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5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy

Whole House Humidifier By the Window

Whole House Humidifier By the Window


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C reating a safe home environment for your family means more than providing clean air with the help of an air purifier. Although this is necessary, other factors can influence their well-being and health, and one of the most common problems is dryness. If the air lacks moisture, breathing and skin problems won’t take long to show up.

Relative humidity must be kept between 40% and 60% to steer clear from health issues and make sure that the integrity of the construction isn’t put in any danger either. Otherwise, aside from health problems, building integrity issues appear too. Yes, low humidity has repercussions on the structure of the building, so it’s a graver matter of safety than most people think. Some of these repercussions include:

  • Wood is a common material used in the construction of any building. Woefully, low humidity (and high RH, for that matter) takes a toll on this material, causing it to crack. This exposes you to grave danger since wood is used for the structure of the house. Of course, all of your furniture pieces that are made with wood are affected by low RH too, so you will receive a considerable financial blow if you don’t handle the matter fast.
  • Electrostatic discharges occur more often in low humidity. This makes the whole environment unsafe for electrical devices and components. Needless to say, a fire hazard is created if you neglect to keep humidity within normal parameters.

In these situations where low humidity becomes an issue, the solution is simple and consists of finding the best whole house humidifier. It is a serious investment, but overall, one of these units will prove more efficient than running a cheaper model in every room of your house. Moreover, we have prepared for you a very detailed buying guide that will help you distinguish between the best models on the market and make an educated choice, so stay with us while we explain the pros and cons of every unit.

Another option to address low humidity issues in the whole house is to use a furnace humidifier. Some of the products listed here install on the furnace too, so if this specific space-saving setup does the trick better for you, opt for a humidifier of the sort.

Top 5 Whole House Humidifiers Compared

Fill Type
Area Coverage
Moisture Output Rate
Fan Speeds
Digital Humidistat

Best Overall
Fan-powered flow-through
Water line
4,200 sq. ft.
18 gallons/day

Editor’s Choice
Fan-powered flow-through
Water line
4,200 sq. ft.
18 gallons/day

Best for the Money
3.63-gallon water tank
3,600 sq. ft.
2.4 gallons/day
36 hours
Fan-powered flow-through
Water line
3,000 sq. ft.
18 gallons/day

Best for Hard Water
4-gallon water tank
1,000 sq. ft.
4 gallons/day
24 hours

If you need a humidity-increasing unit for a single area instead of the entire house, look into the best large room humidifiers instead. These units are recommended for spaces like living rooms, offices, basements, and attics.

1. Aprilaire 700

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Summary: You can purchase this humidifier with confidence as it offers everything a long-term investment should offer: sturdy construction, easy maintenance, practical design, outstanding performance, and a hefty warranty. Moreover, it is produced by a reputable brand that stands behind its promises and comes with excellent reviews from customers who have tested it for a long time.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy


  • Very quiet at the lowest speed
  • Smart functions make it very convenient
  • Maintenance is easy with 2 indicator LEDs that let you know what to do
  • Strong construction makes it suitable for extensive run
  • Generous warranty
  • User-friendly controls

Our first choice is a very popular model from Aprilaire that proved to be the best in terms of design, performance, and costs. With sturdy construction and high-quality inside coils, it was designed to resist years of continuous use. It is easy to maintain and features user-friendly controls. Moreover, it comes with a good warranty and very responsive customer support.

Humidifies Large Homes

It is difficult to find a humidifier that can efficiently cover a large space. Although many units promise to deliver, most of them prove incapable of maintaining moisture within optimal parameters. When it comes to this model though, the practical blend of functions and features is very efficient, and we have noticed that it cannot only deliver a generous vapor output but maintain it no matter how cold the weather becomes. The following specifications show why it is the best choice for a large house:

  • Strong fan - circulates the humidified air in a space as large as 4,200 square feet and can be adjusted according to the size of the house. If you only need humidification for a 3,600 sq. ft. area, the Aprilaire 500 is a more fitting option. Since both products are made by Aprilaire, durability and reliable, constant performance are guaranteed.
  • High moisture output - up to 18 gallons of water per day that can help improve and maintain humidity levels
  • Easy maintenance - the water panel is the only one that needs to be replaced once a year and its cost doesn’t overcome $17

Although it’s not necessarily that loud on the highest fan speed, most users set it on the lowest as it consumes less power. The performance remains high and the noise is almost unnoticeable. Nevertheless, you may need it to work harder during winter when the air becomes particularly dry, especially as heating installations come into use.

