quarters anymore.
  • Cool down the second story: You might find that the second story is never as cool as the first. It might seem a bit peculiar, but this is all because of the heat that radiates down from the attic to the upper living level of the house. When combined with proper insulation and air sealing, the fan keeps the superior level cool so that there won’t be significant temperature and comfort differences between stories.
  • Help out the insulation you set in place: You might have insulated the attic, but this doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. Trouble can still come your way quite easily seeing how excess heat and humidity can damage the materials used for this procedure, depleting the insulation with time.
  • Protect the roof: During the cold months of the year, the cold air beneath the roof will enter into contact with the warm air inside your home, creating a condensation effect. This excess moisture will sit under the roof, eventually damaging the materials that make it up, and leading to costly repairs.

Create proper conditions in the room of your home where you most need this, namely the bedroom, by installing a bedroom ceiling fan that circulates the air to create comfortable sleeping conditions.

Top 13 Solar Attic Fans Compared

Area Coverage
Airflow Capacity
Blade Diameter
Power Rating

Best Overall
2,825 sq. ft.
1,881 CFM
0° – 45°
27.2” x 27.2” x 11.5”
25 years
2,500 sq. ft.
1,750 CFM
21” x 21” x 10”
15 years
1,900 sq. ft.
791 CFM
0° – 45°
26” x 26” x 13.5”
15 years
2,625 sq. ft.
1,750 CFM
23.6” x 23.6” x 9.8”
10 years

Editor’s Choice
2,800 sq. ft.
1,550 CFM
0° – 45°
22” x 22” x 10.5”
25 years for housing, 5 years for motor
2,000 sq. ft.
1,420 CFM
0° – 45°
22” x 22” x 11”

Best for the Money
2,250 sq. ft.
1,750 CFM
26” x 15” x 6”
25 years
2,000 sq. ft.
1,960 CFM
25° – 45°
27.8” x 13.8” x 13.8”
5 years
1,200 sq. ft.
800 CFM
3/12 to 8/12 roof pitch
23.4” x 25.8” x 10”
5 years
3,200 cu. ft.
537 CFM
26-5/8” x 29-7/8”
6 years
700 sq. ft.
435 CFM
0° – 45°
17” x 17” x 4.75”
20 years
200 sq. ft.
365 CFM
14” x 11” x 11”
5 years

Best for Shed
100 sq. ft.
39 CFM
17” x 17” x 5-5/8”

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Solar Powered Attic Fans?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Natural Light SAF36B-FL: There is no other solar attic fan that comes close to this 48-watt model from Natural Light when it comes to area coverage and airflow capacity. It’s a real force to reckon with, and considering the stats and asking price, it’s the best deal you could make.
  • Iliving Smart Solar Fan ILG8SF301: If you have a 2,500 square foot attic that you want to install a fan in, look no further than this Iliving smart fan. The waterproof motor ensures you are making a long-lasting acquisition. Moreover, it’s easy to set up.
  • QuietCool 40-Watt Solar Powered Roof Mount Fan: Make the smart pick and go with this QuietCool solar fan, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase. Since it comes with an AC/DC inverter, it runs during nighttime hours just as fine as it does during the day. Hence, attic air circulation is guaranteed 24/7 and conditions are kept perfect in this normally hot and stale air filled part of the house.
  • GBGS Polycrystalline Solar Panel: Simplistic yet highly efficient, this GBGS attic fan really gives you a run for your money. It mounts at multiple angles – 0, 15, 30, and 45 – to be a viable choice for a wider range of customers. It even covers very large spaces of up to 2,625 square feet despite the 20-watt peak power rating.
  • ESM Products 30w Solar Fan: Easy on the wallet compared to its better-ranked counterparts yet a worthy option to consider due to its hefty 2,800 sq. ft. coverage, the ESM Products fan is another viable choice. The installation process is easy and won’t take long. It’s fitted with a quiet motor.
  • Remington Solar Attic Fan: Remington is a household name by now, so it comes as no surprise that it’s the company responsible for one of the best attic fans at the moment. It’s sleek and efficient. Doesn’t take long to install and doesn’t require special DIY skills. Moreover, it turns off automatically when temperatures lower to prevent damage.
  • Amtrak Solar Fan: The value deal of the moment, this Amtrak solar fan comes in handy for those who want powerful air circulation without throwing too much money on it. As a bonus, it flaunts a galvanized steel build that ensures lastingness.
  • ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator: A ventilator that you can trust to produce a cooling, moisture-reducing breeze to uphold proper conditions in the attic and help maintain thermal comfort throughout the house, this Eco-Worthy product is an option worth look into twice before you decide.
  • Air Vent 53510: If you’re short on cash and the attic you want to install a fan in isn’t absurdly large, this Air Vent model might just be what you need. It might be a bit loud but it does its job quite efficiently, which makes it a fan favorite.
  • Broan 345SOWW: This Broan solar fan is perfect for extreme weather conditions, so if temperatures are unstable where you live, it’s the best option for you. Furthermore, it really takes the cake when it comes to area coverage since it’s rated to handle 3,200 sq. ft. spaces.
  • Rand Solar Powered: Don’t go in thinking that this solar fan will last for a lifetime, but do rest assured knowing that it will work for a whole lot of years and keep your small attic in perfect condition. It’s cheap and easy to install. Additionally, it withstands harsh operating conditions.
  • Active Ventilation RBSF-8-BR: If you don’t want to spend much on the attic fan, consider this Active Ventilation product that can be yours for less than $100. Just beware that it’s a good option only for small space air circulation since it’s recommended for areas of up to 200 sq. ft.
  • Solar RoofBlaster: Despite the cheap asking price, this fan promises to run for a generous amount of time. Thus, you take back the money you spend on it upfront before it runs down completely. It doesn’t take much knowledge to install it. Furthermore, it’s quite easy on the eye, not only on the wallet.

