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13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans

Packed Garage with Two Ceiling Fans Installed

Packed Garage with Two Ceiling Fans Installed


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F ans are and have been the preferred means for air circulation and cooling since their appearance. In areas where summer days are especially torrid, people opt to combine the use of their air conditioners with fans to increase cooling efficiency while lowering operating costs. In the future, we will witness improvement of ceiling fan components to further decrease energy consumption since efforts toward this specific goal are already set in place. So, as low as the costs are to run the fan now, they will lower with time.

One of the areas that need air circulation most is the garage. Luckily, as we already mentioned, ceiling fans provide a cost-effective means to efficiently circulate the air and even cool the area when the temperatures go haywire in summer. Even if you simply use the garage to store cars and tools, proper airflow is still a must in this space. In case you use the garage as a workshop, home office, or recreational room, it’s even more important for the ambiance inside to be pleasant and comfortable.

The lack of air conditioning might be a real deficiency, especially in summer, when the garage heats up very quickly. When this happens, the perfect solution is to opt for a ceiling fan that can get you through the hot days. Why choose a ceiling fan? It’s powerful, affordable, and doesn’t consume a lot of power. Additionally, it’s easy to install – the perfect substitute for an AC. There are various fans on the market but the article below will help you spot what you are searching for, the best model that suits your garage’s requirements. But before we dive into the main topic, let’s briefly go over a few facts that you should know before you purchase a ceiling fan to better understand the product.

A Few Facts About Ceiling Fans

  • Most ceiling fans use the same amount of power as a 60-watt light bulb, which costs about 3c per hour to run
  • Up to 40% saving on power costs - Use the fan together with the air conditioner to diminish your air conditioning bill by up to 40%
  • You will feel up to 8 degrees cooler from your ceiling fan’s cool breeze
  • Most of the fans are reversible, meaning that they can be changed to “winter mode” with just a switch. Winter mode changes the blade direction to anti-clockwise, circulating warm air against the ceiling and down the walls
  • They do stagger when blades are out of balance, but there isn’t any possibility to fall
  • Some of them have light fittings attached so there is no need for a light bulb
  • They reduce heating costs by up to 10%
  • They can save a great quantity of energy and accurately blow masses of air around
  • They feature switches or dials that can be mounted on a wall for easy usage
  • Initially, they were powered by water

Now that you are well-versed in this topic, let’s move on to what you came here for. And that is to learn what ceiling fans work best for garage use. Here it goes!

If you’re looking for a portable solution for air circulation in the garage, we recommend that you look into pedestal fans instead since relocating them is possible and very easy.

Top 13 Garage Ceiling Fans Compared

Blades Span
No. of Blades
Reversible Motor

Best Overall
11,600 CFM
35 watts
8,423 CFM
6,225 CFM
62 watts
8,780 CFM
150 watts

Editor’s Choice
6,916 CFM
80 watts
6,254 CFM
60 watts
5,568 CFM
60 watts
3,783 CFM
44 watts

Best with Lights
4,570 CFM
26 watts

Best for the Money
5,070 CFM
56.4 watts
4,833 CFM
60 watts
2,648 CFM
64 watts
2,050 CFM
75 watts

Bedrooms are recreational, quiet spaces that require silent appliances to induce a state of relaxation. The bedroom ceiling fans we have gathered in our chart are the most appropriate for mounting there as the noise created is significantly lower while the performance is more than satisfactory.

1. Big Air 88-Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan

Summary: If you seek industrial-grade air movement, this Big Air 88-inch fan is your perfect option. Rated at 11,600 CFM, you can count on it to provide proper air circulation for spaces of up to 1,900 square feet when it’s mounted at a 10-foot height from the floor. Needless to say, no matter how large your garage is, this ceiling fan won’t have the slightest problem dealing with air circulation in it since it’s designed to be compatible with commercial-grade purposes too. It’s a bit up there in price, but this is expected and understandable considering that it provides more than double the airflow of most competitors.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Suited for spaces of up to 1,900 square feet
  • Reversible direction makes it suited for year-round use
  • Aluminum blades are built to last
  • Uses an energy-efficient DC motor – only draws 35 watts when it runs
  • Can be installed on angles ceilings
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

Whether you own a repair shop and you need an industrial-grade ceiling fan to handle air circulation in it, or you have an immensely vast garage at home that hosts multiple cars, this Big Air 88-inch fan is your go-to, hands down. At 10 feet distance between the floor and ceiling, it’s suited to cover spaces of up to 1,900 square feet, so you can see why we recommend it for heavy-duty residential use, as well as commercial purposes. We do warn that the asking price is higher, almost double that of most ceiling fans we reviewed, but it’s fair to ask so much for it considering its undeniably superior air circulation and cooling performance.


