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7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves

Display of Bladeless Fans on Pedestals

Display of Bladeless Fans on Pedestals


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Consumer Reviews Analyzed

R unning a conventional fan in a home with kids or pets can be a challenge. You will have to find a good place for it far from the trafficked areas and constantly supervise your little one, your cat, or your dog from sticking their little fingers or paws in the blade area. We don’t say it is impossible since classic fans have been around for ages and most of us even grew up with them without getting hurt. Nevertheless, it is better to play it safe and avoid accidents.

Bladeless fans aren’t only safe but quieter, and many of them come with extra functions. Plus, they tend to be more compact, so you will save space for your children’s playground. Our research focused on identifying the best bladeless fans at the moment, with an accent on performance, design, and price, and we have allocated tens of hours to analyzing the technical specifications, the pros, and the cons. We ranked them and drew the conclusions, so keep reading for in-depth evaluations and recommendations.

Do Fans Help During Heatwaves?

It’s a question you most likely asked yourself by now knowing that the purpose of the fan isn’t to lower the temperature in the room but rather to create airflow and circulate the air. “The way a fan keeps you cool is that it either blows cold air across your skin so you lose heat via a process called convection and it helps sweat evaporate faster”, Dr. Ollie Jay from the University of Sidney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health said for ABC News. So yes, the fan can indeed play a much more important role than you’d expect when temperatures start to soar.

Woefully, as Dr. Jay points out, the World Health Organization created a bit of confusion related to fan use during heatwaves when it was stated that these items shouldn’t be used when temperatures exceed 35°C. Luckily, using scientific evidence, the doctor has proven that fans manage to work perfectly for cooling individuals off even when temperatures are as high as 42°C.

Fans, regardless of the type we are speaking of, do make a difference for the better during heatwaves. Not everyone has an AC system to rely on for regulating indoor temperatures when they soar. Even if they do, with electricity costs rising in many parts of the world, people can’t afford to preserve thermal comfort during summer solely through this fairly expensive means. This is where the fan steps in to save the day, preventing any heat-related unpleasantries so that you make it through the torrid days just fine, all at a fraction of the cost air conditioning would.

With a classy design that makes them a standout no matter the room you use them in, and quite effective when it comes to air circulation, tower fans are another option worth considering.

Top 7 Bladeless Fans Compared

Room Size
Noise Level
Speed Settings

Best Overall
1271 CFM
64 dB
9 hours

Editor’s Choice
50.2 dB
8 hours

Best Fan and Heater
Medium / 300 sq. ft.
Widespread oscillation
8 hours
320 sq. ft.
32 dB
8 hours

Best for Bedroom
198 CFM
13-25 dB
9 hours
290 CFM
41 dB
8 hours
120 CFM
64 dB
9 hours

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Bladeless Fans?

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  • Dyson Cool AM07: Powered by the proprietary Air Multiplier technology that sits at the basis of all bladeless Dyson fans, the AM07 takes the cake when it comes to airflow capacity. It’s a 1,271 CFM model that handles large spaces just fine and doesn’t make much noise in the process. The sleek lines and modern design make it a pop in any décor. It’s easy to use and reliable in the long run. Moreover, it doesn’t consume a lot of power, so it doesn’t amp the bills like cheaper products do.
  • LivePure Vortex LP1500FAN: With a small footprint that makes it appropriate for counter or floor use, the 45-degree oscillation that guarantees widespread circulation of the air, the smooth and quiet operation it flaunts, and the reasonable price it comes at considering its capabilities, the LivePure Vortex is a worthwhile addition to a modern household.
  • Lasko FH500: The main drive of a fan is to circulate the air in the room and maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout the summer, but a heating function is always welcomed for the chilly autumn and spring days. Why start the whole heating installation when you can just heat a room and save yourself some money? Plus, this unit has advanced safety features, so you can leave it running over the night.
  • ULTTY SKJ-CR021: The fact that this model doubles as an air purifier alone should be more than enough to convince you to give it a try. While the bladeless technology provides a safe means to circulate the air indoors and produce a cooling breeze to help you get through torrid days, the H13 HEPA filter traps 99.97% of polluting particles down to 0.3 microns to protect your health.
  • GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7: Efficiency means a great report between capacity and price, between power and size, and in this case between coverage and sound. With a maximum noise level of only 25 decibels, this unit is practically unnoticeable and can work at maximum speed during excessively hot nights without affecting your rest at all.
  • Honeywell HYF290B: With a sleek chrome finish and a compact design, it is a nice addition to every home. It isn’t cheap but affordable, and surely has plenty to offer for a great price. It is silent and can fill a medium room with an enchanting breeze. Plus, it is super quiet, like summer wind passing through your curtains.
  • Perfect Aire 1PBF30: If money is a bit tight and you only need the cooling breeze a fan creates for a small room or area, then this 30-inch Perfect Aire blade-free model is just what you need. It’s easy on your wallet not only when you buy it but with time too since it’s only rated at 65 watts power draw. The 120 CFM airflow recommends it for small spaces. Moreover, it is fitted with a soothing night light to help you fall asleep quicker by creating a pleasant ambiance in the bedroom.