Smart Technology

Although the performance was the first thing we took into account, we must confess that accessibility played an important part in making our selections. We have discovered that Aprilaire 700 is easy to use and very accurate and can be set to run continuously without daily surveillance. Here’s what makes it user-friendly and very convenient:

  • Digital controls - a very accurate knob allows speed and moisture output adjustments
  • Smart sensors - it features a digital humidistat and a temperature sensor that can work together and automatically operate fan speed for the best results
  • LCD screen - shows humidity level and selected functions

Furthermore, it includes three indicator lights, designed to signal different issues. The first one announces if the unit is doing its job, the second one if the water panel needs to be changed, and the third one lights on only in case a malfunction is detected. In this instance, it is best to make use of the 5-year warranty.

Performance Test Feedback

Since this humidifier installs on the furnace, we had to check whether or not the setup process is straightforward enough for the regular DIYer to take up or if a professional is better suited for the job. Luckily, we did manage to set the Aprilaire up without much hassle, so it’s safe to say that as long as you follow installation instructions closely, you likely won’t have any trouble with the task either. Following the instructions in the manual, we had no trouble configuring the system and setting the humidity level we wanted it to reach in the building. We mention that the building has a total surface of 3,900 square feet, which is close to the peak coverage recommended by the manufacturer. Using an indoor hygrometer, we checked humidity throughout all rooms before starting the Aprilaire 700, and the results showed an average of 32%. After 7 hours of continuous operation, we turned the humidifier and checked the stats once more. The humidity had already risen to 40% in most rooms. This determined us to give it the maximum score when it comes to performance and area coverage too.

Lillian Davies

Aprilaire 700 Specifications Sheet

Type: Fan-powered flow-through Fill Type: Waterline
Area Coverage: 4,200 sq. ft. Moisture Output Rate: 18 gallons/day
Fan Speeds: Variable Runtime: Continuous
Digital Humidistat: Noise Level: Low
Digital Display: Automatic Shut-Off:
Outdoor Temperature Monitor: Wicking Filter:
Rated Power: N/A Warranty: 5 years

2. Honeywell HE360A1075 HE360A

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Summary: It is one of the most performant and durable products this market offers, which makes it a long-term investment that pays off for itself. The maintenance is hassle-free as you will only have to change a wick once in a while. Additionally, with the humidistat and outdoor temperature sensor integrated, you can even forget about monitoring its operation and simply enjoy the benefits of appropriately moisturized air.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy


  • Excellent area coverage makes it suitable for large homes
  • Smart sensors provide customized run increasing its efficiency
  • Compact and quiet
  • Flow-through design requires minimum maintenance
  • Wick filter keeps the minerals inside, so the moisturized air is safe to breathe


  • Installation kit needs to be bought separately
  • The 1-year warranty is rather short

When it comes to humidifiers, Honeywell is always a wise choice, as they usually produce durable, high-quality units that are covered by good warranty time and backed by friendly customer support. This flow-through model can be mounted either on the return air duct of a furnace or on a warm air supply, which will heat the water and help evaporate it. It is equipped with a fan that helps draw the air inside the system and then, once it is filled with moisture, spread it around the house. The flow-through design makes it very easy to maintain, as the only thing you need to replace is the wick filter, and this operation will take place only once or twice per season.

If you are looking to increase humidification in a large house, this humidifier is the best for you. Just like the Aprilaire 700, it has the capacity to provide moisture for spaces measuring up to 4,200 square feet and offers an impressive daily mist output of 18 gallons. Although you can set the delivery rate manually, it is more convenient to let it take care of it as it comes with all the necessary measuring instruments. First of all, there’s the humidistat, which is very accurate and will easily sense the humidity level around the house. It will shut down the system when the optimal level is reached, thus preventing over-humidification and energy waste. The second sensor monitors the temperature outside, paying attention to season changes so the system can work at its maximum performance.

The fan is quiet and the case is compact, so it won’t stay in your way. The installation process isn’t the simplest though and you may need the help of a specialist, especially if you have never installed a similar unit yourself. Plus, there’s a downside we should mention. Although you pay good money for this unit, it doesn’t include the installation kit that needs to be bought separately. The warranty is rather short as well, compared with the long time this brand usually offers. But, compared with other models, it is very reliable and built of strong materials, so if you are willing to make this financial effort, you will get a system that will run for years with minimum maintenance.

