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4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace - Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

Basement with Furnace Humidifier Setup

Basement with Furnace Humidifier Setup


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M ost people who live in dry climate areas experience symptoms caused by low humidity, either in a milder or a more aggravated degree. The most common are itchy skin and dry throat, but breathing problems may develop over time if the issue isn’t solved. In this case, the best solution to maintain an optimal humidity level for the entire family is to install a humidifier.

As pointed out by the ASHRAE handbook of HVAC systems and equipment, there are several types of humidifiers for commercial and personal use. Picking the right product mostly depends on the types of issues you are dealing with. Furnace-mounted models like the humidifiers we will review in the following work best for people who are in need of moisture increase not only for a single room or area of their home but rather for the whole construction. Some of the advantages of opting for a furnace-mounted system include:

  • You won’t have to worry that air moisture might be within unhealthy parameters in any area of your home anymore.
  • Save money since you won’t need separate humidity increase units for different areas of the house.
  • Save on the heating bills since high humidity makes it feel warmer inside.
  • Protect hardwood floors and wood furniture from cracking.
  • Decrease chances of catching a cold or the flu, and improve your respiratory system health.

We took the time we needed to round up the best furnace humidifiers of the moment, consulting experts on the matter to make sure that the products we pick rise to expectations. We performed rigorous tests too so that we could establish with certainty how qualitative these humidifiers are and see exactly how they perform when it comes to humidity increase. If you want to make an informed decision, we encourage you to go through the following reviews and make up your mind regarding what system to acquire after analyzing each product closely.

Want to benefit from normal humidity levels throughout the house when the dry season comes? Then you should also look into these whole house humidifiers since one of these products might be better suited for your expectations.

Top 4 Furnace Humidifiers Compared

Area Coverage
Mounting Options
Output Levels
Auto Mode

Best Overall
6,200 sq. ft.
11.5 to 34.6 GPD
Duct / Remote

Best for Large Homes
5,000 sq. ft.
11 GPD on 120 VAC/ 22 GPD on 240 VAC
Duct / Remote

Editor’s Choice
3,000 sq. ft.
18 GPD
Warm Air / Return Air Plenum
UV-stable automotive grade plastic
2,100 sq. ft.
14 GPD
Warm air supply / Return air duct

Explore more options when it comes to humidification products by checking out some ultrasonic humidifiers too. Cheaper to run and portable, models that rely on this technology are quite sought-after for their efficiency.

1. Aprilaire 800

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: A perfect choice for large homes, it uses electrode technology to produce a high amount of steam and is highly efficient in reducing the effects of dry air. The strong structure offers excellent protection for the system inside, ensuring a longer lifespan, while the special design encourages the use of unfiltered water.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home


  • Automatic mode uses a dual sensor to automatically adjust the steam output
  • Maintenance is easy and needs to be performed only once a year
  • Digital controls make it easy to operate
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Recommended for large homes

The best of the best, this model from Aprilaire remains a very popular choice despite its high price. Customers are willing to pay for quality, and this is exactly what it offers: indestructible steel housing and high-quality electrical circuits. It is versatile and can work either with a furnace or independently of a HAVC system. Moreover, the installation is easy even for profane users, as it comes with excellent instructions.

Powerful Electrode Technology

Flow-through systems use a vapor pad to transfer moisture into the air, a process that works excellent in small spaces, but a large home requires a strong technology, able to deliver excellent humidity levels. This unit works on simple but highly effective technology, namely it uses two electrodes, submerged in a canister with unpurified water. The impurities in the water act as a catalyst for the resistance created between electrical current and water and warm it until steam is released. The results are impressive:

  • Large home coverage - up to 6,200 square feet. Other options suited for large homes but with a slightly smaller coverage are the Aprilaire 700 which is recommended for spaces of up to 5,300 square feet tops, and the Aprilaire 600 that works for areas of up to 5,000 square feet.
  • Competitive moisture output - at least 11.5 gallons per day and up to 34.6 gallons per day
  • Low water consumption - as the water is evaporated, the waste is avoided

Another benefit of these types of humidifiers is that they offer a more user-friendly installation. The big flaw thou, that usually annoys the customers, is that the manufacturer requires the installation to be performed by an expert, or, otherwise, the 5-year warranty becomes void. Although this is a common request in the whole-house humidifier market, it is the super simple and straightforward installation that doesn’t justify it in this case.