A standard 6-inch downrod is included with the package. The fan measures 15 inches in height by 88 inches in width by 88 inches in depth from the blade at the spider to the top of the downrod, and 19 inches in height by 88 inches in width by 88 inches in depth from the blade tip to the top of the downrod. The blades are durable since the manufacturing material used for them is aluminum. For beautification, the blades flaunt a brushed nickel finish. Therefore, even if it’s a heavy-duty ceiling fan, it boasts the perfect design to complement both casual and sophisticated spaces.

Performance and Efficiency

For the Big Air 88-Inch ceiling fan to cover spaces of up to 1,900 square feet, it must provide quite an impressive air circulation capability. Considering that it’s rated at 11,600 CFM tops, it’s easy to see why we trust it will perform without problem in areas that large. What helps it have this high efficiency stands in the 9 blades it uses that provide high volume air movement. The 88-inch blade length is a contributing factor too, with this particular fan measuring considerably more than its competitors.

The direction in which the blades rotate is reversible, so you don’t have to retire the fan when the seasons change. Instead, you can switch to the clockwise rotation when the weather gets cold so that the breeze created by the fan feels warm. There are 6 total operating speeds that you can pick from, and you are provided a remote to conveniently switch between settings and reverse the rotation of the blades.

We must also mention that it is fitted with an energy-saving DC motor, drawing only 35 watts when it runs. Therefore, on top of a remarkable air circulation performance, the Big Air ceiling fan doesn’t amp the power bills even if you run it 24/7.

*The peak ceiling angle this garage ceiling fan can support is 20 degrees. Keep this aspect in mind for the installation process.

Quality Assurance

Backing is provided for a whole year from the moment you make the acquisition. Woefully, this is less than the lifetime backing provided for cheaper fans like the Emerson CF765BQ, Minka-Aire Concept II, or Honeywell 50199, to name a few. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a major issue considering the qualitative build of the fan that guarantees you will use it for years on end without any manufacturing issues arising. Needless to say, the fact that it’s produced by a leading brand in this niche doesn’t hurt either as it’s an extra quality guarantee when it comes to durability and reliability.

In case you want to install the fan in the window of your garage instead of mounting it to the wall, check out the best window fans and pick one of these high airflow units instead.

Performance Test Feedback

I’m going to praise this Big Air garage ceiling fan from the get-go since installing it was as easy as it comes. The procedure took about 10 minutes and the instructions for the setup process were more than comprehensive. It looks great in my 4-car garage (I share the house with my in-laws, that’s why the garage is this big). Needless to say, considering that it ranks first, it proved to be unmatchable in terms of air circulation even for an 800-square-foot garage like mine. There’s nothing bad to say about it performance-wise, hands down. Actually, there’s nothing bad that I can say about the product at all honestly. As I already said, it was easy to mount, and it fared better than expected at its intended purpose. It doesn’t even make that much noise when it runs except when I set it on the two highest speeds, and switching between settings using the included remote was child’s play. So, after testing it I conclude that it’s the best option for a large-size garage or industrial-grade applications.

Marcus Mackay – Expert Reviewer and Tester

Big Air 88-Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 88” Air Circulation: 11,600 CFM
Number of Blades: 9 Speed Settings: 6
Wattage: 35W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Remote
Blades Pitch: 20° Warranty: 1 year

2. Hubbell Lighting P250017-152

Summary: This 72-inch ceiling fan provides a peak airflow of 8,423 CFM on the highest of its 6 speed settings. This makes it perfect for the garage since it can provide sufficient air circulation for an area of up to 400 square feet. Additionally, the durable build makes it a long-term investment.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • There are 6 speed settings that you can pick between
  • The DC motor it uses is energy efficient
  • The wall-mounted control is intuitive to use, so you won’t have trouble figuring out how to operate the fan
  • It’s one of the quietest ceiling fans that we have tested to date
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Clean, neat look granted by the nickel finish blades

With a nickel finish for the 6 blades, this Hubbell Lighting fan is one of the best-looking models we tested. The clean look, alongside the powerful airflow it produces, makes it perfect for spaces like the garage. From our tests, we concluded that it provides optimal operation in areas of up to 400 square feet. We recommend that you take this guideline into consideration to benefit from peak cooling and air circulation on the fan’s part.

It produces 8,423 CFM on the highest of the 6 speed settings it features. Use the intuitive wall-mounted control panel to switch between the speeds depending on how fast or slow you prefer air cooling to take place. On the control panel, you will also notice a button that turns the light on or off. We do mention that the product doesn’t include the light kit, you have to buy it separately.

The motor is reversible, which makes the fan good for year-round use. Lastly, we want to give a thumbs up to the company for the lifetime warranty it provides for this 72-inch ceiling fan. The aluminum build, the care for detail, and the flawless performance, all of them combined with this industry-leading lifetime quality guarantee make this fan a worthwhile acquisition.