If safety is your concern, you should also consider a window fan since it is harder to reach by kids and pets because of the height at which it is installed.

1. Dyson Cool AM07

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7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 Air Multiplier technology provides a smooth and steady airflow stream
👍 10 speed settings to pick from – fully customize airflow output
👍 The curved and magnetized remote has a special storage space on the fan
👍 Set the timer for 9 hours tops to limit power consumption
👍 On the lower speeds, it’s quiet enough for bedroom use


👎 You have to be relatively close to the fan for the remote to work
👎 No control panel – your only means to change settings is the remote

Find the Full Review Here: Dyson Cool AM07 Review

Dyson is the company that started it all. The first real bladeless tower fan is the predecessor of the AM07 we review here, namely the Dyson Air Multiplier. It was first presented to the large public back in October 2009 by James Dyson himself, and since then, revolutionized the fan market through its intelligent design. Since then, Dyson has released several models, including the AM07 that is the best option at the moment, the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06, and the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 (there are other Dyson blade-free models out there, but these three products are the current best). The AM06 and the TP01 are suited for smaller spaces because their airflow capacity is half of what the AM07 provides. Check their stats out in the comparison matrix found later in this review and opt for one of them if a 500-600 CFM rating suffices for your air circulation demands.


It’s an almost 40-inch tall tower-style fan that graces any room with its sleek design. It doesn’t weigh much, only 6.3 pounds. Therefore, moving it from room to room so that you benefit from the cooling breeze of the air multiplier won’t be much of a hassle. There’s no handle but you can just grab it up by the arch-shaped top part, so there’s no need for this design element with the Dyson Cool AM07. There are no visible blades at all but rather just a hollow portion that looks like a portal. It’s a pretty futuristic design that is typical for the air multipliers Dyson produces.


Unlike most tower fans, bladeless or regular, the AM07 doesn’t billow and buffet but rather emits a constant airflow stream to cool you off. This is thanks to the Air Multiplier technology that sits at the foundation of its operation. The airflow capacity of this model is 1,271 CFM at full blast, so you will likely feel the breeze no matter where you are in the room. Speaking of, it’s suited for larger spaces too, a perk that a lot of its competitors can’t brag with.

It doesn’t draw a significant amount of power when it runs (it’s rated at 23 watts, in fact), so you can leave it on for as many hours as you like without worrying about the upcoming electricity bills. Another highlight is that it doesn’t make much noise in the process either, at least not on the first few speed levels. The peak amount of noise it makes is 64 dB, and considering that it gets so loud only on the 10th fan speed, it’s safe to classify this fan as a quiet model.


  • Multiple speed settings: There are no less than 10 different levels to pick from, so you get to fully control how soft or heavy the airflow it produces is. The higher you go on the fan speed scale, the louder it gets, so keep this in mind when you want to run the bladeless fan in the bedroom during nighttime.
  • Tilting base: You can pitch the housing back on the pedestal at approximately 20 degrees. So, if you prefer to keep it a bit tilted so that the direction of the airflow stream slightly differs angle-wise, it’s a viable option with the AM07.
  • Timer: A common feature with all modern fans is this one. However, while most only offer a few options when it comes to how you schedule their running span, the AM07 goes a step further. You can set the timer from 15 minutes to 9 hours in more increments than most fans provide.
  • Ample oscillation: It only oscillates horizontally, but it does so at quite an ample angle, 90 degrees to be specific. Turn the oscillation function on when you are not alone in the room so that everyone can feel the cooling breeze the AM07 produces.
  • Interesting remote: The remote is actually magnetized so that you can store it in its special place in the housing when you’re done using it. The curved shape gives it quite an interesting look. Make sure that you place it in its spot at the end so that you won’t misplace it. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to the oscillation function since the remote is the only means to control it.
  • Long cord: It actually measures 6.6 feet, so you likely won’t need any extension to reach the nearest plug and position the fan wherever you need to in the room.

