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Ice Bear Distributed Energy Storage System
Discover the Power of Ice

Ice Energy’s Ice Bear distributed energy storage system enables a powerful change in how — and, more importantly, when — we consume energy for air conditioning, without sacrificing consumer comfort.

Using thermally efficient, off-peak power to produce and store energy for use by air conditioners the next day, the Ice Bear uses a fraction of the peak energy required by conventional systems. It requires no modification to existing
ductwork or structure, and integrates seamlessly with standard rooftop and split-system air conditioners.

The Ice Bear unit creates and stores cooling energy at night by freezing water in an insulated storage tank. It cools during the day by circulating chilled refrigerant from that tank to the conventional air conditioning system, eliminating the need to run the energy-intensive compressor during peak daytime hours. Air conditioning energy demand – typically 40-50% of a building’s electricity use during expensive peak hours – can be reduced by as much as 95%.

During off-peak hours, the conventional HVAC system operates as usual.

Together, this unique hybrid system surpasses the overall efficiency and performance of conventional equipment alone.

Ice Energy's Ice Bear
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