Hubbell Lighting P250017-152 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 72” Air Circulation: 8,432 CFM
Number of Blades: 6 Speed Settings: 6
Wattage: N/A Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall mounted
Blades Pitch: N/A Warranty: Lifetime

3. Casa Delta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: This product is UL listed for damp locations and it has a great design that combines both modern and industrial styles. Its three wooden blades have great power and efficiency, aspects that make it a popular purchase.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Elegant bronze finish housing with wood blades
  • UL listed for safe use in damp locations
  • 3 Speeds - Hi, Med, Low, and a reverse mode
  • It can be mounted on a slanted ceiling without difficulties


  • The remote is not very responsive
  • A bit noisy

This fan is made out of oil-rubbed finish bronze with solid wood walnut blades. It is perfect for a garage as it is best rated for covered exterior locations, being UL listed for damp locations. When it comes to effectiveness, this model has a 6,225 CFM airflow (about half of what our top pick, the Big Air 88-Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan offers) so it will offer a great ambiance even on torrid days. What’s great about it is that it is energy-saving, because it only uses 62 Watts.

The appliance has 3 speeds (low, medium, and high) so you can pick the needed one. The canopy measures 6” wide and 2” high and the product itself weighs 14 pounds, allowing you to install it at a 25-degree slope. There is also included a hand-held remote control so you can practically maneuver it. A wall holder is also added to the box, to conveniently store the remote there so you will never misplace it. The blades are reversible so they can successfully show efficiency in the winter when they can send warm air into the room. A lifetime assurance for the motor strengthens the idea of a rock-solid device.

An outdoor patio ceiling fan is a viable alternative for the garage too since this particular fan type is suited for damp and generally harsh conditions. Just find the one that matches the airflow you need for your garage, and you can confidently install it since there surely won’t be any compatibility issues regarding environmental conditions.

Casa Delta Outdoor Ceiling Fan Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 6,225 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 62W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Remote
Blades Pitch: 25° Warranty: Lifetime for the motor

4. Air King 9718

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: The high airflow capacity promotes it as one of the most powerful and efficient models you could pick. It boasts a slim design and engages a strong motor that somehow manages to remain silent. Now your garage will benefit from cleaner and fresher air and you will forget about the high summer temperatures.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Suitable for any industrial space as it has an extended cooling power
  • Made of powder-coated steel that is resilient to moisture
  • ETL approved
  • Very compact design so it doesn’t become a bothersome addition to the room


  • The motor is not reversible as in the other models
  • Only one speed for the rotating blades

Our next choice is an 18” ceiling fan for any industrial space such as garages, offices, stores, warehouses, and many other locations. The appliance is made of powder-coated steel for long-lasting endurance. The spinning switches placed on the back permit you to turn the fan on and off and change the speeds easily. In what concerns its power, we must mention its 1/6 horsepower fully enclosed, and lastingly lubricated motor with a split capacitor to offer a silent performance and to produce more airflow. Believe it or not, it reaches 8,780 CFM, an outstanding performance that is hard to match.

The blades are small, only 18” in length, and are enclosed in a metal housing so they will remain out of reach, averting the risk of accidents, considering the fan hangs lower than the other type of ceiling fans. The cooling device is ETL and OSHA-approved so it will perform at its highest. It is backed by a one-year limited guarantee, which is considerably shorter than what we expected given the lifetime warranty provided by cheaper models like the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream.

Air King 9718 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 18” Air Circulation: 8,780 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 1
Wattage: 150W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control
Blades Pitch: N/A Warranty: 1 year

5. Emerson CF765BQ

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: We recommend it as one of the most reliable picks for cooling a garage, regardless of how large it is. Its powerful motor and high efficiency will prove to you that it is the best option for an ideal ambiance. It manages to move a high volume of cold air so it can cover large areas, ensuring you will stay cool the entire summer.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Energy Star rated for low consumption
  • Increased airflow circulation to cover very large areas
  • 4-speed fan slide control included
  • Lifetime protection for the motor


  • Some users complained it is a bit heavy so installation is not very comfortable
  • Noisy operation

This Emerson model is one of our top recommendations due to its premium quality and performance. For this brand, quality has been a trademark for over 125 years. It’s a nice fit for the garage thanks to the all-black design with a slightly matte finish that makes it easy to care for. It has three metallic blades with a 60” span so it can cover a wide area, creating a high airflow of 6,916 CFM at the highest speed.

In the box, you will find a 6” rod for semi-flush installation so it can be easily mounted on any type of ceiling with a maximum slope angle of 14 degrees. If the slope angle of the ceiling exceeds 20 degrees, we recommend the Casa Delta Outdoor Ceiling Fan or the Westinghouse 7861400 instead. In case you have a very slanted ceiling, you can purchase a special kit with a longer rod. The blades rotate at four different speeds in both directions to increase the feeling of cool air and they can be controlled via the included wall control, making it a lot easier for you to pick the desired direction or the rotating velocity.

Let’s not forget about customer service which weighs a lot when purchasing this type of product. The appliance is backed by a limited lifetime motor warranty, plus a one-year warranty on parts such as blades or other components that will be replaced if defective. To benefit from the warranty, you have to be the original customer and user of the product.