If the weather goes haywire during summer to the point where even sitting by the pool becomes unpleasant, then we recommend that you invest in an outdoor misting fan to cool you off with the water it disperses and keep you outside to enjoy the sun without feeling the torrid heat as much.

1. Natural Light SAF36B-FL

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Large area coverage
👍 High airflow capacity
👍 Multiple mounting variants
👍 Long warranty
👍 Adjustable mounting bracket position
👍 100% expense-free operation

This model will improve air circulation in your attic or whatever other space you decide to install it in, like the barn or greenhouse, keeping the area cool and the moisture out. If you do install it in the attic, it will also help prolong the life of the roof. Apart from its durable build, what impressed us and convinced us that it is deserving of the top spot is the 1,881 CFM airflow capacity, as well as the fact that it can provide peak performance when used in large areas of up to 2,825 square feet. If you need the fan for a smaller area, the Natural Light SAF is the model you should look into since the 1,134 CFM airflow makes it perfect for 1,300 square feet attics. Check out the comparison table featured later in this review to draw a direct comparison between these two Natural Light solar attic fans and pick the one that is best suited for you.

Easy to Install

Installing it is a hassle-free operation that you won’t have trouble following through with since wiring isn’t involved in this process. Thus, you end up saving money if you make this acquisition since you won’t have to call in a professional for the task at hand. All of the hardware you need is included in the package, so there are no extra expenses to worry your mind with.

Mention-Worthy Details

  • DC Motor - The precision balanced DC motor doesn’t make much noise and it upholds a low level of vibrations
  • Adjustable - The adjustable mounting bracket lets you position it at any angle you like so that it collects as much sunlight as possible during the day
  • It is suitable for 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs
  • Housing - It is made from plastic and withstands impact so that you are assured of the fact that you are making a long-lasting investment when you acquire this fan
  • Fire Safety Switches – Safety measures set in place guarantee that there is no fire hazard to keep you out of danger’s way
  • Energy efficient – Since it is a solar powered product, it does not add to the electricity bills in the slightest, which means that you end up saving money in the long-run if you acquire and use it

Natural Light SAF36B-FL vs. Natural Light SAF

Natural Light SAF36B-FL
Natural Light SAF
  • Airflow: 1,881 CFM
  • Area coverage: 2,825 sq. ft.
  • Blade diameter: 12”
  • Mounting: 0° – 45°
  • Power rating: 48W
  • Size: 27.2” x 27.2” x 11.5”

Natural Light SAF36B-FL Rating:
  • Airflow: 1,134 CFM
  • Area coverage: 1,300 sq. ft.
  • Blade diameter: N/A
  • Mounting: 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs
  • Power rating: 48W
  • Size: 27.2” x 27.2” x 11.5”

Natural Light SAF Rating:

If you would rather opt for a traditional-style solution for air circulation in the greenhouse and you can set up extensions to plug the unit in a power outlet to run it, then we recommend you acquire a pedestal fan.

Natural Light SAF36B-FL Performance Test Feedback

The installation instructions were as straightforward as they get, so there was no trouble with the setup at all. It took about an hour to have the whole thing ready, including cutting the hole to pass the fan through. I set it up in mid-July, so the temperature was more than alright. The only downside is that when there’s no sun, it won’t run. It’s not a hybrid model either, so it doesn’t switch between solar and electric. This would have come in handy during cloudy days, but it’s not a significant downside seeing how its assistance isn’t needed as much when direct heat isn’t hitting the roof either. You can’t actually adjust the speed at which it runs, so you have to get a little creative. What we did to make it run a bit slower and circulate the air at a tamer pace was to cover a small part of the solar panel’s surface so that sunlight wouldn’t hit it whole.

