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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping

Minimalist Bedroom with Modern Ceiling Fan

Minimalist Bedroom with Modern Ceiling Fan


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T he most important room in any home is the bedroom. It’s where you get your shuteye, so you must create the best possible conditions to make sure that you rest properly. Instead of installing an AC in the bedroom to make it through those dreaded summer nights when the air is so hot that you can’t fall asleep, and even if you do, you wake up because you sweat too much, it’s better to set up a ceiling fan. It produces a cooling breeze that gently soothes you to sleep and ensures you won’t wake up sweaty anymore. Moreover, you can opt for a reversible motor model for year-round use – use downdraft when you want to cool off, and updraft when you want to warm up the room a bit.

Choosing a fan for this specific room can be a bit difficult, though. You need a fan that produces enough airflow without making much noise in the process, so it’s not that easy to come by what you expect. However, we are here to help you out. We have selected and reviewed the best bedroom ceiling fans to make your search easier. Whatever product you end up picking, it’s going to wow you with the silent operation it maintains, all while circulating the air in the room at the perfect pace to provide that cool breeze you need to sleep soundly during hot summer nights.

How Temperature Affects Sleep Quality

You likely already noticed how hard it is to fall asleep when it’s very hot. Let’s not talk about the night sweats, and the twisting and turning that unfold as a result. “When it comes to drifting off to dreamland, our brains simply prefer to do it in cooler climates”, says Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D., in an article for CNN Health. There is an ideal temperature for sleeping that is recommended by science, namely from 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you make sure that the temperature in the bedroom is within the aforementioned range, you will fall asleep faster and you won’t wake up all sweaty in the middle of the night. In turn, sleep quality will improve and so will your overall health as a result considering that you will be well-rested.

Opening the window when you sleep can be a solution, but it’s not necessarily the best one. If you live in a noisy city, you won’t be able to sleep because of the noise outside. Other issues can ensue too, like insects coming inside your home, or even exposing yourself to a break-in because of the fully opened window. This is what makes installing an air conditioner or a fan the best solution to turn to. However, between the two, the fan is the better option since it’s more delicate. What it does is produce a cooling breeze that brings the temperature in the room down a bit, creating the perfect environment for you to sleep in. Another argument to why the fan is perfect for the bedroom is the soothing noise it makes. It’s not distracting, it’s just calming (if you go for the right model, obviously, because some fans can indeed make a bit too much noise when they run).

If you value cost efficiency in the products you use for home use, we recommend that you also look into a solar attic fan if you are in need of ventilation for that specific area of the house. Since it relies on solar rather than electric power, running this type of attic fan is completely inexpensive.

Top 12 Bedroom Ceiling Fans Compared

Airflow Capacity
Airflow Efficiency
Blade Length
Speed Settings
Electricity Use
Reversible Motor

Best Overall
10,484 CFM
5,984 CFM
180 FPM/Watt
44”, 54”, 60”, or 72”

Editor’s Choice
6,659 CFM

Best with Versatile Installation
5,509 CFM
4,453 CFM
68 FPM/Watt
5,723 CFM
102 FPM/Watt
1 year
4,781 CFM
72 FPM/Watt
5,102 CFM
76 FPM/Watt
Motor – lifetime; Parts – 1 year
4,545 CFM
58 FPM/Watt

Best for the Money
4,083 CFM
80 FPM/Watt
3,767 CFM

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Bedroom Ceiling Fans?