Automatic Mode

Although there’s nothing wrong with a manual system and this model allows you to make manual adjustments as well, nothing compares with the convenience an automatic can provide. If you are not convinced, just think about how ‘set it and forget it’ sounds. You will never have to check humidity levels, nor experience the effects of dry air, as it has it all covered. So, let’s take a look at the features that turn it into one of the most popular systems:

  • Dual sensor - monitors both the indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature and adjusts the moisture output accordingly
  • Digital humidistat - provides accurate information about the humidity level, which is displayed on a LED monitor
  • Adjustable moisture output - it offers 6 output levels for manual speed selection

Although this technology seems complicated, the control panel is intuitive and easy to use, as it features only a power button and a few indicators that show if the canister is filling, releasing steam, or draining. The last icon will let you know when the canister needs to be replaced. Besides that, the thermostat is easy to figure out as well, as it only includes a knob for speed adjustment, 2 LEDs (one that shows that the unit is on and one that lets you know when it is service time), and a LED monitor.

Low Maintenance

The canister needs to be replaced once a year to maintain the system performant, but it is easy to remove and generates low costs. As the system uses running water, you don’t need a filter, as bacteria and mold won’t have time to build up. Plus, this means that you won’t need to perform periodical cleaning, so what could be more convenient? The best news, though, is that you can use it with hard water. In fact, it is recommended for the water to be impure for the minerals to act as catalysts.

Are you rather interested in raising the humidity in a single space rather than the whole house? Then look into large room humidifiers since these are more fitting for the specific purpose you have in mind.

Performance Test Feedback

We ran the tests in a newly constructed building where the humidity check we performed before commencing showed that air moisture levels were at approximately 31%. Installing the humidifier was a bit of a hassle time-wise since it took a while, but we followed directions closely and didn’t have much trouble with the procedure. After running the system for 10 hours, we checked moisture levels once more and the difference was quite impressive – a 10% jump in overall humidity. What we do recommend, however, is that you call in a professional to install it if you have even the slightest doubt regarding your capability to follow through with the task. It was a 3-person job for us and it did take a bit of time to finish it, and we have had previous experiences with HVAC systems, so we can’t say it’s necessarily a walk in the park.

Lillian Davies

Aprilaire 800 Specifications Sheet

Type: Steam Area Coverage: 6,200 sq. ft.
Moisture Output per Day: 11.5 to 34.6 GPD Mounting Options: Duct/Remote
Moisture Output Levels: 6 Automatic Mode:
Build Material: Steel Special Feature: Dual Sensor Auto Mode
Outdoor Temperature Sensor: Water Panel:
Installation Kit Included: Control Type: Digital
Dimensions: 7.1” x 10.1” x 20.9” Warranty: 5 years

2. Honeywell HM750A1000

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: If you own a large house, you can pick this humidifier with confidence. It has a strong moisture output, is easy to install, and offers multiple smart functions. The innovative technology allows you to control it from afar, so you will be able to turn it on and off and monitor RH levels from your phone. Besides that, it is easy to set up and suitable for DIY installation.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home


  • Metal construction ensures a longer lifespan
  • Auto-diagnosis function for easy maintenance
  • Excellent water-saving efficiency
  • Small footprint
  • Large area coverage
  • Dual sensors


  • Replacement parts are fairly expensive
  • It doesn’t come with a water intake valve or backflow preventer

Large rooms call for strong humidification systems that can cover their space, so a flow-through unit may not be performant enough to comply with these standards. In this case, a reliable steam model like Honeywell HM750A1000 is the best solution, as it uses innovative electrode technology to put out 11 to 22 gallons of moisture per day, being able to cover a surface of up to 5,000 square feet. The only option that is better than this Honeywell is the top-rated Aprilaire 800 that covers areas a bit larger than 6,000 square feet and uses steam in the operational process as well.

The HM750A1000 can be connected directly to a furnace duct or mounted on the wall and requires a supply voltage of 120 to 240 volts. It is easy to install and comes with a self-diagnosis function that makes maintenance a breeze. Not to mention that if you decide to make the installation yourself, you won’t have to struggle with complicated wiring, as it comes with push-in terminals.