Quality Assurance

Chances of anything going wrong because of poor design or manufacturing are slim to none. Dyson is the company behind this product, after all, and it doesn’t reign over the fan market without good reason. Still, in the absurd case that anything might go wrong, the 2-year warranty that accompanies the product has you covered. Within this period, the manufacturer handles repairs free of charge. When it comes to support, customers have mostly praised how company staff responded to their requests and questions, so you are likely to have a pleasant experience if you need to enter into contact with this department.

Dyson Cool AM07 vs. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 vs. Dyson Pure Cool TP01

Dyson Cool AM07
Dyson Air Multiplier AM06
Dyson Pure Cool TP01
  • Amount of air circulated: 1271 CFM
  • Area coverage: Large
  • Timer: 9 hours
  • Tilt:
  • Speeds: 10
  • Oscillation: 90°

Dyson Cool AM07 Rating:
  • Amount of air circulated: 569 CFM
  • Area coverage: Large
  • Timer: 9 hours
  • Tilt: 10°
  • Speeds: 10
  • Oscillation:

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Rating:
  • Amount of air circulated: 617 CFM
  • Area coverage: Large
  • Timer:
  • Tilt:
  • Speeds: 10
  • Oscillation: 70°

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Rating:

Dyson Cool AM07 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Large Airflow: 1271 CFM
Noise Level: 64 dB Oscillation: 90°
Tilt: Speed Settings: 10
Maximum Power Consumption: 26 watts Timer: 9 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: 6.6 feet
Dimensions: 7.5” x 4.3” x 39.36” Warranty: 2 years

2. LivePure Vortex LP1500FAN

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7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 The 4-color LED accent light has a decorative purpose, and it also comes in handy for nighttime illumination
👍 The included remote comes in handy since you won’t have to move an inch from where you’re sitting to change the unit’s settings
👍 Sleep timer with preset intervals to set it at – 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours
👍 The 45-degree oscillation ensures widespread air circulation


👎 Makes a substantial amount of noise when it oscillates
👎 Complaints regarding poor airflow

One look at the Vortex is more than enough to convince you that it’s worth considering since this modern-style fan doesn’t only lack blades, which makes it safe around kids and pets and less polluting for indoor air quality, but because it compliments any décor just perfect with its impeccable style and lines. It is recommended for medium-sized rooms, so don’t expect any miracles if you use it in the living room or another large area of your home. The spaces that most people opt to use it in are their home offices and bedrooms because of the efficiency it proves when it comes to air circulation in these areas, and the fairly discreet operation it flaunts.

Beware, however, that it can make quite an annoying sound when the oscillation feature is turned on. Speaking of, it oscillates 45 degrees so that it spreads the air as effectively as possible in the room. Needless to say, this feature is worth the extra buzzing – just turn the oscillation off before you go to bed, that’s it. If, however, you aren’t satisfied with its 45-degree movement and want something more, we recommend the Honeywell HYF290B instead since it goes at a 90-degree angle and stays quiet in the process too. Another trait that makes it perfect for the bedroom is the 4-color LED accent light that adds to the ambiance of the room and soothes those who have a hard time sleeping in complete darkness.

It is as intuitive to use as it gets due to the soft-touch control panel that features straightforward buttons, namely Rotate, Speed, Timer (you can set it for 8 hours tops to control the duration of the fan’s operation and reduce running costs), Light, and On/Off. If you’re feeling too lazy to budge out of bed and change any of its settings, you can use the included remote control to customize its operation as you like at any given point.

There are 3 speed settings to pick from, which suffices in terms of operational customization, permitting you to turn the fan’s airflow as high or as low as you need to at any moment. Since it is small (it measures only 6.73” x 11.5” x 22.44”), you can put it on the counter or floor without worrying about the amount of space it takes up. Moreover, the lightweight profile makes it a cinch to relocate the unit whenever you want to. Add to all of these aspects the industry-leading warranty since the motor is covered for 3 years and there’s a 1-year assurance for parts and labor, and it’s easy to see why we favor this LivePure product.

A viable alternative for a bladeless fan is the classic pedestal fan since it is tall and the part of the unit where the blades are positioned is out of children’s reach.

