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Manufacturing Case Study
Fiberlok, Inc., Fort Collins, CO

Two Ice Bear® Systems were installed at Fiberlok’s manufacturing facility on December 29, 2004. Part of Fiberlok’s process requires a special environment for it to work. A 5000 square foot process area needs be kept at 62 degrees F, 65% RH with 100% make-up air. Initially the area was cooled with 24 tons of conventional cooling equipment but when outside air temperatures approached 95+ degrees the process area temperature would exceed tolerance, leading to lost production time.

FiberLok's business can be seasonal, and unfortunately one of the very busy times of year coincides with the hot months of summer. Down time in the process area due to the high external temperature was costing Fiberlok thousands in overtime and shifted production schedules. “We started to look for a solution which would not add to our peak energy load, would not require that we add extra equipment to keep RH within acceptable levels, and would not require extensive modification to the air ducting. Ice Energy® was able to provide the system we needed.” (Larry Smith, Maintenance Manager, Fiberlok)

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