It features dual sensors and uses auto-adaptive technology to keep up with changing weather conditions. The digital humidistat is included, and it allows you to set the desired humidity level or activate the Auto mode that will enable the unit to run independently. It is compatible with any Prestige IAQ, VisionPRO 8000, or Lyric thermostat and can be controlled from distance through a special app. Furthermore, the maintenance is made easier by the filterless design. The only thing you will need to replace once a year is a cylinder, a task that isn’t difficult to perform.

The power consumption reaches a maximum value of 3,000 watts, so it isn’t truly energy-effective. Nevertheless, you can set it running only when the humidity is getting low and thus save some money. On the other hand, it is one of the most effective when it comes to saving water with a water efficiency level of 80 to 90%. Moreover, it surprised us with its small footprint of 8 x 10 inches. Although it measures 21 inches in height, it remains extremely compact and we guarantee that you will easily find a place to mount it. The metal housing makes it highly resistant to environmental factors, so you can easily set it up in a garage or a basement. Apart from that, the startup and checkout are faster due to the pre-mineralized cartridge, so it can always be at your service.

The manufacturer offers a generous 5-year warranty and friendly customer support for your peace of mind. Plus, the peace of your house will be maintained as well, as this is one of the quietest models on the market, designed to provide comfort for the entire family and reduce dry air symptoms while passing unnoticed.

Looking for a cheaper humidifier that serves the purpose of moisture level increase in a smaller space, like a room in your home? Then a cool mist humidifier or a warm mist humidifier might be more appropriate for you.

Honeywell HM750A1000 Specifications Sheet

Type: Steam Area Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.
Moisture Output per Day: 11 GPD on 120 VAC/ 22 GPD on 240 VAC Mounting Options: Duct/Remote
Moisture Output Levels: 1 Automatic Mode:
Build Material: Metal Special Feature: Auto-adaptive technology
Outdoor Temperature Sensor: Water Panel:
Installation Kit Included: Control Type: Automatic
Dimensions: 21” x 8” x 10” Warranty: 5 years

3. GeneralAire 1000A

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: The quality of this model is exceptional, and we must admit that everything has been carefully crafted and no corners were cut. It is strongly built and comes with dual sensors that make it very practical. Besides that, although you will need to pay for an expert to install it for you, you will get a 10-year warranty, which is one of the most generous on the market.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home


  • Excellent 10-year warranty
  • High moisture output
  • Smart sensor monitors the temperature outdoors
  • Digital humidistat provides accurate data
  • Auto mode


  • It is difficult to install and requires the hand of an expert for the warranty to remain active
  • The fan is a bit noisy

This is a highly qualitative whole-house humidifier and comes with one of the best warranties on the market. At 10 years being offered for repairs, you will probably want to call for an expert to install it, so the warranty doesn’t get voided. Plus, the instructions aren’t that easy to figure out, except if you have practical skills, so it’s truly worth paying for the installation. It can be placed either on the warm air or return air plenum and is fairly compact, with a height of only 21 inches and a footprint of 19 x 18 inches, so you won’t need to struggle to find it a good place. Furthermore, as it comes with a UV-stable automotive-grade plastic housing that is one of the most resistant in the industry, it will last for a long time, even if you place it in your garage or basement, where the environmental conditions are harsher.

The technology is simple. Some of the hot air released by the furnace enters the humidifier where it is filtered through a VaporPad. The VaporPad is soaked in water and transfers moisture to the air, which is then returned to the room. The VaporPad acts as a filter for the minerals as well, preventing them from invading your house and lungs. Moreover, as the system evacuates the excess water, it prevents it from getting stale and spreading an unpleasant smell around the house. This system limits mineral build-up as well.

The maximum moisture output is 18 gallons per day and will be reached in spaces as large as 3,000 square feet, so it is more suitable for cozy little homes than large mansions. Fairly similar to this entry is the GeneralAire 1042-LH that we previously featured in our top. However, we deemed the 1000A, which is the upgraded version, of being more deserving of the spotlight as opposed to its counterpart from the same brand. The 1042-LH is suited for spaces of up to 2,800 square feet and it’s quite a fierce humidification solution.

The 1000A is fan-powered and, while this means that it will circulate the air faster, it means that the sound level will be increased as well. But, unlike classical evaporative humidifiers that need to be in the room to work, this can be installed in the basement, garage, or a special room, so you can keep the noise out of the bedroom.