Marcus Mackay – Product Tester and Reviewer

Natural Light SAF36B-FL Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,825 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,881 CFM
Power Rating: 48 watts Mounting: 0° – 45°
Operating Temperature: N/A DIY Installation:
Material: Plastic Motor: 17V DC motor
Blade Diameter: 12” Warranty: 25 years

2. Iliving Smart Solar Fan ILG8SF301

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Covers large spaces
👍 Can run in high heat – up to 130 degrees F
👍 Waterproof motor
👍 Large-size blades


👎 Fairly noisy
👎 Remote and temperature control not included

For those who seek a fan that can handle providing ventilation for a large-size space, this product is the go-to considering that it is rated to cover areas of up to 2,500 square feet without much hassle, providing a hard-to-top airflow capacity of up to 1,750 cubic feet per minute.

Smart Thermostat Integrated

Likely the standout feature of this product is the thermostat control that ranges from 65 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit since it guarantees increased control over the unit’s operation. You can disable this feature whenever you want to if you prefer to have the fan turn on whenever sunlight hits it rather than at specific temperature thresholds.

Notable Highlights

  • Motor – It features a brushless motor that makes a minimal amount of noise when it runs
  • Waterproof – The motor is IP68 rated, so there’s no need to worry that it might suffer any damage if the area you live in is plagued by harsh weather conditions
  • Adjustable – Set it up as you like since it can be angled at 0°, 15°, 30°, or 45°
  • Panel – The polycrystalline maintains its quality over the years

Needless to say, this product doesn’t fail in the warranty department either. Since it is covered against defects for 15 years from the moment of purchase, you can rest assured knowing that potential issues that arise will be handled by the manufacturer free of charge.

Iliving ILG8SF301 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,500 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,750 CFM
Power Rating: 20 watts Mounting: 0°/15°/30°/45°
Operating Temperature: 65°F – 130°F DIY Installation:
Material: N/A Motor: IP68 water proof brushless motor
Blade Diameter: 14” Warranty: 15 years

3. QuietCool 40-Watt Solar Powered Roof Mount Fan

13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Since it comes with an AC/DC inverter, the fan can run 24/7 as opposed to only during the day when it receives sunlight
👍 Fully adjustable – it rotates 180 degrees and tilts 60 degrees
👍 Fully detailed installation instructions for easy, cost-free DIY setup
👍 Completely maintenance-free motor


👎 You have to drill the flushing installation holes yourself
👎 The thermostat is pre-set and you can’t adjust the temperature

While the area coverage of this QuietCool solar fan might be inferior to that of the Natural Light SAF36B-FL since it covers 1,900 square feet tops as opposed to the 2,825 square feet rating of our top pick, this isn’t an issue if you weren’t looking for as large area coverage as offered by the Natural Light entry. The QuietCool is a reliable option to remove the hot and stale air from the attic as long as you use it in an appropriately sized space, so if you seek efficiency and good results, give it a go.

This 40-watt model grants a peak 791 CFM airflow, which is why it works for smaller spaces of up to 1,900 square feet in the first place. It’s a plug-and-play product, so there’s no wiring or complicated setup to worry your mind with. What we do warn you is that you have to drill the holes for the flush mounting as these aren’t pre-drilled.

You can adjust it as you prefer since it tilts 60 degrees and rotates 180 degrees. So there are no limitations from this point of view. There are limitations when it comes to temperature settings since the thermostat is pre-set, not allowing you to make any changes. To be specific, it’s set to turn off automatically at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and start running once more at 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

What we like most, however, is the fact that it can run 24/7, not only when it’s sunny outside. This is thanks to the AC/DC inverter that ensures the motor won’t stop working even after the sun sets down. With this eco-friendly solution to keep your attic and home cool, expect to pay 30% less on A/C-related costs. Lastly, we mention that the manufacturer covers the product against defects for 15 years. This hefty quality guarantee should be more than enough to convince you of the product’s reliability.

QuietCool 40-Watt Solar Powered Roof Mount Fan Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,900 square feet Airflow Capacity: 791 CFM
Power Rating: 10 watts Mounting: 0° - 45°
Operating Temperature: N/A DIY Installation:
Material: Steel Motor: Brushless DC motor
Blade Diameter: N/A Warranty: 15 years

4. GBGS Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Easy to install
👍 High airflow – 1,750 CFM
👍 Covers up to 2,625 sq. ft.
👍 Long 10-year warranty


👎 Shuts off completely when the sun goes down
👎 Loud operation

Considering that it is rated to provide an airflow capacity of up to 1,750 CFM and that it is suited for spaces of up to 2,625 square feet, you can count on this fan for larger-size areas, unlike its lower-rated counterparts. Thus, aside from the attic, you can benefit from the superior air circulation it provides for areas like the garage, barn, shed, greenhouse, or anywhere else you want. The best alternative for this model is our runner-up, the Iliving Smart Solar Fan ILG8SF301. Since it is IP68 rated, it withstands water and dust so that it won’t damage under harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that this is an investment bound to last for a long time.