Looking to uphold proper humidity only in the nursery? Then check out the best humidifiers for baby room to have your pick from safe models that provide gentle moisture increase to keep humidity within safe levels in the child’s chamber.

Honeywell HE360A1075 HE360A Specifications Sheet

Type: Fan-powered flow-through Fill Type: Waterline
Area Coverage: 4,200 sq. ft. Moisture Output Rate: 18 gallons/day
Fan Speeds: Variable Runtime: Continuous
Digital Humidistat: Noise Level: Low
Digital Display: Automatic Shut-Off:
Outdoor Temperature Monitor: Wicking Filter:
Rated Power: N/A Warranty: 1 year


Check Price at Amazon

Summary: You will not regret choosing this model as it is produced by one of the most popular brands in the industry. It is well-built and designed to cover daily moisture necessities with a minimum energy consumption rate. Although not the quietest on the market, it delivers an excellent mist output even at the lowest speed, so if you select this option, you can rest assured that it won’t ruin the peace of your house.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy


  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Integrated LCD screen, digital controls, and digital humidistat
  • Easy-fill generous water reservoir
  • Good warranty time
  • No installation required


  • It is loud at the highest speed
  • Wick replacement will end up costing you a bit since it’s required fairly often

We have identified the best report between quality and price in this model from AIRCARE, a feature that makes it very popular among buyers. People like that it can cover a large 3,600 square feet home with a daily moisture output of 2.4 gallons without requiring complicated installations or maintenance. If you want a smaller capacity model from the same brand, we recommend that you look into the AIRCARE EP9 800 since the recommended peak area it can cover is 2,400 square feet.

The MA1201 is a console unit that comes with a 3.63 gallons reservoir. Our tests revealed that it can be easily filled. Although it is a bit large, it can fit into a sink, and then it isn’t difficult to reattach. You may spill a drop or two though, but all the humidifiers have this problem. Nevertheless, we have observed that, once the tank is in its place, the water is absorbed in the console, so you can refill it and thus prolong the 36-hour run time.

A powerful fan draws the air and releases it filled with moisture. Most customers said that they could feel the mist and that this humidifier has visibly improved their life. Nevertheless, although it features 4 fan speeds, you will probably choose the lowest one, as it is the quietest, with a peak sound of 48 decibels. The output is good, so there’s no problem if you keep it running this way. But if you decide to turn the knob to the highest speed, you will have a pretty loud surprise, measuring up to 77.5 decibels.

The maximum energy consumption rate is 80 watts, but we doubt you will use it at the highest speed every day. In fact, most users keep it at the minimum level, thus saving both energy and water. It features a digital display from which you can select fan speed and moisture output. Plus, although the design is pretty basic, it comes with a digital display and a digital thermostat and can adjust its activity to match the parameters you set.

At 14 pounds, it is not a very heavy unit, but it can be difficult to move when the water tank is full. However, the manufacturer solved this problem by adding a set of smooth-rolling wheels that will help you reposition it whenever you want. Maintenance is easy, as there are no complicated filters, just a wick that needs to be replaced once in a while. Plus, the 2-year warranty is good, and you can rest assured that you will receive the necessary support in case of a malfunction.

AIRCARE MA1201 Specifications Sheet

Type: Evaporative Fill Type: 3.63-gallon water tank
Area Coverage: 3,600 sq. ft. Moisture Output Rate: 2.4 gallons/day
Fan Speeds: 4 Runtime: 36 hours
Digital Humidistat: Noise Level: 48 – 77.5 dB
Digital Display: Automatic Shut-Off:
Outdoor Temperature Monitor: Wicking Filter:
Rated Power: 80W Warranty: 2 years

4. GeneralAire 1000A

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Summary: Winter is renowned for the dryness it brings, not only through its cold but through all the heating installations that start working in our houses, reducing humidity. Luckily, this model can deal with winter, thanks to the outdoor sensor, which will take care that no matter how cold the weather becomes, your house is well-humidified and no chapped lips or cracked furniture emerge from the cold season.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy


  • Outdoors sensor provides accurate information about the weather so the unit can adjust its run
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Generous warranty
  • Silent fan
  • Low energy consumption


  • It requires a professional for proper installation
  • Tends to waste a lot of water in the process

Just like the previous model, this works with your HAVC system and connects to a water line for continuous water feed. Although the installation manual says that you can attach it either to the cold or hot water line, the second option is the one you want to go with, as the hot water speeds up the evaporation process and you get to save energy. There is a noticeable difference between the two units, namely this one includes a built-in fan which will help spread moisture faster around the house. It has only one speed, which is quiet and perfect for an all-day run.