Emerson CF765BQ Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 60” Air Circulation: 6,916 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 4
Wattage: 80W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control
Blades Pitch: 14° Warranty: Lifetime

6. Ciata Lighting 7812700

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: This product is a popular choice due to its airflow efficiency and the 5-speed motor that quietly turns the blades for efficient air distribution. It is extremely useful in large spaces and can handle the heat in the garage due to the extended blades. It doesn’t reverse, so it will not be useful for the cold season.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Ideal for large surfaces up to 360 sq. ft.
  • Steel motor with a single capacitor
  • Ball hanger installation system with a very long rod
  • 15-year motor warranty


  • Flimsy blades
  • It’s not as energy efficient as its competitors

This indoor 56” fan is excellent for industrial and commercial spaces. It looks very modern and elegant, having a white finish to fit all types of locations. The product needs minimal assembly and comprises a five-speed wall control unit. This one is perfect for workshops, large work and living areas, and high-ceiling rooms. It is recommended to hang it at least 10 feet above the floor for safety measures. Enjoy a comfortable environment with this cooling device that provides an excellent 6,254 CFM airflow. A similar product when it comes to air circulation capabilities is the Casa Delta that is rated at 6,225 CFM, so it’s your best alternative if you don’t want this Ciata fan for any reason. Each of the three blades it features reaches 56” in length so it’s one of the biggest in our chart. However, bear in mind that the blades don’t go in reverse.

When describing it, we discuss durability and power. The durable material, steel, ensures it lasts for a very long time. To boot, it includes a 78” lead wire, and a 12” down rod ball hanger installation system, so it can be mounted on very slanted ceilings. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that it is ETL-approved for safety. Relative to the warranty, it offers a 15-year motor warranty and a 2-year guarantee on all the parts.

Ciata Lighting 7812700 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 56” Air Circulation: 6,254 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 5
Wattage: 60W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control
Blades Pitch: Warranty: 15 years for the motor, 2 years for parts and labor

7. Prominence Home 50345-01

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: It’s a large fan that can circulate a lot of air, so it will surely handle spaces up to 300 sq. ft. even on torrid days. It’s made of superior quality materials so it can be mounted outdoors without worrying it will be affected by dampness. While it doubles as a lamp and has a reversible motor, it will turn out to be useful all year round.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • It features a quiet, reversible motor
  • The blades are weatherproof
  • It can be utilized as a lighting fixture
  • Works with ceiling fan remote controls


  • Some users claim that the blades feel wobbly and delicate
  • Putting it together is a bit tricky, so follow the instructions closely

This contemporary design fan is a customer’s favorite for many reasons, starting with the pleasant aspect that turns it into the ideal pick for any part of the house. It’s made of steel but painted in such a way that you could assume it’s wood, so it can easily match the décor in a garage. It has 4 blades, to maximize the air circulation, reaching no less than 5,568 CFM, considering that each blade measures 52” long. If you don’t have the budget for this high-end ceiling fan, you can opt for the Prominence Home 50330 instead.

Three speed levels are put at your disposal and you can select them by pulling the two chains on the mounting housing. It mounts in a down rod style, at a 15.4” distance from the ceiling, so it can handle a minor slope. The blades work in reverse as well, so it’s useful all year round. Besides, it’s damp-rated so it works indoors and outdoors, in various weather conditions without suffering damage. In the center, it has two LEDs so it can be used as a light fixture too. Enjoy the lifetime warranty and turn it on anytime you need a cool breeze.

Prominence Home Auletta Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 5,568 CFM
Number of Blades: 4 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 60W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control
Blades Pitch: 24° Warranty: N/A

8. Minka-Aire Concept II

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: Working as a fan with increased cooling performance and a handy lamp for use in dim light, it’s a versatile device to have installed in the garage or in another area of the house that requires cooling. With a simple setup and even simpler control, you won’t have troubles throughout its lifespan.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • It is very small, ideal for confined spaces
  • The center bulb is very intense
  • It spins fast but remains very silent
  • It can be controlled via the internet


  • It seems less effective as the blades are a bit too short
  • Comes at an expensive price

You can never go wrong with simplicity, so you might find this model to be exactly what you need for your garage. With a white body, three short blades, and a central large bulb to create light, Concept II is an excellent choice for the modern, minimalist home. The blade span is only 22”, with a 44” diameter so it’s a compact device, ideal for small areas. Still, it can create a generous airflow, reaching 3,783 on the highest level. The bulb covered in matte glass uses 14 watts to create a pleasant white light that can be dimmed.

After mounting, the distance to the ceiling is 11.5” and it can fit slopes up to 14°. Since the motor spins in the opposite direction as well, it will be of great service year-round, while also helping you reduce energy waste. To control it, the manufacturer developed a remote that lets you select between the three spinning velocities, pick the Reverse mode, or modify the light intensity. If you wish to upgrade it, you can purchase the internet hub that lets you control it through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The warranty policy covers it for a lifetime and includes the motor and all the other parts.