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  • Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove: With 8 blades that have a 72-inch span so that it caters to large rooms, circulating the air and creating a cooling breeze (or warm, the motor is reversible, so you can use this fan year-round), the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove was an easy pick for the top spot. It even uses an energy-efficient DC motor, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t spend much on running it for as long as you like.
  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB: As expected from a top-rated ceiling fan, this Emerson model is suited for year-round use due to the reversible motor it features. It doesn’t make much noise while it runs, regardless of the speed you pick. This is why it’s among the most popular options for bedroom use. Needless to say, the low 33-watt power draw is a perk itself since you won’t be spending much when the bills are to, regardless of how much you run it.
  • Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN: Energy efficiency and a silent motor are what best define this Fanimation model. The blade span is 54 inches, so you can expect quite a hefty airflow on the fan’s part. There are 3 speed levels to choose from, so you do have liberty when it comes to customizing its operation. Moreover, you can install it for an outdoor area like the patio if you want since it’s designed to withstand high humidity conditions.
  • Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52 Inch Fan: Enjoy the breeze of a qualitative ceiling fan at an affordable price by opting for this Brightwatts model. Since there are multiple mounting options, you are not constrained to a specific setup. Best of all, the LED bulb that serves as illumination is energy efficient and lasts for 50,000 hours, so there’s no need to worry about long-run upkeep costs.
  • Minka-Aire F844-DK: With a sweep diameter of 52 inches, this Minka Aire fan makes for a trustworthy source for that cooling breeze you seek to fall asleep fast when the summer heatwave strikes. What’s most interesting about this model, however, is the design of the blades that reminds of tubular wave formations. If you’re a fan of the beach, it’s your definite go-to.
  • Casa Vieja Delta-Wing: The traditional propeller look, warm tones of the wooden blades, and smart design that ensures proper wind movement to create comfortable conditions make this Casa Vieja fan one of the most sought-after models in its category. It even comes with a remote so that you change settings in a convenient manner.
  • Monte Carlo 5DI52PND: The first thing you notice about a ceiling fan is the design, and luckily, this Monte Carlo model is quite a stylish option. It stays quiet on any of the 3 speeds put at your disposal, all thanks to the torque-induction motor. Since it provides quite a hefty air circulation potential of 5,209 CFM, it’s one of your best options for larger-size rooms.
  • YANASO Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Lights: Likely the most interesting bedroom ceiling fan you will encounter, this is a product we recommend not only for the hefty airflow it produces but for its interesting design. Since the blades aren’t exposed, it’s much safer than its competitors. Additionally, the asking price is reasonable considering its pluses.
  • Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe: The Hunter Builder Deluxe is proof that you don’t need to spend recklessly to enjoy quality in your household products. This fan is simple to use and provides a hefty airflow to keep you cool during those pesky summer nights. Since it’s a reversible motor model, you can even use it for supplemental heat when winter comes. Additionally, it’s recommended for fairly large spaces of up to 400 square feet.
  • Harbor Breeze Mazon: This fan is recommended for smaller spaces of up to 100 square feet, so the Mazon is worth the cash if your area coverage needs match its capabilities. Speaking of cash, it’s fairly cheap considering the design, hearty airflow, and ease of use. So, if you seek a value deal, this just might be what you need.
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7876400: When you look into this fan’s design and performance, and consider how much it costs, it’s easy to see why it’s the value deal of the moment. Add to these the fact that it’s backed by a lifetime warranty for the motor while all the other parts are covered against defects for 2 years, and you know this is a deal worth looking into twice.
  • Prominence Home 80029-01: If you’re short on cash and you want a decent airflow capacity fan for the room you sleep in, consider this Prominence Home model that fits the aforementioned criteria. The motor is reversible, so you can use it in warm weather to cool off, as well as in cold weather for a bit of extra warmth. The pull chain design makes adjusting the speed at which the blades move easy. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective solution for air circulation since it doesn’t consume much power when it runs.

If you have created a small little setup on the patio where you like to drink your coffee in the morning, then you can install a ceiling fan for outdoor patio to feel its cooling breeze and relax to the fullest.

1. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 Features a DC motor – more energy-efficient than AC motor models
👍 Stylish dome style light kit with frosted glass
👍 Quick and easy to install the twist and lock glass
👍 Lifetime backing for the motor
👍 Perfect for large rooms
👍 Easy to install

It features 8 blades that create quite a hearty airflow, especially seeing how the blades measure 72”, a generous span to begin with. It provides an airflow of 10,484 CFM so that it caters to large living spaces, but it doesn’t draw an absurd amount of power when it runs. In fact, it is Energy Star rated for the high efficiency it provides in its operation, ensuring the electric bill won’t change all that much as a result of using it.

Operational Customization

It uses a quiet DC motor that enables you to run it even when you sleep, without worrying it might disturb your nocturnal slumber in the slightest. It actually provides you with 9 options when it comes to speed settings so that you tailor its functioning to what you consider is needed at the moment. Moreover, you can switch between settings in a much more convenient manner using the remote. Its design features include:

  • Light – The 14W LED light is set to 3000K temperature, producing warm white light. You can even dim the light if you choose so
  • BracketSlide-out style bracket is easy to install
  • Downrod 4.5” long to ensure stability so that you don’t worry about safety aspects

Unlike other entries in its price range, it is suited for indoor and outdoor use so that you get the most for your money when you make the purchase.

Mention-Worthy Aspects

  • Suitability – Spaces of up to 20 ft. x 20 ft.
  • Dimensions – 54” x 13.8” x 72”

Uses 70% Less Power than Competitors

As it is calibrated before the start, the motor consumes considerably less power than most competitors. Moreover, the maple reversible-style blades ensure you can use it all year long for years to come. As lifetime backing is provided for the motor, you will not support any cost related to repair if the situation ever arises. It can be installed as a downrod mount or an angled mount, setup versatility enabling you to put the room together as you prefer.

Another viable option for the bedroom is the bladeless fan since it usually generates low noise. You can even install one in the kid’s room considering that the bladeless design implies there is no peril if the child touches the fan.

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Performance Test Ratings

Assembly and installation took very little time, which was a nice surprise considering that a common complaint with most ceiling fans is setup difficulty. It moves quite a hefty amount of air, and you can barely hear it run, so I had no trouble sleeping with it on during the 2-week testing period. This determined me to keep the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove for myself. It goes quite nicely with the maroon furniture in my bedroom and I am pretty pleased with it not only when it comes to design but performance too. The light isn’t bad at all either, the white light it makes is very warm and I especially like that I can dim it to the point I prefer.