It comes with 2 smart sensors, designed to analyze the environmental parameters and adjust its activity. The first one works with the humidistat, letting it know if the desired humidity has been reached and it may take a break or if it needs to work harder to bring moisture to the optimal level. The second sensor is what makes it a great choice for winter, as it constantly monitors the temperature outdoors, so the system can quickly adapt to the seasonal temperatures. Furthermore, it senses if the furnace is on and releases more humidity to combat the dryness of the air.

It will cover a medium-sized house, measuring up to 3,000 square feet and can release up to 18 gallons of moisture within 24 hours. Regarding installation and maintenance, the first one is doable, if you have some experience or a practical mind. If not, calling a plumber would be wise. The maintenance is minimal as it doesn’t feature a water recipient that would have needed emptying and cleaning. The only thing inside that needs to be replaced once or twice per season is the vapor pad, which was added to act as a barrier against the minerals in the water. Besides that, if any malfunction should occur, you can always call customer support, which is very responsive and friendly, or ask the manufacturer to repair your unit, as you get an excellent 10-year warranty.

GeneralAire 1000A Specifications Sheet

Type: Fan-powered flow-through Fill Type: Waterline
Area Coverage: 3,000 sq. ft. Moisture Output Rate: 18 gallons/day
Fan Speeds: 1 Runtime: Continuous
Digital Humidistat: Noise Level: Low
Digital Display: Automatic Shut-Off:
Outdoor Temperature Monitor: Wicking Filter:
Rated Power: N/A Warranty: 10 years

5. Vornado Evap40

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: It is a budget option that is very popular among buyers. They appreciate its large water capacity and excellent 4 gallons/day moisture output that can perfectly cover a large room or a small apartment. Plus, it is very easy to operate, with a straightforward design that includes only a knob for humidity control, one for fan speed adjustment, and a power button.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy


  • Straightforward design makes it easy to operate
  • Fan speed can be adjusted according to room size
  • Intelligent humidity monitoring
  • Large capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Long 5-year warranty


  • Humidity cannot be accurately set or monitored, as it doesn’t feature digital controls or an LCD screen
  • It is bulky

Compared with all the other models in our top, this one has the smallest area coverage and was designed to provide excellent humidification in small flats, large rooms, or workspaces that can extend up to 1,000 square feet. It is not a fancy machine. It doesn’t feature high-end digital controls, a digital temperature sensor, or an LCD screen. Everything is adjusted manually with the help of two knobs. And this is ok because it was designed to be performant but affordable. The plastic case is very solid and well-sealed, so it won’t leave puddles on your floors. The generous water tanks, which have a total capacity of 4 gallons, are placed on the laterals and are built of thin but durable plastic that allows you to monitor the level of water inside. Besides that, they are very easy to remove when it comes to refilling or cleaning.

It uses a fan to spread moisture around the house, and the big surprise is that it includes a humidistat, which measures the humidity level and makes adjustments in fan speed. Three speed options are available and will engage the fan as follows: low speed – 750 RPM, medium speed – 1,150 RPM, and high speed – 1,600 RPM. As can be seen, it is very powerful and will produce a strong airflow, especially if used in a more restrained and closed space. Plus, all Vornado fans are equipped with deep-pitched blades that can pull more air than the average.

Before being released into the room, the moist air goes through 2 wicking filters, mounted inside each water recipient. The purpose is to capture mineral residues that are usually found in tap water. The wicks have a lifespan of 1 to 2 months, therefore rather low but, another good news is they aren’t very expensive and you can considerably extend their life if you use distilled water. You will save money on energy as well, as it has a maximum power consumption rate of only 39 watts. Not to mention that if you use it at the lowest speed the energy it draws will not go higher than 16 watts.