Minka-Aire Concept II Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 22” Air Circulation: 3,783 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 44W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Remote
Blades Pitch: 14° Warranty: Lifetime

9. Concord Heritage

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: Many people pick their fan with a light system as well because they enjoy the overhead illumination they provide, and this is one of the details that make this model so popular. Also, the 5-blade configuration increases efficiency in dealing with large areas, making it one of the most powerful of our picks.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Generous protection policy
  • It has two light bulbs that create plenty of light
  • It has a wall and a remote controller for fast and easy access
  • It works great on sloped ceilings
  • Great for large rooms

If you are into stylish home appliances and you tend to pick them by design, you will be fond of this elegant and precious model that immediately catches your eye. Made of satin nickel with oil-rubbed wood blades that measure 52” long, it is a fan that can effectively circulate the air in very large rooms, up to 225 sq. ft. The airflow capacity reaches 4,570 CFM, an impressive level for a fan this size. Besides, it has 5 blades instead of 3 or 4 like the other models, so it’s increasingly effective in lowering the temperatures. It can be mounted on slanted ceilings as the blade pitch reaches 12 degrees.

The fan rotation goes from 1 to 3 intensities so you can adjust it as fast as you want, using either the wall controller or the included remote that makes it more comfortable to maneuver. The motor can be reversed so it can circulate warm air in the winter. Just like the Ciata Lighting 7812700, it also doubles as a light source. This Concord ceiling fan has two bulbs that enlighten the room enough so you might not need another lamp. While it might seem a bit pricey, you can overlook this aspect once you hear about the lifetime service policy.

Concord Heritage Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 4,570 CFM
Number of Blades: 5 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 26W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control, Remote
Blades Pitch: 13° Warranty: Lifetime

10. Honeywell 50199

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Summary: High-quality materials, sturdy and strong design, and easy usage are just some of the most relevant aspects people consider when acquiring it. It has great popularity as it brings a handful of benefits at a more than affordable price.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • High-quality design
  • It is compatible with remote controls made by the same manufacturer
  • Consists of 5 blades, the most we have seen in the fans we revised
  • A large amount of air is circulated by the 5 blades


  • It is advertised as bronze, but it’s more like gray
  • It doesn’t include a remote control

It works with 120V and 56W and it’s ideal for workshops, garages, patios, and even exterior spaces. Moreover, we’re discussing a silent, 3-speed motor, with a reversible design that can be run in the opposite direction in the winter to aid in moving the warm air in the chamber. What’s great about it is that it can move the air at 5,070 CFM, so you can enjoy powerful action. It best suits medium to large-sized rooms, as the blades measure 52” and it has 5 of them, thus exceeding its efficiency. You can mount it at a 12-degree angle as the rod measures only 4” long.

Design-wise, it’s one of those eye-catching appliances that double as decorations. Wood was used to make the blades so expect a stylish product, with a grey finish on the metal housing that holds the motor. Together with all these, it features easy controls, thanks to the pull chains for simple on/off adjustments, but it can be used with a Honeywell remote control, too. It doesn’t have a light kit added, as other fans do. The warranty for it lasts for a lifetime as long as you use it according to specifications.

Honeywell 50199 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 5,070 CFM
Number of Blades: 5 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 56.4W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Pull Chain
Blades Pitch: 12° Warranty: Lifetime

11. Westinghouse 7861400

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: Enjoy working in a fresh and cool environment even on the hottest days of summer with this outsized fan that handles lofts, garages, or workshops. Its silent mode and great efficiency will provide the perfect climate. However, more than 3 blades would have been required for it to actually move as much air as stated.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • 5-speed wall control for easy access
  • Efficient air distribution thanks to the very long blades
  • The best choice for sloped ceilings
  • 15-year motor guarantee
  • Included light bulb


  • Some complained about the control being low-quality
  • The 3-blade design is not enough to move as much air as stated

This indoor cooling fan is another good choice to take into consideration as it’s designed for industrial and large locations, considering the blades measure 56” long. Made entirely of solid steel, it is a device that will withstand intense use. Reaching 4,833 CFM and with 5 velocities to pick between, you can be confident that it will cool down the air even if very humid and hot areas. For better air circulation, it is recommended to hang it at least 10 feet above the floor. The package contains a 12” rod for down rod mount so it can be installed on ceilings with a wide-angle slope reaching 24 degrees.

Aside from spinning the air, the fan also doubles as a light fixture, given it has a 20-watt bulb in the center. All the controls are easily accessible due to the wall controller that lets you select the velocity and the spinning direction, considering the fan rotates both ways. As regards the warranty, just like the Ciata Lighting 7812700, this Westinghouse product is backed by a 15-year motor warranty and a 2-year warranty on the other parts.