Another option for ventilation in the garage is to acquire a garage ceiling fan that is specifically designed for installation and use in this space, better catering to the occasion to ensure proper air circulation.

Important Aspects Worth Considering

  • Operation – The 24-volt motor that sits at the heart of this fan is powered by the 20-watt solar panel which in turn is thermostatically controlled
  • Automatic – When the temperature reaches 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the fan automatically turns on. When the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns off. All of this is possible thanks to the thermostat that the unit is fitted with
  • Air deflector - It helps increase exhaust performance, adding to the fan’s long-run operational reliability
  • To get the best sun exposure, you can adjust it horizontally up to 90 degrees and vertically at 4 angles, namely 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°.
  • Since it is fitted with a whisper-quiet motor, you can count on it not presenting a nuisance in case you turn the attic into a usable living space.

Easy Installation and Long-Lasting Durability

You can set it up by yourself since it comes with a mounting and installation guide that explains in detail how the procedure should go. What impressed us most, however, is the rated durability of this product. The brushless DC motor is expected to last 10 years, the metal casing 20 years, and the solar panel approximately 25 years. Thus, if you acquire this product you are likely making a long-term investment on which you can count for ventilation.

GBGS Polycrystalline Solar Panel Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,625 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,750 CFM
Power Rating: 20 watts Mounting: 0°/15°/30°/45°
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 77°F DIY Installation:
Material: Galvanized steel Motor: 24V DC motor
Blade Diameter: 14” Warranty: 10 years

5. ESM Products 30w Solar Fan

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Large 12-inch diameter blades
👍 Quick, straightforward installation
👍 Quiet brushless DC motor
👍 Covers up to 2,800 sq. ft.
👍 Integrated thermostat for precise operation

This model can cover an area that measures 2,800 square feet and moves 1,550 cubic feet of air per minute, making for a reliable addition in a large-size space that needs ventilation and moisture removal.

Provides Excellence

This 30-watt fan can improve living conditions and lower the price for utility bills since it helps uphold pleasant, habitable conditions in the attic so that the scorching heat won’t cause the AC system to overwork during torrid days. Some of its highlights include:

  • Housing - The 2-millimeter aluminum is seamless, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or rapid corrosion
  • Motor - The DC brushless motor stays whisper-quiet during its operation and doesn’t produce any detectable vibrations either
  • Blades - It features 5 aluminum blades that measure 12 inches in diameter, granting the fan its superior airflow and high area coverage
  • Thermostat - Since the thermostat is integrated, it senses when the temperature rises above the 80°F and makes the fan automatically turn on

Notable Highlights

You can set it up by yourself to save money on professional installation. Just follow the straightforward instructions provided in the accompanying installation manual, and you won’t have any trouble with the procedure.

  • Panel - The #304 stainless steel mesh screen prevents rodents, birds, and insects from intruding
  • Adjustable brackets - You can decide which way the fan should face due to the adjustable brackets it is fitted with

Generous Warranty Period

This model doesn’t disappoint in the warranty department either seeing how the housing is backed for 25 years, whereas the motor is covered for 5 years. If issues related to manufacturing appear within this period, the company will handle solving them free of charge as long as you make sure to use the fan as instructed and set it up properly. Whenever you have questions related to the product, feel free to contact customer support and you are sure to receive the help and answers that you seek.

ESM Products 30w Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,800 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,550 CFM
Power Rating: 30 watts Mounting: 0° – 45°
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 80°F DIY Installation:
Material: 304 stainless steel Motor: Brushless DC motor
Blade Diameter: 12” Warranty: 25 years for housing, 5 years for motor

6. Remington Solar Attic Fan

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Large coverage
👍 Auto shut-off at low temperature
👍 Easy to install
👍 Lifetime warranty


👎 Poorly written manual
👎 Not suited for cold climates

This model is fitted with a brushless 24-volt DC motor that doesn’t create friction when it runs and stays quiet. You can install it wherever you need air circulation improvement, not only the attic, namely spaces like the barn, garage, shed, or workshop. You can cross off professional installation from the expenses list – since it is fully operational from the box, there is no wiring or other time-consuming tasks involved with the setup process.

Pre-Installed Humidistat and Thermostat

What sets this product apart from its competitors is that it comes pre-installed with a humidistat and a thermostat, which helps optimize its performance. Due to these two features, it will automatically turn on when its operation is needed to preserve power, namely when the relative humidity reaches the dangerous 75% threshold or when the temperature reaches 80°F.