LivePure Vortex LP1500FAN Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Medium Airflow: N/A
Noise Level: 50.2 dB Oscillation: 45°
Tilt: Speed Settings: 3
Maximum Power Consumption: Timer: 8 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: 5.6 feet
Dimensions: 6.73” x 11.5” x 22.44” Warranty: 3 years for motor, 1 year for parts

3. Lasko FH500

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7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 Offers a heating function
👍 The compact design makes it simple to move around
👍 Excellent 3-year warranty
👍 High-end digital control panel
👍 Digital thermostat
👍 Advanced safety features


👎 High power consumption
👎 It’s fairly complicated to program

A fan for all seasons, it comes not only with large area coverage but a heating function that is strong enough to penetrate along an entire bedroom and provide comfortable warmth during the transition seasons. In the winter, it can work as an additional heat source throughout the extra-cold days, while you can turn off the heating during the summer and enjoy the coolness. Much like the Dyson Pure Cool TP01, it functions as more than just a fan, so it’s definitely worth your attention. It has a height of 42 inches, so it is among the most performant towers produced by Lasko. Nevertheless, with a footprint of only 12.5 x 12.5 inches, it doesn’t take too much space. Remember that you get 2 units in one, so even your storage space will be less cluttered. Not to mention that you can effortlessly move it around the room, as it has a long 6 feet cord, comes with a built-in handle, and weighs only 12.5 pounds.

It is intended for medium rooms with a surface of up to 300 square feet and grants an optional oscillation function, which has a wide action and will cover the entire space. Besides that, the digital control panel is high-end, with a thermostat that constantly monitors the temperature in the room. It permits you to set the desired temperature and will automatically regulate the fan speed to reach it as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you desire, you can change speeds manually, and you have 4 options. An 8-hour timer is available for a customized run and even an LCD screen that will show the temperature in the room and the selected functions.

As it produces heat, supplementary safety features were added and they include overheat protection and a tip-over protection switch. The bladeless design makes it safe to use around kids and pets, but you should remember that it is a heating installation that produces waves of heat so direct contact isn’t indicated. However, the ceramic element can self-regulate, so the exterior will remain cool. Regarding power consumption, it can reach up to 1,500 watts, when the heat function is activated, which was expected, but it still consumes a lot even when the heat is off, reaching a maximum of 900 watts, so it cannot be considered energy-efficient. Nevertheless, if you select a lower speed and utilize the timer, you will be able to decrease the energy consumption considerably.

The sound is moderate, but it is white noise, highly-enjoyed by some users. During the night, you can select a lower speed if you wish to enjoy a quieter cooling or heating. Plus, you can adjust everything from your bed, as it comes with a remote control, and sleep like a baby, knowing that you are covered against manufacturing flows and mishaps for a period of 3 years.

This isn’t the only worthwhile Lasko bladeless fan to invest in this summer, however. The Lasko AC615 and the Lasko 4930 that we feature in the comparison table below are just as deserving of your attention. These products are also suited for medium-sized rooms, feature timers that save energy, and multiple operating speeds to select from. Carefully compare them to the FH500 and pick the fan that best caters to your demands.

Lasko FH500 vs. Lasko AC615 vs. Lasko 4930

Lasko FH500
Lasko AC615
Lasko 4930
  • Amount of air circulated: N/A
  • Area coverage: Medium / 300 sq. ft.
  • Timer: 8 hours
  • Tilt:
  • Speeds: 4
  • Oscillation: Widespread oscillation

Lasko FH500 Rating:
  • Amount of air circulated: N/A
  • Area coverage: Medium
  • Timer: 8 hours
  • Tilt:
  • Speeds: 4
  • Oscillation:

Lasko AC615 Rating:
  • Amount of air circulated: 369 CFM
  • Area coverage: Medium
  • Timer: 4 hours
  • Tilt:
  • Speeds: 3
  • Oscillation:

Lasko 4930 Rating:

Lasko FH500 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Medium / 300 sq. ft. Airflow: N/A
Noise Level: Moderate Oscillation: Widespread oscillation
Tilt: Speed Settings: 4
Maximum Power Consumption: N/A Timer: 8 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Dimensions: 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 41.88″ Warranty: 3 years