Westinghouse 7861400 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 56” Air Circulation: 4,833 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 5
Wattage: 60W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Wall Control
Blades Pitch: 24° Warranty: 15 years for the motor, 2 years for parts and labor

12. Hunter Cassius 59264

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Summary: If you are looking for a powerful fan that remains quiet but can still deal with humid and hot rooms, this is for sure worth considering. It has been tested to resist moisture and it can circulate the air efficiently in covered and outdoor spaces. Moreover, the lifetime warranty on the motor is another reason why people like it.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • Easy to install on any ceiling
  • Boasts a well-balanced design that makes it suitable for any type of ceiling
  • It remains whisper-quiet
  • Choose to mount it indoors or outdoors without any worries it might get damaged by moisture


  • Some say the airflow level is too low for slightly extended rooms
  • It can only be controlled by the pull chain

Hunter is already popular for its cooling appliances, so we’re coming to your attention with the Cassius model. We’re speaking of a powerful unit, with an airflow efficiency of 2,648 CFM. It uses a Whisper Wind motor, which can deliver remarkable power with quiet operation. Thus, you can enjoy cooling without unpleasant background noise. Thanks to the reversible spinning, it can also be used in the winter, to send the hot air down into the room and force the cold air to go towards the ceiling.

Related to design details, the blades measure 52” and are made of plastic with a black matte coating so they can be easily matched to any of the decorations you already have. It can be mounted in the down rod style with the included adjustable rod from 3” to 5”, suitable for a maximum 13° slope. The fan features 3 fast blades with a pull chain control that allows for a fast On and Off setting. Cassius is Energy Star approved for maximum performance and energy efficiency. It’s also ETL damp rated, thus it can safely perform both indoors and outdoors no matter the weather conditions. For any problem you might experience, address the manufacturer to benefit from the lifetime service.

Hunter Cassius 59264 Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 2,648 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: N/A
Wattage: 64W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Pull Chain
Blades Pitch: 13° Warranty: Lifetime

13. Harbor Breeze Sail Stream

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: If you have a mid-size garage, this can be a good option to have in mind as it’s not the most potent out there. Mixing the cooling power with practical lighting, it’s one of the most common picks of customers. Plus, it’s versatile and modern, ideal for any décor.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans


  • It’s among the nicest looking models we came across
  • The motor runs smoothly so it doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • It’s very easy to control thanks to the hand remote
  • The long rod makes it easy to mount on any type of ceiling


  • It doesn’t circulate a lot of air
  • The light is very weak and sometimes flickers

With an airflow capacity of 2,050 CFM, it is not the most powerful choice, but it manages to deal with a mid-size garage. Another suited option for a similar-size garage would be the Hunter Cassius 59264 that is rated at 2,648 CFM. The three-blade configuration with a 52” span makes it a great match for mid-size areas like the garage or a small bedroom, especially if you take into account that it looks very good, so it can also enhance the interior design. It’s made of steel with a brushed nickel finish and has an integrated LED light in the center, to bring overhead illumination.

To control it, you have a remote that lets you select between the three speeds and the spinning direction. Plus, it has a timer-like button that turns off the lights after one minute, to ensure it will not stay on during the night after you leave. Also, hold the “light bulb” button down and dim the light as much as you want. An aspect worth mentioning is the lifetime protection that covers the motor and blades.

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Specifications Sheet

Blade Length: 52” Air Circulation: 2,050 CFM
Number of Blades: 3 Speed Settings: 3
Wattage: 75W Light:
Reversible Motor: Control: Remote
Blades Pitch: N/A Warranty: Lifetime

Alternative Garage Ceiling Fans Worth Checking Out

Although the products that we previously reviewed are indeed the best money can buy, it doesn’t mean that these are your only options. There are a few other models that we didn’t include because we considered our picks slightly better, products that you should look into if you want to compare as many options as possible or if you don’t find what you need among our top picks. Here is a brief description of the alternative choices that you ought to check out before you decide:

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans

#1. Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O

This large 65-inch outdoor fan combines style with the utility to circulate the air in the garage and produce a cooling breeze that can get you through torrid days without sweating like crazy. A 6-inch downrod is included with the package, but you can go lower or higher if you like. Other available downrod configurations for the Xtreme H2O include 60-inch, 48-inch, 36-inch, 24-inch, 12-inch, and 3.5-inch variants. It’s a power-saving solution that you can run 24/7 without worrying about costs. At the lowest speed, it draws 5.74 watts, while at the highest it consumes 51.98 watts. Therefore, energy efficiency is granted regardless of which of the 6 speed levels you choose. This 8-blade fan comes in multiple color options, including white, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and coal. Pick depending on the color scheme of the garage to make sure it suits the décor. For convenient control, a remote is included. With it, you can turn the unit on or off, change running speeds, turn the LED light on or off, and adjust the dimmer as you like. There is also a reverse button on the remote. We recommend that you opt to run the fan in this mode when the weather gets cold since it will produce a warm breeze in this specific setting.