Another attractive feature is the digital panel. It comes with 2 sensors, one that measures the temperature outdoors and the second for humidity monitoring. Thus, if you select the Auto mode, it will automatically adjust the moisture output according to the weather outside and the dryness of the air inside. A LED display will inform you about the measurements, which, according to the customers’ reviews, are accurate.

GeneralAire 1000A Specifications Sheet

Type: Flow-through Area Coverage: 3,000 sq. ft.
Moisture Output per Day: 18 GPD Mounting Options: Warm Air / Return Air Plenum
Moisture Output Levels: 1 Automatic Mode:
Build Material: UV-stable automotive grade plastic Special Feature: Highly-evaporative vapor pad
Outdoor Temperature Sensor: Water Panel:
Installation Kit Included: Control Type: Digital
Dimensions: 21” x 19” x 18” Warranty: 10 years

4. Emerson HFT2100

Summary: Perfect for the narrow plenums of today, this Emerson model is an option you ought to consider if the space you intend to use it for is an estimated 2,100 square feet. What makes it all the more appealing though is the cheap asking price which makes it an accessible option for a wider range of customers.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home


  • The reversible snap panels allow left or right side bypass installation
  • The exterior build withstands rust and corrosion
  • Allows non-level plenums due to its upgraded wicking and water distribution system
  • Comes at a very accessible price


  • Setting it up can be a tricky task for the uninitiated
  • Lower moisture release as opposed to its competitors

Needless to say, since the max coverage of this Emerson humidifier is 2,100 square feet , chances are that you can count on it to stabilize moisture levels in your whole house. The peak output per day is 14 gallons, so you can see where it gets its power to handle vast spaces.

This bypass flow-thru system measures 13-1/2 inches by 9-5/8 inches by 12-1/2 inches. The fact that it’s a low-profile model makes it perfect for installation when space is limited. It flaunts a thermoplastic built for the cabinet, so you won’t have to worry that it might corrode, warp, or rust with time. The plenum opening measures 9 inches in width by 10 inches in height. Thus, it is suited for narrow plenums, which is perfect since most modern plenums measure 10 inches max.

Another installation aspect that delights is that the side panels are reversible and feature snap-lock fittings. This allows you to change from left to right side bypass installation as needed. Speaking of installation, the mounting template, hardware, and instructions are included with the package. Thus, as soon as you receive your order, you can set it up and finally benefit from regulated indoor humidity levels. Last but not least, Emerson, a brand known for its commitment to quality, covers the product from defects for 1 year.

Emerson HFT2100 Specifications Sheet

Type: Flow-through Area Coverage: 2,100 sq. ft.
Moisture Output per Day: 14 GPD Mounting Options: Warm air supply / Return air duct
Moisture Output Levels: 3 Automatic Mode:
Build Material: Thermoplastic Special Feature: Suited for narrow plenums
Outdoor Temperature Sensor: Water Panel:
Installation Kit Included: Control Type: Manual
Dimensions: 13-1/2” x 9-5/8” x 12-1/2” Warranty: 1 year

Alternative Furnace Humidifiers Worth Checking Out

Aside from the 4 models that we listed in our top and reviewed, there are another 5 furnace humidity increase units that we consider worth your attention. We didn’t include these models in our top because they come from the same brands as some of the products we had picked. Instead, we decided to include them in this special section where you find alternatives in case the products we listed don’t suit your demands or you don’t have the budget for them. Here is a brief description of the alternative humidifiers that you should look into before you decide:

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

#1. Aprilaire 700

Check Price at Amazon
Aprilaire is the leading brand in this market, so it comes as no surprise that the 700 model receives a lot of praise from customers for its durability and consistent performance. Moreover, customer service operators are always prompt when it comes to resolving the issues of buyers. The 700 model grants optimal humidity increase performance when used for tightly built homes of up to 5,300 square feet. What makes it suited for this particular situation is the 18-gallon moisture output per day. Since it is an automatic model, it maintains optimum humidity throughout the day without requiring you to customize settings or do any effort whatsoever. In short, it’s a set-and-forget system since you insert the moisture level that you want the unit to uphold and can mind your business knowing that it does the job just fine without supervision.