Mention-Worthy Details

  • Protective screen - The stainless steel screen it features keeps insects and animals from entering the attic
  • Built to last - The exterior construction is powder coated to ensure rusting because of harsh weather conditions won’t occur
  • Tilt panel - Aside from adding to the product’s design, the “tiltable” panel lets you position the fan so that it catches the sun perfectly from the south or west

Since it is rated at a 1,420 CFM airflow capacity, you can count on it to provide proper air circulation in spaces of up to 2,000 square feet. This makes it one of the most reliable options available for large spaces, so you can see why we had to give it a good ranking. Moreover, it is backed against defects for a lifetime, which stands as the ultimate proof when it comes to the manufacturing quality of the product.

Remington Solar Attic Fan Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,000 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,420 CFM
Power Rating: 25 watts Mounting: 0° – 45°
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 80°F DIY Installation:
Material: Steel Motor: 24V DC motor
Blade Diameter: 12” Warranty: Lifetime

7. Amtrak Solar Fan

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Powerful 50-watt rating
👍 Durable steel build
👍 Thermostat provided for free
👍 Fitted with metal blades


👎 At peak speed, it makes a bothersome noise
👎 Blades are a bit too short

This 50-watt crystalline solar panel starts running as soon as sunlight hits it. It is quick and easy to set up, a procedure for which you won’t need the help of a specialist, and you won’t have to drill holes into the roof to install it either. You can opt to set it up in other spaces, not necessarily for attic ventilation, including the greenhouse, garage, or RV. With the purchase, you receive 15’ of wiring and mounting brackets, so there are no extra acquisitions down the road.

Thermal Protected Motor

In case you live in a hot state with unpredictable temperatures, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the fan as it has integrated protection. Some notable highlights include:

  • Motor – The 12-volt DC motor ensures proper ventilation of the air without making much noise when it runs.
  • Thermostat – Although it is optional, procuring it doesn’t cost a cent. Just as the company for the thermostat and the accessory is provided free of charge. We recommend that you do because this accessory makes the fan turn on and off automatically when specific temperatures are reached.
  • Blades – The 10-inch blades are made from metal to guarantee durability with time.
  • Durability - The estimated lifespan of this product is 30 years. Considering the asking price and qualitative performance, it’s safe to say that this is a value deal.
  • Warranty - The manufacturing company covers it against defects for 25 years from the moment of purchase.

Accessories Included

You can start setting it up as soon as you open the package since all the tools you need to follow through with the procedure are included, namely four Z brackets, nuts, and bolts. Since the brackets are made from aluminum, they withstand corrosion with time regardless of how bad weather conditions are in the area you live in. For optimal performance, it is recommended to install the fan behind the gable vent for proper hot air removal and superior air circulation.

Amtrak Solar Fan Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,250 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,750 CFM
Power Rating: 50 watts Mounting: N/A
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 85°F DIY Installation:
Material: Galvanized steel Motor: 12V DC motor
Blade Diameter: 10” Warranty: 25 years

8. ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 16-foot solar cable included
👍 Made with stainless steel
👍 Long quality assurance
👍 Versatile mounting


👎 No locking system
👎 Poor installation instructions

Do you want to cut your cooling costs drastically? If so, this ventilator will cool down your roof while reducing the load on your air conditioning system. Best of all, even if you live in a state with unpredictable weather, it will ventilate the attic even on cloudy days since it automatically works at low voltage.

Notable Highlights

  • The adjustable angle mounting brackets and the 16’ solar cable are included in the package so that you won’t have to spend an extra dime to set up the fan and get it ready for use.
  • The blades are made with thick aluminum alloy, staying in good shape even as the years pass.
  • It uses a brushless motor that stays whisper-quiet, so even if you turn the attic into a recreational room, you don’t need to fret that the fan might become bothersome if you leave it turned on as you will barely be able to hear it.
  • Air Movement – It has a capacity of 1960 cu. ft. per minute (CFM)
  • Motor Lifespan – 10,000 hours
  • Dimensions – Open size ( 27.8” x 13.8” x 0.7”), folded size (13.8” x 13.8” x 1.5”)
  • Minimum Voltage Required – 4 volts


When it comes to backing, the company offers a 5-year warranty for the solar panel, taking full responsibility if manufacturing-related problems appear and covering repair costs. Additionally, you can get in contact with the customer service team at all times whenever you have a question or concern regarding the product to receive the answers or help you seek.

ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,000 square feet Airflow Capacity: 1,960 CFM
Power Rating: 25 watts Mounting: 25° – 45°
Operating Temperature: N/A DIY Installation:
Material: 304 stainless steel Motor: 17.2V DC motor
Blade Diameter: 12.6” Warranty: 5 years

9. Air Vent 53510

Check Price at Amazon

13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Runs even in harsh temperature conditions
👍 Affordable purchase
👍 Easy setup
👍 Generous backing


👎 Smaller area coverage than opponents
👎 Motor is a bit loud

Better Than Thermostat-Regulated Models

Whenever there is direct sunlight, this Air Vent fan starts running to circulate the air in the attic and create proper conditions comfort-wise in it, making it habitable (this would have been out of the question otherwise) and helping reduce cooling costs during hot days for the whole house since the upper area doesn’t transmit as much heat.