Why we chose to leave it out: We found it more difficult to set up compared to the Minka-Aire Concept II because it is heavier and larger. It’s a bit more expensive too, so it isn’t a viable choice for as many customers as our 8th pick. Nevertheless, we encourage you to choose depending on which product best serves your expectations if you have the budget for either of them. Both are reliable, powerful fans that can get the job done in a zippy, after all.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans

#2. Minka-Aire Wave

Great for year-round comfort since it features the reverse option. Thus, you can use it during summer and when the weather is generally hot to benefit from its cooling breeze, or you can set the motor to run in reverse and help warm up the space when it gets cold. Just like the Xtreme H2O, it includes a 6-inch downrod with the package. However, you have other options in terms of downrod size if this doesn’t seem a good fit for your space, namely 60 inches, 48 inches, 36 inches, 24 inches, 12 inches, and 3.5 inches. What stands out about this 52-inch blade span model is the interesting, unique design. The ocean’s tubular wave formations were the inspiration for the blade design, making this fan a stylish addition to any space. It’s powered by Bond technology and Wi-Fi compatible, so you can connect it to your phone and use the dedicated app to control it. Another convenient means to control the unit is provided by the included remote. You can use it to pick between the 3 speed levels, set the unit in reverse, turn it on or off, and control the lighting, as well as the dimming. The product also scores high in terms of energy efficiency seeing how it is rated at 11.27 watts on the low speed setting and only 69.6 watts on the highest speed.

Why we chose to leave it out: The only reason why we picked the Minka-Aire Concept II over the Wave model for our top is that Concept II looks more on par for use in the garage. While the Wave is recommended for this specific area too, we find its design better suited for bedrooms or living rooms. It’s only a matter of preference, which is why we urge that you give both products a chance and pick the one that you find better for your intended application, design demands, and performance expectations.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans

#3. Hunter Fan Kennicott

This metal fan is suited for indoor, as well as outdoor use. The blades span 44 inches and have a 13-degree pitch, optimizing air movement to guarantee peak performance thanks to their design. As expected by this point when it comes to high-end fans, the motor is reversible. Therefore, you can use it in downdraft mode to cool the room in summer, or updraft mode to circulate trapped warm air in winter. Seeing how this 6-blade fan is rated at 4,467 CFM on the highest speed setting, it is among the more fierce options air movement-wise. This fixture is compatible with sloped ceilings, and you can even mount it on low ceilings. With the package, you receive a 2-inch downrod, as well as a 3-inch version. Pick the one that best suits your application. You also receive a wall control and a remote to change settings in the manner you find most convenient at any given moment.

Why we chose to leave it out: The Hunter Cassius 59264 doesn’t move as much air as the Kennicott yet we decided to include it in our top because of the lower asking price. We already had other models selected for the main ranking with a similar CFM rating as the Kennicott, so when it was high time to pick a Hunter Fan Company product, we picked the lower CFM model instead. Pick between these two models depending on the area coverage and air movement capacity you seek.

13 Best Rated Garage Ceiling Fans

#4. Prominence Home Almadale

With a peak airflow movement rating of 1,946 CFM on the highest of its 3 speed settings, the Almadale is one of the most energy-efficient options to go for. In fact, it costs only $10 per year to run for 6.4 hours per day thanks to the low energy use of 37 watts on high. Due to the reversible motor, you can reverse the unit’s airflow so that you can use it year-round. In winter, this comes in handy to lower your bills since it helps move stale warm air around and keep the area at a comfortable temperature without having to rely as much on your heating means. Installation instructions are included and very comprehensive. Even if it’s your first time installing a ceiling fan, you surely won’t have trouble with the setup procedure. Easy on/off adjustments are possible because of the included pull chains that also give the fan a classic spin. Moreover, the product is backed against defects for a lifetime, so no matter when things go wrong, the company has you covered on repairs.

Why we chose to leave it out: We picked the Prominence Home 50345-01 for our top in the detriment of the Almadale model for its higher airflow movement capacity. The price difference is considerable between these two products though, so if the Almadale seems to suffice for your application performance-wise, you might want to choose it instead for its lower price if you are on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a ceiling fan do I need for a garage?

The physical size of the fan, meaning the blade span, isn’t as important as the air circulation rating since this is the main indicator of the fan’s cooling and ventilation aptitude. As a rule of thumb, go for a blade span of at least 18”, preferably from 50” to 60”, especially if the garage is large and generally feels damp and hot. When it comes to air circulation, we recommend 4,000 CFM and up. The larger the garage is, the higher the number should be too.

What size fan do I need for a 2-car garage?

Ideally, the air circulation rating of a 2-car garage ceiling fan should be at least 4,000 CFM since a garage this size likely measures approximately 400 square feet. Evidently, you ought to go higher if the area in which it must circulate the air is larger.

Can you put an indoor ceiling fan in a garage?