Why we chose to leave it out: The area coverage is inferior to that of the Aprilaire 800 model that ranks as #1. We chose to include the higher coverage model in our top since it provides the highest moisture output and caters to the highest demands. Nevertheless, if you don’t need as wide coverage from a humidifier and the 700 model suffices for you, go for this alternative Aprilaire product instead.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

#2. Aprilaire 600

Check Price at Amazon
The same convenient operation as seen in the 800 and 700 models from Aprilaire is present with the 600 model. This evaporative humidifier can be used to increase moisture levels in tightly built homes of up to 5,000 square feet. If installed for an average construction, the coverage is reduced to 2,500 square feet. The capacity of this product is 17 gallons of moisture per day, a pretty hefty output that justifies its large coverage. It’s automatic, so you just select the RH level that it should maintain and let it work its magic to maintain your desired conditions. You can choose to let it run continuously or turn it on only when the furnace runs. Best of all, it lets you know via the digital control panel when the water panel needs to be changed or when the unit has to be serviced to make sure your investment lasts is protected.

Why we chose to leave it out: The reason why we didn’t include the 600 model in our top is the same as with the previous entry from Aprilaire we talked about. It is suited for smaller spaces compared to the top-ranked Aprilaire 800. In short, this doesn’t reflect poorly on the 600 model, it just makes this alternative product better suited for different situations.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

#3. Honeywell HE360A1075

Check Price at Amazon
This flow-through humidifier from Honeywell is easy to install, a procedure that you can effortlessly do on your own to save money on a professional setup. It is also easy to maintain, ensuring lasting top-notch performance without much effort on your part since it doesn’t need cleaning as often as other types of humidifiers do. The HE360A1075 is recommended for 4,500 square feet homes that have less than 20 years since their construction, and 2,700 square feet homes that are older than 20 years. In terms of moisture release, it outputs 18 gallons per day. The adjustable humidistat lets you pick the humidity level that you want the unit to maintain. Afterward, you can take your mind off it completely since the humidifier will turn on and off automatically as needed to uphold your desired conditions.

Why we chose to leave it out: In terms of area coverage, it fares almost the same as our runner-up, the Honeywell HM750A1000. However, we chose this model instead of the HE360A1075 because it’s a steam humidifier rather than a flow-through model. This means that it is more energy efficient, mold risk is considerably lower, and it’s easier to control the humidity level.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

#4. Honeywell HE240A2001

Check Price at Amazon
Thanks to the PerfectFLO water distribution, water usage and energy efficiency are optimized. Therefore, it won’t cost you as much to run it compared to other humidifiers. Speaking of, the product doesn’t cost much to acquire either, which makes it suited for a wider range of customers. It is an appropriate selection for tightly built homes of up to 3,000 square feet. Since it’s a flow-through model, you won’t have to perform maintenance on it too often as it doesn’t harbor microorganisms as other units do. It’s very easy to install, sparing you extra costs that would have come along with hiring a professional to set it up. Best of all, once you set the moisture level that you want the unit to maintain, you are done with going through settings since it automatically turns on and off to uphold the conditions you prefer.

Why we chose to leave it out: Since the Honeywell HM750A1000 is suited for much larger areas than the HE240A2001 model we talked about here, we opted for to include that Honeywell product in our top and only leave the latter as an alternative recommendation. If the area coverage of the HE240A2001 is more appropriate for your situation, opt for this model instead.

4 Best Rated Humidifiers for Furnace – Raise Moisture Levels in Your Home

#5. GeneralAire 1042-LH

Check Price at Amazon
If you have a tightly built home of up to 2,800 square feet and seek a cost-efficient solution to keep RH levels within healthy parameters, this GeneralAire model is one of your main options. It outputs 17 gallons of moisture in the air per day. Seeing how it’s a flow-through model, there’s not much maintenance that you have to do in the long run since it won’t harbor microorganisms. The water distribution system it integrates ensures maximum performance throughout the years. What is surely going to please you is how easy it is to set up. This is not a procedure that requires professional assistance as with other furnace humidifiers. Additionally, the package includes all the hardware you need for the setup process, so there are no extra expenses involved.

Why we chose to leave it out: Performance-wise, it is very similar to the GeneralAire 1000A that ranks 3rd in our top. So if you’re wondering why we favored the 1000A model over it, the answer is simple – because of the automatic mode. The 1000A comes with this feature, while the 1042-LH doesn’t include it.