As soon as there is no more direct sunlight reaching the panel, it turns off automatically. This is an advantage as opposed to thermostat-regulated electric power fans that only turn on when the attic overheats since the Air Vent guarantees this occurrence is out of the question from the get-go by running whenever there’s sunlight.

Hard-to-Top Performance

  • You can count on it to ventilate the area properly as long as it doesn’t exceed 1,200 square feet in size. If you seek heftier coverage, the Broan 345SOWW is what you should check out instead since it’s suited for areas of up to 3,200 square feet.
  • What makes it efficient for an area this large is the 800 CFM airflow capacity it boasts that is rarely seen in attic fans.
  • It boasts a two-part construction that comprises the solar panel which collects and supplies the power from the sun to the 24V DC motor of the unit.

Notable General Details

This fan features 3 blades and has a 14.5-inch diameter opening, the whole galvanized steel dome that encapsulates the fan measuring 25 inches in diameter. When you set it up, it’s best to make sure that you place it facing the west or south for optimal sun exposure, and that you provide it with 404 square feet of net free intake air. If manufacturing issues arise within the first 5 years as of making the purchase, the company handles repairs free of charge.

Air Vent 53510 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,200 square feet Airflow Capacity: 800 CFM
Power Rating: 10 watts Mounting: 3/12 to 8/12 roof pitch
Operating Temperature: When there is direct sunlight DIY Installation:
Material: Galvanized steel Motor: 24V DC motor
Blade Diameter: N/A Warranty: 5 years

10. Broan 345SOWW

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 UV protected finish
👍 Turns off to prevent freeze damage
👍 Large 12-inch blades
👍 Simple DIY installation


👎 Makes a high-pitched noise on full speed
👎 Mounts only on flat surfaces

Superior Performance

This model uses a 28-watt polycrystalline solar panel to get power from the sun from dawn till dusk, keeping the attic cool and dry all day long. Since it is a low-profile model with a compact base footprint, you won’t have to cut through many shingles when you install it, a procedure that is over in no time. The maximum airflow it provides is 537 CFM, and you can count on it to provide air circulation for a space that measures up to 3,200 cubic feet, these performance stats sufficing as proof regarding the fact that this fan will protect the attic from heat, moisture, and mold spores year-round.

Pest and Weather Resistant

  • Housing - The dome and the base are made with 0.1-inch thick acrylic capped ABS plastic. The material guarantees ultraviolet protection and long-run durability.
  • Blades - The 5-blade fan flaunts an optimal pitch to ensure proper airflow without making much sound
  • Panel – The solar panel withstands extreme temperature conditions like hail. It also prevents insects, rodents, and birds from entering the attic through the glass

Important Separate Purchase – The Thermostat

Although a thermostat would be an extra purchase, we recommend that you seriously consider acquiring the compatible unit for this model since it will help improve the fan’s operation. If you set up the thermostat, the ventilator will turn off when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and turn back on when the temperature reaches 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Broan 345SOWW Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 3,200 cubic feet Airflow Capacity: 537 CFM
Power Rating: 28 watts Mounting:
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 61°F (you have to separately acquire the thermostat) DIY Installation:
Material: Weathered wood Motor: DC variable voltage
Blade Diameter: 12” Warranty: 6 years

11. Rand Solar Powered

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Brushless motor for a smooth, quiet operation
👍 Mounts at multiple inclines from 0 to 45 degrees
👍 Can work in temperatures down to 50F
👍 Long 20-year assurance guarantee


👎 Cheaply designed
👎 Suited for small spaces

Depending on the specific conditions in the area you live in, the attic can get insanely hot, even reaching temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When the heat becomes this excessive, living conditions in the house are affected too. This Rand product is here to save the day, luckily, being able to exhaust that hot air to lower the temperature in the attic. Since it gets the power it needs to run from the sun, you won’t spend a dime on its operation. Best of all, by decreasing the temperature in this area of the house it increases the longevity of the room system, further saving you money by doing so.

Highly Efficient

It might not feature the most powerful motor of the products we review here, but it is a worthwhile option considering that it covers spaces of up to 700 square feet. Since it doesn’t make much noise when it runs, you can even turn the attic into your own home office without fearing that the fan might pose a nuisance.

  • Material – The polycrystalline solar panel maintains efficiency throughout the years
  • Motor – The brushless motor operates even in lower light and overcast conditions
  • Versatile – You can even install it for air circulation in the box truck or RV


Since there is no wiring required for the installation process, you can set it up yourself to spare money on professional installation. It flaunts a hassle-free operation since it turns on automatically when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Auto-regulating – It automatically turns off at night
  • Adjustable – The adjustable angle bracket lets you dial in the optimal panel angle relative to the sun
  • Housing – The high impact ABS plastic housing will resist corrosion. It also withstands heat, wind, hail, and UV light

What makes it a standout isn’t only the design and performance, but the fact that it flaunts a versatile installation since you can set it up for other spaces except for the attic, namely barns, garages, workshops, and greenhouses.