7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 2-in-1 product that works as a fan and air purifier – uses an H13 HEPA filter to trap airborne particles down to 0.3 microns
👍 Portable thanks to the fact that it’s battery-powered
👍 Features 3 running modes and 9 speed levels to select from
👍 On the highest operating speed, it produces only 32 dB
👍 Oscillates 90 degrees to the sides and 15 degrees up and down for greater area coverage


👎 The remote is a bit problematic to use – if you don’t point it directly at the unit, it doesn’t respond to your commands

Much like the Lasko FH500, this is a multi-purpose product that you are bound to love using. Aside from the cooling breeze that it provides with zero risks for your safety since it’s a bladeless fan, it also works as an air purifier. Thanks to the H13 HEPA filter it uses, it clears the air of polluting particles down to 0.3 microns in size with an efficiency rate of 99.97%. Thanks to this, not only will you be comfortable during hot weather, but you will breathe in clean air.

This fan and air purifier combo unit is recommended for spaces of up to 320 square feet, being able to produce 5 air changes per hour in optimal coverage conditions. While it handles both processes, air filtering and air circulation, it produces little noise. To be precise, on the highest of its 9 speed levels, it produces only 32 dB. Therefore, count on it for the bedroom, nursery, office, basically any room where silence is sacred.

It features an intuitive LED touchscreen, and you also receive a remote control to change settings without having to move an inch from where you’re sitting. Like any respectable fan, it oscillates and tilts. Specifically, it oscillates 90 degrees to the left and right, and it tilts 15 degrees up and down. This allows you to fully customize the direction in which the cooling breeze is directed.

To save on running costs, you can use the 8-hour timer to set beforehand when the fan should stop its air circulation and filtration process. There are 3 running modes to pick from depending on what you expect on the fan’s part. These modes include Quiet (silent operation guaranteed throughout), Sleep (the running speed is gradually reduced to ensure optimal sleeping conditions), and Strong (powerful breeze that will cool you off in an instant).

Before we conclude our review of the SKJ-CR021, we want to mention that it’s a battery-powered product. So you can say goodbye to annoying cords, and power outages won’t be an issue anymore. You won’t have to suffer through the heat just because the power goes out since the fan will continue to work thanks to the fact that it relies on its batteries for power.

ULTTY SKJ-CR021 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 320 sq. ft. Airflow: N/A
Noise Level: 32 dB Oscillation: 90°
Tilt: Speed Settings: 9
Maximum Power Consumption: 35 watts Timer: 8 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length:
Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 23.5″ Warranty: N/A

5. GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7

Check Price at Amazon

7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 Widespread oscillation and 90-degree tilt
👍 Compact design
👍 User-friendly controls
👍 Energy-efficient
👍 One of the quietest on the market


👎 Rather pricey
👎 Desk fan – don’t expect it to cover large areas

We are all accustomed to fans being noisy, but what if we told you that you can get fantastic power with the minimum amount of noise? This has just become possible with this model from GreenTech Environmental, which produces a sound of only 25 decibels, and this at the highest speed. It is vastly customizable, with no less than 12 speed settings, and the noise can become even lower. By this, we mean it can run super quietly at only 13 decibels. It is perfect for bedrooms and baby rooms, especially as the bladeless design makes it safe to use around kids and pets. It looks like an oversized webcam, but in fact, for a fan, it is fairly compact, with a height of only 10.5 inches, a width of 12.75 inches, and a depth of 10.63 inches. Furthermore, it comes with a long 8 feet power cord that permits you to change its position in the room any time you want. And rest assured that you will lift it with ease, as it only weighs 6 pounds.

In terms of performance, this device will work its best in a small to medium room. It flaunts an airflow of 198 CFM, which is great for its size. Nevertheless, the best selection by far is its ability to tilt and oscillate at an angle of 90 degrees. Few models offer such freedom and convenience. You can effortlessly regulate the track of the airflow and direct it towards you. Thus, even if you place it in a large room, if you stand in the path of its airflow, you will be able to enjoy the coolness. It comes with a remote that permits you to set the speed or timer from the distance, but the digital controls placed at the base are user-friendly and at hand. Not to mention that it includes a LED display as well that will show your selections.

If you thought that the low sound level was a nice feature, wait to see the power consumption rate. It is less than 22 watts, which is surprisingly low for such a performant unit, but just perfect for our pockets. Apart from that, it comes with a 9-hour timer so, by reducing runtime, you can reduce energy consumption even more. And it is backed by a 2-year warranty. Remember that Lasko only offers 1 for its heatless model, so this is a nice bargain.

GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Medium Airflow: 198 CFM
Noise Level: 13-25 dB Oscillation: 90°
Tilt: 90° Speed Settings: 12
Maximum Power Consumption: 22 watts Timer: 9 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: 8 feet
Dimensions: 10.63″ x 12.75″ x 10.5″ Warranty: 2 years

6. Honeywell HYF290B

Check Price at Amazon

7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 The control panel grants a user-friendly sound/speed chart
👍 Great quality-price report
👍 Portable design
👍 Sleep mode dims the lights and reduces noise, ensuring a soothing atmosphere
👍 Energy-efficient


👎 Only 1-year assurance
👎 It’s not suited for large spaces

Find the Full Review and How We Tested Here: Honeywell HYF290B Review

If you are searching for the best buy, you should stop for a moment and take a look at this unit. It is manufactured by a reputable brand and is one of the most popular among buyers, not only for its compact design but for its capacity to deliver a strong airflow while maintaining a low noise level. So, with this in mind, let’s proceed to carefully analyze each feature and function.

First of all, if we concentrate on design, the first thing that catches our eye is the small footprint. At only 10 x 8 inches, it will fit in any space you have available. In height, it measures 32 inches, so it is shorter than the Lasko models. Nevertheless, it catches up through the high-quality construction and sturdy stand that keeps it stable, even when running at the highest speed. Moreover, it isn’t only compact but portable, as it weighs only 9.2 pounds. The remote storage can be utilized as a built-in handle for effortless maneuvering, and the 5.7 feet power cord will allow for safe repositioning.

The control panel is positioned at the top and provides access to a multitude of functions. Unlike most tower fans, which offer 3 or 4 speed options, it features 8 speeds, which are nicely labeled as Sleep, Whisper, Calm, White Noise, Relax, Refresh, Cool, and Power Cool. Thus, you immediately know what to choose if you wish to enjoy a quiet sleep or get fast and powerful cooling. The sound will variate as well, but the highest value it can reach is 40 decibels, perfect for white noise enthusiasts. Moreover, you can activate the oscillation function to consistently spread the air across the room by turning at an angle of 90 degrees. And, for the night, it bids the possibility to dim the lights so they don’t affect your sleep.

At 34 watts, it is energy effective, especially if you consider that it produces an airflow of 290 CFM and can cover medium rooms. The power consumption can be lowered by selecting a more economical speed. The timer can be of real help as well, as you can program it to turn off the unit after 1 to 8 hours. Furthermore, a nice remote is included in the price, and the unit comes with a 1-year warranty.

Honeywell HYF290B Test Results and Feedback

  • Assembly: Score – 9.9/10
  • Air circulation on all speed levels: Score – 10/10
  • Intuitive operation: Score – 10/10
  • Noise level: Score – 10/10
It took less than 10 minutes to put this fan together, including reading the instructions. It’s a one-person job, I can attest to that, especially considering that the whole fan weighs less than 7 pounds, so you have an easy time joggling with the housing while you assemble it. You can see my full review of the Honeywell HYF290B to get a step-by-step description of how the process goes. Turning back to what matters, the performance of the product, what I can say is that it’s my new companion during hot days and nights. It’s very quiet, I barely hear it on when I use the 1st speed level. This is the setting I prefer for nighttime. Even on the highest setting, it’s still not bothersome. During the day, especially when it gets very hot I need that cooling breeze to sit comfortably, I usually use it on the 5th or 6th speed setting. The 90-degree oscillation is quite neat too, but I generally prefer to direct the breeze toward me. I use the oscillation function mostly when I have guests over so that the breeze reaches everyone in the room. I’ve had it for a few months now so I have been testing it for quite a while, and I must say I’m pleased I made this pick. It’s cheap upfront, cheap to run, and it does its job better than I expected.