How to Install a Furnace Humidifier

While it isn’t the most difficult of installation jobs you could do at home, setting up a furnace humidifier is indeed a task for which you need a little know-how and increased attention. If you have decided that you want to give it a go and save some money since you won’t have to call in a professional for the task, aside from closely following the steps and tips in the accompanying instructions manual, there are a few other aspects to take into consideration too.

What you should consider before installing the humidifier:

  • Placement: To benefit from optimal performance on the humidifier’s part, you ought to pick the right spot to install it. With some models, this ideal place is on the ductwork supply side, while other models need to be installed on the return side. What all have in common though from this point of view is that they need to be close to an electrical outlet and to the water supply. Make sure that you keep the humidifier away from other HVAC systems too, like the AC, for example.
  • Ductwork openings: It relies on the air supply of your house to work, so you must cut into the ductwork. You might also have to make other cuts for its parts, like the humidistat. Make sure that you carefully cut these openings and secure them so that air won’t escape from the ducts.
  • Water supply connection: It needs to get the water that it uses to moisturize the air from somewhere, right? With furnace humidifiers, that place is the water supply of your home. When you connect the unit to the water supply, be careful to not cause water leaks in the pipes or the humidifier.
  • Wiring: If you don’t pay close attention when you wire and connect the unit to the power supply, there’s the risk of a fire hazard occurring.

Common mistakes you should avoid during installation:

  • Think ahead when it comes to maintenance: There won’t be much maintenance work to follow through with in the long run. However, there is occasional cleaning and servicing required. To keep the unit up and running perfectly, we recommend that you check to see that the supply and drainage plumbing are OK beforehand.
  • Size it right: This is the first thing you have to take into account, hands down. Proper sizing is quintessential since, without it, you risk acquiring a humidifier that isn’t able to deal with the vast surface it has to raise moisture levels in.
  • Take into account the unit’s particularities: Not all products are the same or function properly under the same conditions, and this is an aspect that you must look into before you pick your unit preferably. Some models, for example, have functioning issues if they must deal with hard water. If the water running through the pipes in your home is hard and you don’t want to spend money on a softening system that will solve this issue, you’d better look into a product rated to have no issues from this point of view.


Our analysis has reached the end, so now it’s time for conclusions. The ranking was made according to each product’s capacity, construction, and reliability, and there’s no doubt that the first places are more performant than the others. Nevertheless, you should take into account that they were designed for larger houses, so if your living place is smaller, a model placed on a median or lower position could be more suitable. It’s time now for you to make your own ranking according to your house’s size and budget, so don’t hesitate to take a second look at 5 of the most popular models in this top:

Best Furnace Humidifier for Sale: Aprilaire 800

It has an impressive capacity and is one of the best choices for large homes. The steel construction offers increased protection against mechanical factors, while the automatic mode makes it extremely convenient. The controls are straightforward and allow for easy speed adjustments and RH monitoring. Furthermore, it features two mounting options and can be used either with or without a HAVC system. Although is it more expensive than other models, it is regarded among customers as a reliable model that is worth the investment.

Editor’s Choice: GeneralAire 1000A

A product that you won’t have to worry about mineral build-up with, a perk that isn’t common for furnace humidifiers, it became our instant favorite during testing. It might not be the easiest to install, but once you set it up, you can say goodbye to low moisture issues once and for all. With a peak output of 18 gallons of moisture per day, it works wonders in spaces of up to 3,000 square feet. A favorite for home and office use alike, it’s bound to keep issues like dry sinuses away for good.

Best Furnace Humidifier for Large Homes: Honeywell HM750A1000

It features an excellent moisture output, which is an essential feature, but it doesn’t stop here. The most convenient in our top, it comes with a dual-sensor and auto mode to monitor temperature and humidity and automatically adjust the mist output. Furthermore, it can be controlled from distance by installing a compatible app on the phone.

Lillian Davies
Lillian is a fresh college graduate who has lived in Tucson for most of her life, battling the torrid heat ever since she was a child. She is quite versed in the topic of thermal comfort and what solutions work to make conditions more bearable when the temperatures go haywire, which makes her knowledgeable in the topics she writes about here. Since she is a perfectionist, Lilian always takes time to polish her articles before release, which makes her an irreplaceable part of the team.
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