Marcus Mackay – Product Tester and Reviewer

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Specifications Sheet

Airflow Capacity: 10,484 CFM Airflow Efficiency: N/A
Speed Settings: 9 Number of Blades: 8
Blade Span: 72” Reversible Motor:
Electricity Use: 31 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: N/A
Downrod Size: 4.5” Material: Plastic, glass, metal
Weight: N/A Warranty: Lifetime

2. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB

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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 Different blade length models to pick from – 44”, 54”, 60”, or 72”
👍 Wall controller included with the package
👍 Consumes only 33 watts of electricity when it runs
👍 You can run the fan in reverse for year-round use


👎 The controller doesn’t remember the last speed you set after turning it off
👎 Could be a bit faster on the highest speed setting

The blades must be acquired separately and the housing can actually accommodate basically all types of blades so that you are provided with freedom in terms of design and preferences. Moreover, you can choose between different blade lengths, including 44”, 54”, 60”, or 72”. Another aspect that adds to its desirability is the Energy Star rating that implies it consumes only 33W when used at its peak speed so that you won’t feel a difference when the electric bill comes.

Emerson EcoMotor

It is versatile and efficient, ensuring a shift in temperature as soon as you run it, being able to reduce warmth by even as much as 5 degrees while helping you save an estimated 40% on the electric bill. It impresses a lot even when it comes to air circulation performance. It might be weaker than the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove that outputs 10,484 CFM, but the 5,984 CFM of this Emerson fan isn’t bad either. It makes the fan suited for large areas, and that’s all that counts. Its design features are:

  • Speeds – Choose between the 6 integrated speeds to enjoy a customizable operation
  • Wall Control – Provides a convenient, easy means to change settings and operate it
  • Downrod – Adjust the height by up to 2”. You receive the 4.5” downrod in the package

Lifetime Assurance

As it is actually backed for a lifetime, whenever damage ensues that is a result of poor workmanship, you can rely on the company to provide free repairs, even exchange it and provide you with a new unit if the situation asks for it. Regular testing is followed through with to guarantee quality as the manufacturer is quite serious about what it delivers to interested customers. Aside from the lifetime warranty we just mentioned, there is a 1-year assurance provided for the parts and electronics as well.

If you want a more discrete solution for air circulation, we recommend that you look into window fans since these install completely out, of the way, not taking up any floor space.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Specifications Sheet

Airflow Capacity: 5,984 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 180 FPM/watt
Speed Settings: 6 Number of Blades: 5
Blade Span: 44”, 54”, 60”, or 72” Reversible Motor:
Electricity Use: 33 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $6
Downrod Size: 4.5” Material: Bronze
Weight: 17.2 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

3. Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN

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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 Suited for outdoor installation too since it withstands high humidity
👍 Reversible motor for year-round use
👍 Bluetooth connectivity – use your phone to change settings remotely
👍 Lifetime warranty provided by the producing company
👍 Perfect for large rooms

It can provide up to 6,659 cu. ft. per minute so that it covers large spaces in an energy efficient manner, which ensures that operating costs won’t be high at all. It’s a bit more powerful than the better-ranked Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB, so if you’re looking for serious air movement, it might be better suited for you than its opponent. Furthermore, it flaunts a brushed nickel frame with nickel blades that ensure longevity for years to come.

Use It Year-Round

It is an all-year usable product as the blades can go in downdraft when cooling is needed, and updraft when winter comes and you require heating. This, in turn, means that by using it, you end up reducing energy costs by half, if not more. Some of its design features include:

  • Wall Control – Install it anywhere on the wall to customize settings with ease
  • FanSync – Using Bluetooth control, you can customize the operating speed as you please and opt for reverse blade direction with a simple finger swipe
  • Speed – Choose between 3 integrated levels

Mention-Worthy Aspects

  • Height from ceiling to base – 13.49”
  • Canopy diameter – 5.75”
  • Ceiling to top of the blades – 11.6”
  • Blade diameter – 54”

Indoor and Outdoor Installation

It is not affected by environmental conditions in the slightest, which means that you can opt to install it either indoors or in an open, outdoor space. This is all granted by the fact that the electric parts are fully sealed, so water and humidity cannot reach and damage them. As opposed to other options in its price range, it has been independently tested and proven to be safe and efficient. In fact, the AC motor it relies on provides a high coverage while consuming only 53W tops.

Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN Specifications Sheet

Airflow Capacity: 6,659 CFM Airflow Efficiency: N/A
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 4
Blade Span: 54” Reversible Motor:
Electricity Use: 53 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: N/A
Downrod Size: 6” Material: Glass, brushed nickel
Weight: 19 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

4. Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52 Inch Fan

Check Price at Amazon

12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 Stays quiet even on the highest speed
👍 Long 50,000-hour lifespan for the LED bulb
👍 Multiple mounting options – down rod, flush mount, or angle mount
👍 Suited for large areas of up to 400 square feet


👎 The illumination it provides isn’t very powerful
👎 Setup instructions should be a bit clearer

Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that qualitative purchases are out of your reach, as this elegant fan and light fixture demonstrates, despite the compact size it flaunts and cheap asking price, providing an airflow capacity of 5,509 CFM so that it grants effective cooling in large spaces of up to 400 sq. ft. A cheaper alternative that flaunts the same area coverage is the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe, so you can compare the two to see which one better complies with your needs before you decide.

Reversible Motor

Usable throughout summer and winter, it is a year-round product that you actually have a lot to gain from financially as it cuts costs on various utilities. What makes this possible is that the motor runs in reverse when needed, which means that it changes directions to grant whole-year usability. Some of its design highlights include:

  • Blades – The 12” nutmeg espresso blades produce enough cool air to cover a large room
  • Light – Integrated so that it keeps the environment in the room pleasant when it comes to illumination
  • Mount – Install it as standard or flush mount (with a down rod or angled at 20 degrees)

Important Features to Consider

  • It’s recommended for 20 ft x 20 ft size rooms
  • Distance from the ceiling to the bulb bottom is 19.94”
  • Separately acquire the remote if you want to control it from afar

The light bulb is estimated to run for up to 20 years, so no extra costs are expected with this product anytime soon. Moreover, the 5 blades produce a high enough CFM to cool down the space within minutes. It even includes 3 speed settings so that it suits whatever needs you may have down the road.

Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52 Inch Fan Specifications Sheet

Airflow Capacity: 5,509 CFM Airflow Efficiency: N/A
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
Blade Span: 52” Reversible Motor:
Electricity Use: 50 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $12
Downrod Size: 4” Material: Wood
Weight: 20.8 pounds Warranty: N/A

5. Minka-Aire F844-DK

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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 The downrod measures 6 inches in length
👍 Dimmable LED light – choose how bright the light should be
👍 Interesting design inspired by tubular wave formations
👍 Reversible motor makes the fan useful regardless of the season


👎 The light is focused downward, so it doesn’t provide optimal illumination
👎 It’s not as easy to install as the other fans we reviewed are

The blades are sized properly so that it moves the cooled air as efficiently as possible throughout the room. It is quite easy to install, a procedure that you can go through with following the provided instructions to save money that you would have otherwise given to a professional for the chore. Moreover, it is designed to ensure there are no issues related to failures or short-circuits.

Highly Efficient

It flaunts a minimalistic design and high efficiency, which makes it one of the preferred options of customers, its high airflow and numerous blades working in harmony to provide cold air even if the environment is hot. Some of its characteristics include:

  • Blades52” size ensure maximization of the airflow in small- to medium-sized rooms
  • MotorWhisper-quiet operation mode – you will barely be able to hear it run. Part is covered by a lifetime assurance against defects
  • Down Rods2 are included, one that measures 4” and one that measures 6.5” to install it either on low or high ceilings


The UL listing ensures that you can safely use it indoors without worrying it might be hazardous in any manner. Just don’t ever install it in an open, outdoor space as environmental factors like water and humidity damage it. Note that the minimum ceiling height required to install it is 92.75”, so all that you need to make it work is a standard 120V power adapter. Some of its features include:

  • Remote Control – Handy accessory that lets you change settings without pulling the chains
  • Wall Unit – Control the settings conveniently from it
  • LightIncludes a 14W LED light that you can use at all times. Some customers said that it is quite bright when used in small rooms

Minka-Aire F844-DK Specifications Sheet

Airflow Capacity: 4,453 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 68 FPM/watt
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Blade Span: 52” Reversible Motor:
Electricity Use: 65.3 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $11
Downrod Size: 4”, 6.5” Material: Acrylic
Weight: 14 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

6. Casa Vieja Delta-Wing

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12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


👍 Great wind movement granted by the 9-degree pitch of the blades
👍 Walnut wood finish of the blades makes it a stylish addition regardless of the room’s décor
👍 UL listed for damp locations – a bit of excess humidity in the air won’t hurt it
👍 A 6-inch downrod is included with the package


👎 Remote receiver is big and fits awkwardly in the ceiling mount
👎 Some of the included fasteners are a bit too short

What all fans from Casa Vieja have in common is the impeccable look and hefty air circulation that makes them the preferred choice of most customers who seek to create a more pleasant ambiance in their homes. The Delta-Wing is the best model this company has released so far, the smooth lines making it a tasteful addition to your bedroom décor.

Design Aspects Worth Considering

  • It is fitted with three 52-inch solid blades that are made with wood and flaunt a walnut finish.
  • To top off the look of this ceiling fan, it features an oil-rubbed bronze finish motor that really compliments the overall design.

