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Big Box Retail Case Study
Major Retail Chain, Victorville, CA

Three Ice Bear® 50 systems were installed in a major retail pet supply chain in Victorville, California on November 22, 2005. This installation displaces a total of 17.5 Tons of load between 11:30 AM and 8:00 PM shifting approximately 19 kW of air-conditioning energy from peak to off-peak. The installation was performed by BCS contracting out of Barstow, CA.

The original rooftop units were all 15 Ton Carrier units. Of these, 1 unit had 2 different stages (2 Compressor circuits) and the other 2 units had a single compressor circuit. However, these compressors had unloaders that allowed operation of 4 out of 6 circuits as a first stage and the other 2 cylinders came on as a second stage controlled by a time delay relay. Both of these stages are connected to a single evaporator coil. An example of the existing systems can be seen on the right.

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