Yes, as long as your garage is not damp, there’s no issue with installing an indoor fan in it. If moisture is present, however, you ought to avoid this setup since indoor fans are not rated to withstand these conditions, and they can either get damaged or even cause an electrical fire.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans?

As their name suggests, these fans were built for different types of environments. Indoor fans are not built to withstand moisture. In fact, using an indoor fan outdoors is potentially hazardous since it can break or short, putting you at risk of dealing with an electrical fire. Outdoor ceiling fans, on the other hand, are either wet-rated or damp-rated, so they can handle high humidity, rain, wind, snow, and other elements of the sort.

Are 3-blade or 4-blade ceiling fans better?

When it comes to air circulation, 3-blade ceiling fans are generally better since they move the air quicker. However, they are noisier than their 4-blade counterparts. Another advantage of the 3-blade setup is that it doesn’t consume as much energy either, with fewer rotating parts translating to less energy needed for the rotation of the blades. Nevertheless, there are 4-blade fans (even 5-blade models) that provide significantly higher air circulation than their 3-blade counterparts. If you prefer the more stylish look offered by ceiling fans with a higher blade count yet don’t want to sacrifice airflow, if you do your research right you will find a model that complies with your expectations, like the Prominence Home Auletta that is rated at 5,568 CFM, for example.

Is it expensive to run a ceiling fan?

Generally, ceiling fans are not absurdly expensive to run. However, costs can go up depending on the speed setting you opt for, how much you keep the fan on, and what type of motor it features (AC motor models are more expensive to run than their DC motor counterparts). On average, the operation of a DC motor fan costs from 0.1 to 0.7 cents per hour, depending on the aforementioned criteria. So, it should cost you about $6 tops to run it 8 hours per day, each day, throughout the whole summer period. On the other hand, an AC motor costs from 0.4 to 1.5 per hour, so the price is almost double over the same period.

How do I circulate the air in my garage?

There are multiple means that you can use for garage air circulation. First, there’s the door. You can open it a few inches from the floor so that the air gets out without the risk of burglars coming in. If you have windows in the garage, you can open them for proper air circulation too. Another alternative is to install a turbine vent or gable vent since it helps with airflow without inviting burglars or animals into the garage. Evidently, setting up a ceiling fan or portable fan is another viable option for consistent air circulation in the garage and is quite an appealing variant since it doesn’t put safety at risk in the slightest.

What is the most reliable ceiling fan brand?

There is no single best brand when it comes to producing long-lasting ceiling fans but rather a few names that will pop up often because of the quality products they manufacture. These brands include but are not limited to Emerson, Big Air, Prominence, Harbor, Hunter, Minka-Aire, and Honeywell.


Considering all the products presented above, now it’s an easier task to choose a fan that will keep you chilly during the hot summer days. We have selected and evaluated the best products available on the market, with powerful engines, high-quality materials, and highly efficient features. Even so, if you haven’t decided yet, it’s still time to do it, so take a closer look at these options:

Best Garage Ceiling Fan for Sale: Big Air 88-Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan

Considering that this ceiling fan can perform on par even when you use it to circulate the air in a space measuring 1,900 square feet, it’s no surprise that it was our top pick. A remote is included to easily and conveniently switch between the 6 speed settings it features (yes, 6, considerably more than what any of the other fans we reviewed provide). Using the remote, you can even opt to reverse the direction in which the blades spin so that you can use the fan year-round. Considering the high 11,600 CFM air circulation, the vast area coverage, multiple working speeds, and the sturdy build, it’s safe to say that this ceiling fan is worth all the money.

Editor’s Choice: Emerson CF765BQ

Already popular for high-quality products and remarkable engineering services, Emerson stands for reliability and high performance. In this case, it’s the same, as we’re speaking about a powerful fan, with excellent airflow, able to maintain a proper temperature in your garage. It’s equipped with three metal blades, featuring four different speeds you can choose from. The noise level is low, as well, so it won’t be a disturbance factor. Design details are worth mentioning, too, because of the modern appearance, which makes it fit easily anywhere.

Best Garage Ceiling Fan with Lights: Concord Heritage

In case you want a model that combines the cooling ability with a set of lights, you could easily pick this one. Featuring five blades, it creates a powerful stream of cold air, packing a high CFM rating. Plus, it is fitted with a light that can brighten up an entire room, so you will not have to add another lamp. Looks are also an aspect to have in mind, and this model is by far one of the best-looking that can easily double as a piece of decoration.

Best Garage Ceiling Fan for the Money: Honeywell 50199

It’s one of the most large-sized ceiling fans on the market, which brings remarkable cooling power, and great airflow volume. Measuring 52”, the 5 blades spin at high intensity, thus creating a draft of cool air that can fill a large space. It also reverses so it can be useful in the cold season, so you will make good use of it the entire year. It’s not very expensive if that was what you assumed by looking at its performance, and it has a generous lifetime service policy.

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