Rand Solar Powered Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 700 square feet Airflow Capacity: 435 CFM
Power Rating: 8 watts Mounting: 0° – 45°
Operating Temperature: Turns on at 50°F DIY Installation:
Material: ABS plastic Motor: Brushless DC motor
Blade Diameter: 9” Warranty: 20 years

12. Active Ventilation RBSF-8-BR

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Comes at a cheap price
👍 Can work in very windy conditions
👍 Durable aluminum construction
👍 Features louvers to trap insects


👎 Solar panel is only rated at 5 watts
👎 Covers only 200 sq. ft.

If you have an attic space for a shingled roof that you need to exhaust, then this Active Ventilation entry might just be what you need due to its low-profile design. It comes with a 5-watt solar panel that draws power from sunlight and provides the pan with the energy it needs to run and circulate the air in the attic. Since it is rated to flaunt a 365 CFM capacity, you can expect it to perform well when used for a space that doesn’t exceed 200 square feet in size. Similar to it is only the Solar RoofBlaster that is recommended for small areas of up to 100 sq. ft.

Fit for Harsh Conditions

It is one of the best options for those who live in areas with extreme weather conditions. In fact, it’s our top recommendation if you are faced with violent winds in your area since it withstands winds that go at a whopping speed of 200 miles per hour.

Mention-Worthy Details

  • It features 1/8-inch louvers that won’t let insects and wildlife get inside the attic and give you a hard time getting rid of them.
  • The aluminum build ensures it withstands corrosion with time, the fan boasting quite a durable design so that you get the most for your money by investing in it.
  • Starts running as soon as direct sunlight hits the solar panel and starts to charge it with power. Works passively at night to uphold proper conditions in the attic.
  • The company warrants it to be free of manufacturing defects for the first 5 years after you make the acquisition.

Active Ventilation RBSF-8-BR Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 200 square feet Airflow Capacity: 365 CFM
Power Rating: 5 watts Mounting: N/A
Operating Temperature: When there is direct sunlight DIY Installation:
Material: Aluminum Motor: N/A
Blade Diameter: 8” Warranty: 5 years

13. Solar RoofBlaster

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13 Best Rated Solar Attic Fans – Green Attic Ventilation


👍 Lengthy 15-year estimated lifespan
👍 Cheap asking price
👍 Galvanized metal build
👍 Powerful 2,700 ROM motor


👎 Low airflow
👎 Very small

If you have trapped heat in your attic, it will not only reduce the life expectancy of the roof but will also bring unnecessary heat to your home. This is why you need a fan for this pretentious area of the home since it benefits you in multiple ways, reducing electricity costs for the whole house when summer comes and you start running the AC and prolonging the lifespan of the roof.

The RoofBlaster is among the best options for those who seek a product for air circulation as long as the space you use it for doesn’t exceed 100 square feet. What makes it stand out, however, is that you can use it for other spaces except for the attic, including the utility shed, greenhouse, or even garage.

Pre-Installed on 8” Metal

The solar panel is pre-installed on a metal roof vent with flushing measuring 17” x 17”. The stainless steel clips and the two ball bearings will keep the 3-watt solar panel in place.

  • Base – The 17-inch base is leak-proof
  • Operation – It works 24/7 no matter if its raining or the sun is shining bright on the sky
  • Screen – The 1/8” mesh screen keeps bugs, insects, and birds from passing through

Mention-Worthy Details

  • Hours Rated – 50,000 hours or 15 years lifespan with 9 hours/day operation
  • RPM – 2700
  • CFM – 39 cu. ft. per minute

It does not pose a distraction since it provides quiet cooling, which is a plus if you plan on making yourself a recreation room in the attic. You can opt to install it on an attic wall rather than the roof, this versatile installation adding to the product’s appeal for interested customers. Another notable aspect is that the package includes everything you need for the setup process, so no extra expenses await you after buying it.

Claim on Tax Return

By installing this particular model, you can claim 30% on your tax return. This will cover the purchase price, installation costs, and sales tax. Hands down, this perk on its own makes it worth acquiring and installing since it is an Eco-friendly product that ends up saving you money in the long run.

Solar RoofBlaster Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 100 square fee Airflow Capacity: 39 CFM
Power Rating: 3 watts Mounting: N/A
Operating Temperature: N/A DIY Installation:
Material: Galvanized metal Motor: 2,700 RPM DC motor
Blade Diameter: 8” Warranty: N/A

Here’s What You Need To Know About the Solar Tax

In 2015, Congress has renewed the popular solar tax credit which allowed more homeowners to benefit from solar power. When you install a solar power system, the federal government rewards you with a tax credit for investing in solar energy. Thus, the money will be deducted from the amount of federal tax you owe each year just by having solar power.