Marcus Mackay – Product Tester and Reviewer

Honeywell HYF290B Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Medium Airflow: 290 CFM
Noise Level: 41 dB Oscillation: 90°
Tilt: Speed Settings: 8
Maximum Power Consumption: 34 watts Timer: 8 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: 5.7 feet
Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 32″ Warranty: 1 year

7. Perfect Aire 1PBF30

7 Best Rated Bladeless Fans to Safely Beat Summer Heatwaves


👍 Turn the oscillation on for rapid whole-room air circulation
👍 LED night light creates a soothing ambiance to help you fall asleep
👍 A 30-inch bladeless tower fan with an eye-catching design
👍 Use the 9-hour timer to set the exact operational span you prefer
👍 Digital controls and remote for easy, convenient use


👎 Small space coverage
👎 Fairly noisy on the top speed

The airflow of this 30-inch bladeless tower fan from Perfect Aire isn’t much, that’s true. However, if you were looking for small area coverage and you don’t want to overspend on a product that packs more air circulation capability than you need, then this is your go-to. It is quite interestingly designed. Regardless of the room’s décor, it will stand out. One of the features that users seem to enjoy the most (and for a good reason too) is the LED night light that gives off a soft dim light to create that perfect ambiance in the bedroom and help even insomniacs have an easier time dozing off.

It’s rated at 65 watts, so you can take your mind off expenses since it won’t cost much to run. However, if you want to limit power draw or simply be the master of its schedule, you can use the 9-hour timer to set the exact moment when it should shut off beforehand. There are 3 cooling speeds to pick from, which might not be as impressive as the 10 settings higher-ranked models like the Dyson Cool AM07 or the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 offer, but suffice since you are granted serious control over the fan’s operation.

The one thing you likely won’t enjoy as much is that on the top speed it is a bit loud. So if you plan on using it in the bedroom, beware to set it on Low, not High. Otherwise, chances are slim that you will be able to get proper shut-eye. The package includes a remote, which is pretty standard for these products. The perk it provides is that you can change settings from afar. Another standard aspect stands in the 1-year warranty that accompanies the product. Within this period, repairs are granted for free by the manufacturer as long as you use the fan as instructed in the manual and set it up accordingly.

Perfect Aire 1PBF30 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: Small Airflow: 120 CFM
Noise Level: 64 dB Oscillation:
Tilt: Speed Settings: 3
Maximum Power Consumption: 65 watts Timer: 9 hours
Remote Control: Power Cord Length: N/A
Dimensions: 8” x 12.25” x 31.5” Warranty: 1 year

Is a Bladeless Fan Worth It?

An air multiplier or bladeless fan can prove to be a powerful tool to make it through torrid summer days. It’s the newest apparition in terms of fans, and it really took the market by storm with its unique, interesting design and concept. Moreover, it holds a few advantages over conventional fans that add to its appeal. If you’re not aware of just how useful a bladeless fan can be, check out the main benefits you get to enjoy when you go blade-free:

  1. Safer by design: There are no exposed, external blades. This ultimately means that it’s significantly safer when compared to traditional fans (pedestal models, for example), since there are no visible parts to hurt yourself on. This makes bladeless fans the go-to for households with children and pets.
  2. Say goodbye to buffeting: Since traditional fans chop the air, it buffets until it reaches you. This slight discomfort is not present with bladeless models since the lack of exposed blades implies that the air is not tampered with in the same manner.
  3. Easy to clean: The exposed blades of conventional fans gather dust on them quite easily, so there’s always that extra step that you must take when cleaning is due. On the other hand, bladeless fans have hollow tubes that are much easier to clean, saving you time and effort.
  4. Convenient to use: They all come with remote for more convenient control from afar. No more making trips to the fan when you need to amp or lower the running speed. Just push the right button from the comfort of your couch, and that’s it.
  5. Lightweight design: Fans aren’t generally very heavy, but bladeless models take it to a whole new level and weigh even less than their bladed counterparts. Thus, relocation is simplified even more.
  6. They just look better: Hands down, bladeless fans are really a spectacular sight. Their sleek, generally slim, and elegant design makes them veritable centerpieces for any room. Much like tower fans (most of them actually are tower-style models, actually) they stand out in a good way regardless of the décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a bladeless fan work?
As implied by the name, it lacks the typical blades that we have all been accustomed to from the classic-style pedestal fans. These vanes are instead hidden in the pedestal usually, so they exist but they are just not visible. To work, blade-free models suck in air and amplify the output using turbine technology. The first product of the kind was created by James Dyson, and the legacy strives since the best air multiplier is still a Dyson product. The blades are not exposed, so there’s no risk of kids, pets, or adults harming themselves when entering into contact with the fan, these blade-free units are winning more ground and becoming quite common in modern households for their power, design, and safe operation.

Does it collect dust?
Aside from the safety aspect granted by the lack of blades, there’s another safety-enhancing aspect to take into consideration with blade-free air circulation units, namely the fact that they don’t collect dust bunnies as their traditional counterparts do. Thus, the air in the room won’t get contaminated by dust as easily as it would have been if you were to use a normal fan.

