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Intelligent Demand/Load Management

Ice Energy provides a proven, easy to deploy, certified interoperable smart grid solution that dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for utilities of all types and sizes as it delivers real benefits from day one. This dispatchable, “set and forget” solution provides two-way, closed loop control of the storage devices, as individual or aggregated sets, as well as direct load control capabilities for other consumer assets.

This solution offers utilities unprecedented ability to intelligently manage the load profile of a single building, a feeder, a substation, a region or their entire grid. It forever transforms system efficiency and reliability by optimizing load shape for the entire system, improving thermal efficiency from source to consumption, relieving or eliminating congestion, and providing load following services to electricity markets, all without any unintended grid consequences and with improved customer comfort.

  • Offers scalable technology architecture
  • Lowers barrier of entry to smart grid initiatives
  • Provides reliable, predictable, granular resource
  • Can provision ancillary services
  • Relieves or eliminates congestion for a feeder, substation, region or entire grid
  • Provides thermal hedge

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