  • Credit steps down – It’s important to understand that the value of the credit will go down as the years’ pass. In 2022, it is predicted that you will receive no credit if you don’t use it for commercial projects.
  • Easy to claim –There are numerous expenses that you can claim. Some of them are solar equipment, freight shipping costs, solar consulting fees, professional installer fees, electrician fees, engineer fees, and tools bought or rented. It’s important to understand that the cost will vary depending on the approach you take when it comes to installation.
  • There’s no middle man – Unlike electricity, you will be in charge of the system as you own everything. Therefore, you will have full control of how much the appliances can be powered with and when to turn them on or off. You don’t have to worry whether it will function at nighttime or in cloudy weather as the solar panels are innovatively designed to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Money-saving – The bill states that if the motor doesn’t have a large capacity, you won’t have to pay tax. In other words, if your house runs on solar power, you will save a lot of money as you won’t have to pay the same taxes someone with unsustainable electricity does.

Solar Attic Fan vs Electric

There’s no hiding that a hot and humid attic is detrimental to your home. Some of the issues you will inevitably face if you don’t solve the issue regarding the conditions in the attic include high electricity bills, a shorter lifespan for the shingles, and mold/mildew. Back in the day, electric fans were the only viable solution to tame the high temperatures in the attic and solve some of the moisture-related problems caused by poor ventilation. Woefully, because of the way these models work, they imply higher running costs since the electric bills skyrocket.

On the other hand, we now have solar-powered fans that do the job just as fine if not better in some cases, depending on the model at hand. The extra perk you benefit from with these more Eco-friendly products is that there are no running costs involved whatsoever seeing how they draw their power from the sun.

Take a look at each aspect to decide which type best suits your needs:

Solar Attic Fan

Electric Fan

Running it doesn’t add a cent to the bills
Draws a lot of electricity when it runs
Safe for the environment
It’s not environmentally conscious
Provides uninterrupted cooling
It won’t run when there’s a power outage
Its operation is almost inaudible
Tends to get noisy when it runs
Easy DIY installation saves you money
Difficult to install without professional help


Because these fans rely on solar power, they ventilate the space for which you install them without adding a cent to the electricity bills. Solar power is more Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and overall better option for both the consumer and the environment. Add to these perks the fact that you will be exempt from certain taxes, and you can see why more and more people opt for solar-powered products. Here, we reviewed and ranked the best fans at the moment to help you figure out what model best suits your situation, providing sufficient coverage to handle ventilation in your attic. Before we reach the inevitable end, we want to go over a few of the standout products once more to help you make up your mind.

Best Solar Attic Fan for Sale: Natural Light SAF36B-FL

This Natural Light model comes with all of the installation hardware needed and it’s fairly easy to set up so you don’t have to call a professional to help you with the process. What we like is that it comprises several standout features, including the fire safety switch that automatically turns the fan off when power surges are detected to prevent fire hazards. Moreover, the product is fitted with a DC motor that maintains quality over the years, ensuring that your money is spent as wisely as possible if you acquire it.

Editor’s Choice: ESM Products 30w Solar Fan

Fairly priced considering the stats it flaunts which makes it vastly superior to its competitors, this ESM Products model was bound to catch our eye. It turns on automatically when the temperature reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure that the attic won’t ever overheat again. Since it can cover spaces of up to 2,800 square feet, you can use it for ventilation in plenty of other areas, including warehouses, garages, barns, sheds, and more. Add to these perks the 25-year warranty for the housing and 5 years for the motor, and it’s clear as day why we favor it.

Best Solar Attic Fan for Shed: Solar RoofBlaster

Your primary option if you have a utility shed greenhouse, but just as appropriate for attics and garages, the RoofBlaster is a must-have as it provides up to 50,000 hours of operation, which makes it a smart investment from the get-go. If you run it 9 hours per day, this means that it will serve you for up to 15 years. Considering the asking price for the system, it’s safe to say this is a bargain. Woefully, it’s not that great in terms of coverage as it can only service areas of up to 100 square feet, but this is more than sufficient for sheds.

Best Solar Attic Fan for the Money: Amtrak Solar Fan

At the third of the price most models come at, you can have the Amtrak, which comes with a 50-watt panel and operates daily from the moment sunlight reaches it. Although it comes at a more than reasonable price, it doesn’t sacrifice durability or safety in use. It makes for an appealing option even for those who live in extremely hot areas as it features integrated protection to prevent unwanted incidents. When it comes to reliability, you can use it for spaces of up to 2,250 square feet, which makes it one of the most prolific fan systems in our top.

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