Features and Performance

  • It boasts an airflow capacity of 5,723 CFM to circulate the air in the room at a rapid pace and have you feeling cool due to the produced breeze. Alternatively, you can look into the Casa Vieja Elite Modern Hugger 52” that is rated at 5,082 CFM if you need a fan that is a bit tamer than the Delta-Wing. Check it out in the comparison matrix below where its important specs are listed.
  • There are 3 settings available when it comes to speed, so you can tailor how fast or slow the fan should run as needed at any given point.
  • It has an airflow efficiency of 102 feet per minute per watt, and you can expect an increase of $12 in your yearly energy cost if you run it approximately 6-7 hours per day.
  • Accessories and Warranty

    With the acquisition, you also receive a handheld remote to control the fan and the light from afar. When it comes to backing, it is provided for the first year after you make the purchase, which is below industry standard considering that most fans are covered from defects for a lifetime.

    Casa Vieja Delta-Wing vs. Casa Vieja Elite Modern Hugger 52”

    Casa Vieja Delta-Wing
    Casa Vieja Elite Modern Hugger 52”
    • Airflow: 5,723 CFM
    • Blade length: 52”
    • Number of blades: 3
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 42W
    • Material: Wood

    Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Rating:
    • Airflow: 5,082 CFM
    • Blade length: 52”
    • Number of blades: 4
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 67W
    • Material: Metal

    Casa Vieja Elite Modern Hugger 52” Rating:

    Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 5,723 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 102 FPM/Watt
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
    Blade Span: 52” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 42 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $12
    Downrod Size: 6” Material: Wood
    Weight: 16.1 pounds Warranty: 1 year

    7. Monte Carlo 5DI52PND

    Check Price at Amazon

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 The torque-induction motor keeps a quiet operation throughout
    👍 Optimal air circulation guaranteed by the 12-degree blade pitch
    👍 The 3-speed reversible motor makes this fan perfect for year-round use
    👍 Energy-efficient lightbulb provides illumination at a low cost


    👎 Assembly and installation take quite a substantial amount of time – not recommended for first-timers either
    👎 The halogen bulb doesn’t provide powerful illumination

    The high torque-induction implies superior power capacity so that you are provided optimal cooling at all times. As it stays whisper-quiet in its operation, you can keep it on even during the night. The pull chain provides you the ability to control the 3 operating settings with ease so that it caters to your needs at that moment.

    Superior Capacity

    The motor produces cold air efficiently and it grants a wobble-free operation for years to come. It features an illuminator that you can use to light up even the darkest room. Some of its highlights include:

    • AirflowRated at 5,209 CFM so that it can handle large-sized spaces
    • Speed3 settings to select between for added comfort
    • Motor – Grants year-round use as it is a reversible type

    Important Features

    • Wobble-free operation granted by the strategic positioning of the blades and motor
    • Fitted with an energy-efficient lightbulb. Find one inside the package at no extra price
    • Light is dimmable, so you can use it even at nighttime

    Monte Carlo 5DI52PND Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 4,781 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 72 FPM/watt
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
    Blade Span: 52” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 66 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $11
    Downrod Size: 6” Material: Wood
    Weight: 18.5 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

    8. YANASO Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Lights

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 One of the safest bedroom fans available since the blades are not exposed
    👍 Modern – you can install the companion app on your smartphone to change settings
    👍 The non-glaring LED light is energy-saving and easy on the eyes
    👍 6 speed settings and 3 brightness levels settings to pick from


    👎 Every time you turn it off and then on, it goes to the default settings
    👎 We had trouble connecting to the app at times

    The modern design of this seemingly bladeless ceiling fan makes it a knockout addition to the bedroom. It’s hip, it’s cool, and it will help keep you cool too. The asking price is fairly reasonable considering the look and quality of this product. In regards to control, what we liked most is the modern approach. Aside from the standard remote that you can use to change setting and running speeds, you have the possibility of installing the companion app on your smartphone so that this device that you likely hold almost non-stop in your hands becomes the remote of the fan.

    It’s a low-profile fan that works perfectly for low ceilings since the ceiling height that it’s recommended for spans from 2.4 to 3.2 meters. A design element that we really liked was the rotation-install base that makes setup as effort-free as possible since the lamp won’t be troublesome to insert. Since you’re using it in the bedroom, lighting is an important asset for the fan you pick. Luckily, the YANASO doesn’t disappoint in this department either. The soft LED light is much safer for your eyes, and it’s energy efficient too. You can even customize the brightness lever – 3 settings to pick from, namely a 3,000K warm light, a 4,500K medium white light, and a 6,000K cool white light.

    As aforementioned, it’s seemingly bladeless. What we mean by this is that the blades are covered. Since they’re not exposed, there’s no risk of injury. There are 6 speed settings to pick from, so you get to choose exactly how forceful or soft the breeze it produces should be. Since this 8-blade fan features a reversible motor, it’s good for year-round use and helps reduce cooling costs in summer, as well as warming costs in winter. Last but not least, lifetime backing against manufacturing defects is granted by the manufacturer.