Vornado Evap40 Specifications Sheet

Type: Evaporative Fill Type: 4-gallon water tank
Area Coverage: 1,000 sq. ft. Moisture Output Rate: 4 gallons/day
Fan Speeds: 3 Runtime: 24 hours
Digital Humidistat: Noise Level: 31 – 53 dB
Digital Display: Automatic Shut-Off:
Outdoor Temperature Monitor: Wicking Filter:
Rated Power: 16 – 39W Warranty: 5 years

Alternative Whole House Humidifiers Worth Checking Out

Together with our consulting experts, we picked and tested 29 models to make this article. Of all the products that we thoroughly analyzed, the 5 that made it to our top proved to be the best of the best. However, there are a few alternatives that we recommend you look into. We didn’t include these products because they come from the same brands as some of our picks and we considered the models that we included in the main ranking to be better for different reasons. Here are the alternative products that you should look into and the reasons why they don’t appear in our top:

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy

#1. Aprilaire 500

Check Price at Amazon
If the building in which you intend to install the humidifier isn’t larger than 3,600 square feet, you should consider this Aprilaire product. Since it comes from this industry-leading brand, you can rest assured knowing that durability is its definite strong point. Thanks to the built-in drain that flushes mineral build-up, you only need to perform maintenance once a year. And it’s not a complicated or lasting process either. To provide the high area coverage, it outputs 12 gallons of moisture into the air per day. What we like most, however, is that this is a set-and-forget model thanks to its automatic operation and dual sensors. What these sensors do is that they monitor indoor RH and outdoor temperature to keep the humidity at proper levels in the entire house 24/7. While it’s easy to install, we do recommend that you ask for professional installation from the manufacturer to avoid any mishaps that might void the warranty if you are a first-timer dealing with units of the sort.

Why we chose to leave it out: We decided to include the Aprilaire 700 in our ranking in the detriment of the 500 model since the 700 covers larger spaces and has a considerably higher moisture output per day. Pick depending on the size of your home and what you consequently need from the humidifier capability-wise.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy

#2. AIRCARE EP9 800

Check Price at Amazon
The EP9 800 easily distinguishes itself from competitors through its classy design. It makes for an interesting piece to use in your home, perfectly complementing any décor. This is an evaporative humidifier on which you can count to provide optimal air moisture increase when used in spaces of up to 2,400 square feet. Best of all, since it features a 3.5-gallon capacity water tank, it can provide up to 60 hours of runtime before refilling is due. Of course, for this maximum runtime to be feasible, you should use it on the lowest of the 9 fan speeds it features. The higher the mist output speed, the lower the runtime (although it doesn’t fare poorly at all even when you use it on max). When your selected humidity level is reached inside the room, it automatically turns off to keep moisture at the proper percentage, and only turns back on when the level drops. It also turns off on its own when the tank is low on water until you refill it. Moreover, it features an intuitive digital display on which you can check the current humidity level, among other useful things.

Why we chose to leave it out: While both AIRCARE products that we tested fared excellently in our trials, we decided to include the AIRCARE MA1201 in our top instead of the EP9 800 thanks to its larger area coverage. This doesn’t make the EP9 800 necessarily less qualitative, it just means that it’s the better option for less demanding situations in terms of moisture release.

5 Best Rated Whole House Humidifiers that Help You Breathe Easy

#3. Honeywell HE280A

In terms of performance, the HE280A is one of the fiercest options to go for thanks to the high area coverage. This bypass humidifier provides proper moisture increase for buildings older than 20 years that are up to 2,000 square feet in size, and can cover spaces of up to 4,000 square feet when used in newer tightly built houses. The adjustable humidistat included in the package plays the role of a controller. You can use it to set the humidity level that you want the unit to preserve. Then, just mind your business as you normally do since you won’t have to change settings or do anything else. The HE280A will do it all for you, maintaining proper conditions without requiring assistance. Best of all, it doesn’t require as much maintenance and cleaning as portable units do, which increases the convenience of installing this reliable system.

Why we chose to leave it out: While the HE280A has a slightly smaller area coverage than our runner-up, the Honeywell HE360A1075 HE360a, this isn’t why we didn’t include it in our top. We picked the HE360A over it because it was a bit less tricky to install. Pick between the two depending on the exact moisture increase performance you need for your application. Just keep in mind that the HE280A might require professional installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to put a whole house humidifier?

Ideally, it should sit in the central room of the house so that the moist air is distributed as evenly as possible throughout all other rooms and areas. Small tip: if you want to speed up the humidification process, place the unit in the proximity of a cold air return.

Should I use tap water for the humidifier?

