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media relations:
Don McDonnell
The McDonnell Group, Inc. (For Ice Energy)
2564 Oak Village Place
Marietta, GA 30062
Press Releases

Ice Energy Supports Proposed Federal Tax Incentives for Investment in Thermal Energy Storage
New House bill would grant up to 30 percent incentive on qualified equipment

Ice Energy Joins GE, Whirlpool and Others to Launch Smart Green Grid Initiative
Effort Aimed at Including Smart Grid in Copenhagen Meetings

Storage and Smart Grid Innovator Ice Energy Named to Global Cleantech and Going Green Rankings
Transformational energy storage technology gains international recognition for energy system efficiency and breakthrough potential


Media Coverage

BUSINESS WEEK: 25 Companies to Watch in Energy Tech
In an explosion of innovation not unlike the dawn of the info-tech age, the green era is giving birth to a broad and bewildering array of new companies with big ambitions. Many promising clean-energy startups are hitting the market with products and services that could radically alter how we think of, and consume, power.

FORTUNE: My Business is Booming
There’s $787 billion in stimulus money up for grabs. These businesses are thriving not despite the climate, but because of it.

NEW YORK TIMES: Companies Race to Develop Utility-Scale Power Storage
Renewables typically generate most of their energy at night, when electricity demand is lowest. So the big question is: How do you bottle that power for air conditioners and other appliances that are busiest during the day?


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