    YANASO Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Lights Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: N/A Airflow Efficiency: N/A
    Speed Settings: 6 Number of Blades: 8
    Blade Span: N/A Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 47 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $
    Downrod Size: Material: Acrylic, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
    Weight: 9.7 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

    9. Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe

    Check Price at Amazon

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 Provides a powerful airflow without making much noise in the process
    👍 Energy-efficient model – doesn’t draw a lot of power when it runs
    👍 Includes 2-inch and 3-inch downrods to install it for low- and standard-height ceilings
    👍 Use the pull chain to more conveniently turn the fan on/off or adjust the running speed


    👎 Assembly takes a while
    👎 The light is very dim

    The quiet operation and powerful motor imply that it circulates the air throughout the room without drawing much power in the process. Thus, you benefit from cold air without being bothered by the noise this fan makes so that you can sleep soundly in the same room with it. It includes a Toffee glass bowl light that spares you from making any further acquisitions. The modern design makes it suitable for any décor you need to install it in.

    Power and Efficiency

    It features multiple speed settings that grant it flexibility and enable you to choose the operational style that best suits the situation at hand. Thus, you can use it day and night without the electric bill being affected. Some of its features include:

    • Reverse Running - This feature accompanied by the 3 speeds let you run it all year long
    • Blades - 5 Brazilian cherry/stained oak blades run on a 13 pitch for maximum performance. The Hunter 53327 Builder Fan has the same blade pitch but it’s rated lower when it comes to airflow capacity, so if you don’t need all the power the 53091 packs, this might be your best alternative. Learn more about this alternative Hunter ceiling fan, as well as two other models perfect for bedroom use, namely the Hunter 52092 Watson and the Hunter Fan Company 59244 from the comparison table below. In it, you will find all the important specifications of these products to pick the one that caters to your needs best.
    • Adjustable - Control it as you need without further investments
    • Large Rooms Capacity - Suitable for rooms that measure up to 400 sq. ft.

    Practical Design

    • Light Bulb - 120W fixture included that you can install without a light kit. Incandescent bulbs included in the package
    • Easy to Set Up – Can be installed using the included 2” or 3” downrods for low and standard ceiling heights
    • Mounting Option – You can choose between downrod and close mount installation

    One downfall we must discuss is the lack of a remote. Thus, you won’t change settings from afar when it comes to the speed at which the blades turn. On the other hand, pull chains are included, so it won’t be that big of a hassle to switch between settings as you like.

    Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe vs. Hunter Fan Company 59244 vs. Hunter 52092 Watson vs. Hunter 53327 Builder Fan

    Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe
    Hunter Fan Company 59244
    Hunter 52092 Watson
    Hunter 53327 Builder Fan
    • Airflow: 5,102 CFM
    • Blade length: 52”
    • Number of blades: 5
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 37W
    • Material: Metal

    Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Rating:
    • Airflow: 3,157 CFM
    • Blade length: 44”
    • Number of blades: 4
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 60.5W
    • Material: Metal

    Hunter Fan Company 59244 Rating:
    • Airflow: 3,515 CFM
    • Blade length: 34”
    • Number of blades: 5
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 60W
    • Material: Metal

    Hunter 52092 Watson Rating:
    • Airflow: 3,022 CFM
    • Blade length: 52”
    • Number of blades: 5
    • Speed levels: 3
    • Power draw: 38W
    • Material: Metal

    Hunter 53327 Builder Fan Rating:

    Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 5,102 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 76 FPM/watt
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
    Blade Span: 52” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 37 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $10
    Downrod Size: 2”, 3” Material: Metal
    Weight: 20 pounds Warranty: Motor – lifetime; Parts – 1 year

    10. Harbor Breeze Mazon

    Check Price at Amazon

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 Usable year-round since the direction in which the blades spin can be changed
    👍 Go-to for air circulation in small spaces of up to 100 square feet
    👍 Works thanks to the reliable AC angle mount motor
    👍 Budget-friendly ceiling fan


    👎 When the LED goes out, you have to replace the whole light fixture of the fan
    👎 There’s a small delay between your command and the fan’s response when you change settings via the wall switch

    This 44” model ensures superior functionality during the hot seasons for small- to medium-sized rooms. It features an integrated light fixture so that you benefit from lighting even in a pitch-black room. It lets you tailor its functioning to your needs as there are 3 speed options to select between, allowing you to use it day and night without being distracted by the noises it makes.