Are bladeless fans more energy efficient?
Yes, as opposed to their traditional counterparts, blade-free models are indeed significantly more energy efficient since the motors don’t have to manage the revolutions per minute of the large blades found in classic-style products. If you use the fan on a regular basis, the difference is quite significant when the bills are due between a traditional fan and a blade-free model.

Does it make noise?
As opposed to the bladed fan, the blade-free model is significantly quieter. This is mainly granted by the lack of the visible blades that would have pushed the air through the protective screen as they do in classic models. Another differential aspect that makes blade-free models quieter is that there are fewer moving parts involved in their construction, so there are fewer chances of annoying sounds coming from these units.

Is running the fan all night expensive?
When it comes to blade-free models, running costs are significantly cheaper as opposed to their traditional-style counterparts. It generally costs from 0.34 to 1.15 cents per hour to cool the room with a bladeless unit, whereas the operation of a pedestal fan costs from 1.58 to 2 cents per hour.

Should you use the fan and AC together?
Yes, if you want to enjoy the best results possible when it comes to air cooling, you should use the two units together. The air conditioner doesn’t provide proper air circulation like a fan does, while the fan cannot provide cold air as the AC does. For optimal results, place the fan near the air conditioner’s vent so that it will distribute the cold air faster and significantly more efficiently.

Does a fan cool a room?
Unlike the AC, the fan cannot actually produce cold air to cool the room. However, through the air circulation it provides and the refreshing breeze it produces, it does provide thermal comfort. And, when used in combination with an air conditioner, it significantly expands the AC’s efficiency when it comes to temperature regulation.


In our selection, we focused on finding only high-quality products that can successfully fight summer heat while maintaining a moderate noise level and power consumption. All of the models in this top are safe to utilize around kids and pets and come with stable constructions that prevent them from getting tipped over. Apart from that, they all feature a nice design that can go with any décor.

However, you need to choose one that can suit your room’s size, budget, and taste, so we encourage you to take a second look at some of our best picks to make sure you get exactly what you wish:

Best Bladeless Fan for Sale: Dyson Cool AM07

Beautifully designed and compact, it can be placed on a desk, a table, or a nightstand and will cover the whole room as it features a very competitive airflow. It comes with a magnetic remote control, which is curved and fits perfectly on the unit. With it, you will be able to regulate fan speeds and the timer while resting on your couch. Apart from that, it is quiet and has a low energy consumption rate, so it is perfect for all-day cooling.

Editor’s Choice: LivePure Vortex LP1500FAN

A show stopper not only when it comes to design but efficiency too, the LivePure Vortex was bound to make an impression. We like that it lets the user take control of its operation through the 3 speed settings it integrates. However, the feature that drew our attention the most is definitely the 45-degree oscillation it boasts since it ensures the smooth stream of airflow reaches the whole room so that you feel comfortable no matter where you’re sitting at that moment. Best of all, it features a 4-color LED accent light that makes a difference when it comes to ambiance coziness.

Best Bladeless Fan for Bedroom: GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7

Only 13 decibels at the lowest speed and a maximum of 25 decibels when running at its highest capacity, these are the sound specifications for this fan. It is improbable that you will find a quieter one that can cover a medium room and tilt and oscillate at 90 degrees. Moreover, its low power consumption rate is highly competitive as well, as, at only 22 watts, the costs will be barely noticeable.

Best Bladeless Fan for the Money: Lasko AC615

The AC615 is definitely a standout since it is a modern-looking unit that provides quite a hefty airflow to suffice for air circulation in medium-sized rooms, and it comes at an accessible price considering its capabilities. No more sweating it out in summer with this quiet fan that uses a unique blower technology to cool you off. What we like the most is that it is quite feature-rich despite the reasonable price tag, comprising an 8-hour timer that helps reduce running costs, as well as 4 speed settings for advanced customization of its operation.

Best Bladeless Fan and Heater: Lasko FH500

Considering the fact that it doesn’t only circulate the air in the room to make the ambiance cozier when the torrid weather strikes, but that it even flaunts heating capabilities, this Lasko model is a year-round use product that shouldn’t miss from a thrifty person’s home. A value deal in the actual sense of the word, this complex unit doesn’t only prove useful no matter the season, but it doesn’t cost much either, especially when you factor in its capabilities.

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