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Veolia Acquires Into Ice Thermal Energy Storage By Justin Moresco 02.10.10 Is the ice battery finally getting its day in the sun? Veolia Energy No...
By COLIN SULLIVAN, Special from Greenwire 02.09.10 LOS ANGELES -- Ice Energy has a novel solution for the electricity challenges of the 21st century...
  By Clay Dillow   02.09.10   It seems like a perennial story in the Golden State: the temperatures go up, air conditioners across...
Blocks of ice are joining molten salt and compressed air as ways to deliver yesterday's energy when it's wanted today.   By David Richardson &...
By Greg Neichin   02.04.10   The Cleantech Group’s flagship annual event, Cleantech Forum XXVI San Francisco, is just around the corner:...
by Kelly Harrington   02.03.10   An agreement between the Southern California Public Power Authority and Ice Energy will deliver the fir...
01.28.2010   By Kate Rowland   In December, I wrote about the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing about grid-s...
01.28.2010   SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--A group of California municipal utilities said Wednesday they plan to install energy-storage devices ma...
01.28.2010   The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), which represents 11 municipal utilities, plans to install energy-storage d...
01.28.2010   By GreenerBuildings Staff   PASADENA, CA, and WINDSOR, CO — The Southern California Public Power Authority and Ice Energy a...
01.28.2010   by Sara Stroud   Distributed energy storage startup Ice Energy in January said it is rolling out its technology in a 53 meg...
01.28.2010   Ice Energy and the Southern California Public Power Authority struck a deal to undertake the country's first cost-effective, utili...
01.28.2010   The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) and Ice Energy this week announced an agreement to develop one of the first...
01.27.2010   By Matthew L. Wald   The Southern California Public Power Authority — a coalition of several public power agencies — and a ...
01.27.2010   By Jeanne LaBella   Southern California Public Power Authority and its 12 member utilities will move forward this year on d...
01.27.2010   Everything from flywheels to giant batteries have been proposed for utility-scale storage. Utilities in Southern California are go...
Electric vehicles boost lithium-ion batteries, DOE dollars for grid storage, ice-making air conditioners, and a smart grid to rule them all
Air conditioning. You only think it's boring. It's one of the big issues in global warming. Here are some companies and concepts to keep your eye on
Energy Central columnist Kate Rowland calls energy storage "a giant on the horizon"
The answer to peak power problems has always been storage, but that has proven to be a difficult feat to achieve. As E&T discovers, the answer may be found in ice.
Install an ice maker; get a tax break
Renewables typically generate most of their energy at night, when electricity demand is lowest. So the big question is: How do you bottle that power for air conditioners and other appliances that are busiest during the day?
Technology makes ice when power is cheap to cool midday air
Ice storage is tested at EPRI’s Knoxville laboratory, part of a project to provide a more efficient way of cooling air.
Ice Energy builds up commercial business with California utility agreement
Smart power grids may transform our electricity infrastructure and spur new business...
Don’t think of ice as cold. It’s a peak load management vehicle, says Ice Energy.
Ice Energy system helps turn Burlington’s Mountain Co-Op green
Editor Ken Sinclair interviews Ice Energy COO John McGee
A U.S. company has developed an environmentally friendly method for cooling buildings during peak summer hours using chunks of ice
The unlikely CFO moved from agriculture to activist to financial anchor for a burgeoning technology company
There’s $787 billion in stimulus money up for grabs. These businesses are thriving not despite the climate, but because of it.
Energy storage: It's the most popular concept right now with energy VCs. And some in Washington want to goose the market with incentives.
New business models make energy storage attractive.
Redding chooses Ice Energy’s smart grid-enabled energy storage solution
Last week's Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo proved that utilities are seriously entering the renewable energy game as utility-scale projects and solving problems associated with grid infrastructure, demand response, ramp rates and energy storage dominated many of the discussions...
In listening to presentations made at yesterday's DOE technical conference on the design of future electric transmission, I was particularly taken by Ice Energy's senior vice president of utility solutions, Chris Hickman, who eschewed the normal format for technical presentations and instead took a higher road...
The need to tackle global climate change and energy security makes developing alternatives to fossils fuels crucial.
In early February, Windsor-based Ice Energy Inc. had a coming-out, of sorts, as the company shifted its focus from cooling one structure at a time to addressing the needs of entire energy transmission systems...
In electricity planning, everything is geared to peak demand. A new technology is poised to change all that.
Used with existing controls, the Ice Bear™ distributed energy storage technology provides a significant permanent peak load shift benefit to both end users and grid operators...
The room was being illuminated by clear polymer rods with circular light-reflecting etchings that caught the sun's rays being ported down from parabolic mirrors tracking the sun. I was bathed in sunlight, but indoors and in a room with no windows. The rods were, in a sense, radiating the fire of the sun into the room.