    Rapid Cooling

    • High 4,545 CFM capacity enables it to cover spaces of up to 100 sq. ft.
    • Reverse airflow functionality implies blade direction change is an option so that you can use it year-round
    • Multiple speed options let you select the ideal comfort level

    Included Remote

    It lets you change settings from afar for added convenience, and it even includes a wall cradle where you can place it when it’s not in use so that you are always aware of its location. The flush mount is included so that you can use it even if the ceiling in the room where you install it is low. Some notable highlights include:

    • Light kit – Included at no extra price. The 18W LED light is dimmable
    • Energy-efficientEnergy Star rating ensures consistency in operation without significant added costs to the electric bill
    • Blades – Hang at approximately 11”

    Harbor Breeze Mazon Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 4,545 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 58 FPM/watt
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
    Blade Span: 44” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 58 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $10
    Downrod Size: N/A Material: Metal
    Weight: 17.7 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

    11. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400

    Check Price at Amazon

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 Required mounting hardware is included with the package
    👍 Energy efficient – draws only 51 watts on the highest running speed
    👍 Reversible switch for year-round use
    👍 Budget-friendly option


    👎 Low quality blades – flimsy design
    👎 It doesn’t fare well in rooms where the ceiling is higher than 8 feet

    Recommended for spaces of up to 144 sq. ft., it is usable in medium- to large-sized rooms. Even if the temperature is scorching hot, it cools the environment down effectively due to its 80 cu. ft. airflow capacity. Furthermore, the reversible blades imply year-round use as cool air is provided during summer, whereas in winter you can save up to 30% on heating costs due to using it.

    Smart Design

    The opal frosting on the glass fixture provides proper illumination even if the room is pitch black. There are 3 selectable fan speeds put at your disposal to adjust its operation as needed. Take note that it is suited for high ceilings, and if you want to be granted optimal performance, it should sit at least 7’ from the floor. Some of its particularities include:

    • Motor – Provides superior air movement whilst maintaining a silent operation
    • Blades – Reversible so that you are granted with year-round use

    Factors to Remember

    • Lifetime assurance provided so that replacement or fixing won’t cost you a thing
    • Provided with remote and wall control for added operational convenience
    • Install it on low, standard, high, or angled ceilings
    • Designed with a luminous gun metal finish with black/graphite blades

    Easy Installation

    Added costs are basically inexistent as you won’t need to call in a professional to install it. The instructions you need to follow through with the procedure are provided in the manual, whereas the mounting hardware comes with the package. Some of its main highlights include:

    • Speeds – Choose between high, medium, and low
    • Energy-efficient – When you don’t turn on the light, it uses up only 51W, so there won’t be a negative impact on the electric bill
    • Airflow Efficiency – Can cool down or warm up a suitably-sized space within minutes

    Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 4,083 CFM Airflow Efficiency: 80 FPM/watt
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
    Blade Span: 42” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 51 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $12
    Downrod Size: 4” Material: MDF
    Weight: 10 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

    12. Prominence Home 80029-01

    Check Price at Amazon

    12 Best Rated Bedroom Ceiling Fans for Comfortable Sleeping


    👍 Pull chains included to more conveniently adjust the fan speed and turn it on/off
    👍 Available at an affordable price
    👍 Suited for spaces up to 350 square feet in size
    👍 The neatly designed frosted opal globe light is included with the package


    👎 The motor makes a humming noise at times
    👎 Weak light output

    Consider it if you seek a low-profile model that doesn’t interfere with the décor but rather compliments it. In small spaces where air circulation is required, you can confidently go ahead and install this hugger model. A design aspect we are quite pleased about is the Chestnut color of the blades that gives it a classy look without drawing unneeded attention.

    Flush Mount

    The 2-piece mounting system is included so that you don’t need professional help to install it. Just have a little patience, some know-how, and follow instructions properly, and you will follow through with the procedure problem-free on your own. Some of its features include:

    • Reversible Motor – Suited for year-round use as it produces cold, as well as hot air, depending on the direction you choose for the blades to spin in
    • Blades – Unique finish for each side, which means that a new look is provided with each season
    • Globe Light – Turn on the lights without air circulation if you wish. A frosted opal globe light is included at no extra price
    • Speeds3 integrated settings to select from

    Important Features to Consider

    • Hanging Measurements – 14.49” distance between the bottom of the fan and the ceiling
    • CFM – Lo/Me/Hi: 1377, 2710, and 3767. If you prefer Hunter fans more but you don’t need a higher airflow capacity than this, we recommend that you check out the Hunter 52092 Watson instead since it provides 3,515 CFM.

    Every tool needed for its installation is included, even the convenient pull chain that you use to switch between the operating settings it puts at your disposal. Moreover, it works with universal remote controls if you want to operate it from afar.

    Prominence Home 80029-01 Specifications Sheet

    Airflow Capacity: 3,767 CFM Airflow Efficiency: N/A
    Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
    Blade Span: 42” Reversible Motor:
    Electricity Use: 50 watts Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $8
    Downrod Size: N/A Material: Steel
    Weight: 12.8 pounds Warranty: Lifetime

    Mounting Options

    Proper mounting plays a pivotal role in airflow efficiency, so it’s important to look into the options you have at your disposal and pick the one that best suits the situation. There are certain regulations related to mounting manner as well, and you should keep them in mind as you have more than enough styles to pick from.