Your household tap water should be fine for use with the humidifier. However, we do recommend that you test it to see how mineral-rich the water is. Mineral deposits will form inside the water tank, especially if you neglect routine cleaning and maintenance, and this will ultimately lead to performance issues on the humidifier’s part.

Can I add the humidifier to an existing furnace?

This is a feasible operation for which you will pay on average from $370 to $450 if you call in a professional to handle it. All that is required is to install the humidifier on or into the ductwork and furnace. The unit will be placed on the furnace using a mounting place or within the return-air duct.

Do whole house humidifiers work with ACs?

Using the humidifier and AC simultaneously is smart if you want to speed up the moisture increase process. This is granted by the ventilation produced by the AC which spreads the mist faster and further.

What humidity level is best for congested sinuses?

For the sinuses, as well as your skin, the ideal level of humidity to uphold ranges from 40% to 50%. While during summer the air indoors will likely naturally sit at this moisture level, the same cannot be said during winter when air dryness occurs. Monitor RH levels throughout the year, especially when the cold season comes, and make sure to run the humidifier as soon as levels drop below the recommended minimum of 40% to treat sinus congestion.

Can I leave the humidifier on throughout the whole night?

Yes, in fact for individuals who suffer from sleep apnea, it is better to sleep with the moisture-releasing unit on since it will alleviate their symptoms. This increases sleep quality too, having you wake up feeling energized and healthy the next day.

Can the humidifier cause mold growth?

Yes, if used excessively, the humidifier can cause mold growth. Mold thrives in high humidity, so if you were to run the humidifier longer than needed, causing RH levels to exceed the 60% threshold, this would create proper conditions for mold to appear and spread. For example, the excess moisture can accumulate inside the ducts, mold will form there, and then it will be spread throughout your home.

How long do whole-house humidifiers last?

On average, the lifespan of a whole house unit is 10 to 15 years. However, the exact life duration varies depending on maintenance frequency and the quality of the water used for the misting process. Of course, the quality of the product’s manufacturing plays a pivotal role too.


Whether your house is big or small, you should make sure the air is humid enough for your family’s health and your furniture’s integrity. Our selection includes models for every home size, from tiny apartments to multiple-room living spaces. They come at variate prices and with different humidification systems so you can easily pick the right one. Plus, we have made sure that all of them perform as described, so you can purchase with confidence.

Best Whole House Humidifier on the Market: Aprilaire 700

An excellent blend of efficiency and convenience, it is the best option for large spaces due to the strong moisture output rate. It integrates a high-quality fan that can draw large quantities of air and thus speed up the humidification process. The digital controls are easy to use and very accurate, as it includes 2 sensors, one for temperature and one for humidity. Besides that, maintenance is easy, and you receive a long warranty that will cover any manufacturing flaw or issue that may arise during normal utilization.

Editor’s Choice: Honeywell HE360A1075 HE360A

It is a popular choice due to its long-lasting construction and impeccable humidification system. Just like our number one choice, it can cover large homes and reduce the effects produced by dryness which can affect your health and destroy your furniture. As it connects directly to the waterline, you won’t ever have to check on a water tank. Moreover, the smart sensors can take care of everything, if you select the auto option.

Best Whole House Humidifier for the Money: AIRCARE MA1201

Although the looks aren’t exceptional, the design is very practical, and we consider it to be the best option for people who don’t want to deal with complicated installations. It is a console option that plugs into a regular outlet to turn water into vapors through evaporation. It is easy to use due to digital controls, the LCD screen, and smart sensors. Plus, the price is very attractive, once you consider the surface it can cover.

Best Whole House Humidifier for Hard Water: Vornado Evap40

Tap water causes problems for all the systems that use it. If washing machines struggle with calcar deposits, humidifiers need to use a wick filter to keep the minerals from spreading around the room. Most models come with one, but it is left to deal with large quantities of water that may reduce its efficiency. Nevertheless, Vornado found a clever solution and provided its unit with 2 water tanks and two wicks respectively. Thus, the filtering is more efficient and maintenance can be performed less often.

Lillian Davies
Lillian is a fresh college graduate who has lived in Tucson for most of her life, battling the torrid heat ever since she was a child. She is quite versed in the topic of thermal comfort and what solutions work to make conditions more bearable when the temperatures go haywire, which makes her knowledgeable in the topics she writes about here. Since she is a perfectionist, Lilian always takes time to polish her articles before release, which makes her an irreplaceable part of the team.
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