    Flush Mount – Suitable for rooms with low ceilings as there is no space left between the ceiling and the motor. There is no reason to worry about safety as these products are generally certified, which means that they have been tested and proven to be alright for use all day long.

    Downrods – Suited for high ceiling spaces as you can extend the fan from the ceiling. Most models here come with multiple size downrods, so you won’t have to separately acquire them.

    Sloped Ceilings – A sloped ceiling adapter is required in this specific situation so that the fan will be permitted to hang straight. Some products include the adapter with the purchase so that you won’t have to separately acquire it and waste more money in the process.

    Top 6 Ceiling Fan Brands

    Some just do it better than others, it’s a fact that we cannot contradict. This saying goes for manufacturing ceiling fans too, obviously. In the following, we will show you what brands are considered to be the top manufacturers of ceiling fans so that you know where your focus should be when making a purchase. The products these brands release are superior in terms of quality and durability, so it’s safer for buyers to acquire them.

    #1 – Hunter

    Produces models of a superior quality, most customers and experts regarding this company as the industry leader. Their products provide a perfect combination of design and quality, so you are sure to find one that suits your style and needs with ease. Aside from operational efficiency, what their products have in common is a discrete operation that ensures quietness even after years of use so that they don’t present a distraction.

    #2 – Minka-Aire

    The products that come from this company have an elegant flair and combined timeless transitional styles, their fans being among the most eye-catching on the market. But their entries don’t excel only in the aesthetics department as they score quite well when it comes to performance as well. Thus, if you seek a fan that adds a touch of elegance to the space while effectively moving the air in the room, look no further than at what this brand offers.

    #3 – Harbor Breeze

    Known as Litex Industries as well, the brand provides a wide range of options for you to pick between and find the one that best suits your needs. What we like most is that their high-quality models come at affordable prices so that you won’t have to spend all of the money in your wallet to find an effective cooling unit.

    #4 – Fanimation

    This brand has begun its journey in California over 30 years ago. Their passion for quality and efficiency has made this company one of the leading choices when it comes to the production of fans. Just like the model featured in our top, all of the entries from this brand provide a great blend of age-old craft and modern technological advances that make them suited for use for years on end.

    #5 – Westinghouse

    It was started in 1946 and it’s still proudly on the market. It’s one of the few companies that provide you with a full range of light bulbs, fixtures, ceiling fans, and lighting accessories. Thus, you can acquire an extensive range of products that fall under this name if you want to have quality fixtures and appliances in your home.

    #6 – Monte Carlo

    Specialized in trend-inspired, forward-thinking, and advanced technologies, the products delivered by this company fit your home perfectly. Whether you seek to install it indoors or on the patio or gazebo, what’s sure is that you will find a suitable product for your needs if you look into what this brand has to offer.


    Designed to be whisper-quiet when they run, all of the options presented here prove suited for use in the bedroom as they effectively cool down the space through air movement, all without making much noise in the process. Moreover, their usability all year round implies that you get the most for your money as extensive use is implied.

    Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan for Sale: Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

    There is no model to exceed this entry in terms of performance quality and air movement prowess as it is rated for a whopping 10,484 CFM airflow. There are a total of 9 settings to select between when it comes to the speed at which it runs, and it can cover quite a vast area so that you can basically install it in any room of your home, not being restricted to the bedroom alone. Moreover, it doesn’t consume much power to run – only 31 watts – so it is defined by its energy efficiency as well.

    Editor’s Choice: Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN

    Energy-efficient, easy to install and use, and quite fierce when it comes to performance since it is rated at 6,659 CFM airflow, this Fanimation entry was bound to catch our eye. What drew our attention to it the most, though, is the fact that it is Bluetooth compatible. Thus, you can use your phone to control the fan’s settings via Bluetooth and change the operating speed or reverse blade direction whenever you like. Combine these aspects with the fair asking price, and it’s easy to understand why we favor the product.

    Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan for the Money: Westinghouse Lighting 7876400

    Suited for rooms of up to 144 sq. ft. in size and with an airflow capacity of 80 cu. ft. per minute, while also available at a cheap price, this is the go-to value deal of the moment. It might be suited for small rooms, but it makes up for this minor flaw through the fact that it features a reversible motor that makes it usable year-round. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime assurance that covers repair costs and even implies replacement if the situation asks for it.

    Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Versatile Installation: Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52 Inch Fan

    What makes it a standout when it comes to versatility in the installation manner is that you can set it up either the standard way or as a flush mount model. Another appealing trait stands in the lightbulb that is rated to last an estimated 20 years. Hence, you don’t have to spend further money if you don’t want to. Moreover, the 3 adjustable speeds will allow you to make it operate according to your exact needs.

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