California's Public Entity Cash Flow Program

Ice Energy, in conjunction with financing from the California Energy Commission (CEC), is offering an outstanding program for public entities within California that instantly reduces operating costs and generates immediate positive cash flow!

Here is how the program works:

 The public entity installs Ice Energy’s cost saving Ice Storage Air Conditioners
 Low interest financing is provided by the California Energy Commission (as low as 4.1%!)
 There is no up front cost to the entity
 Loan payments are structured to be less than monthly electric savings
 Net Result: Lower operating costs and positive cash flow that can be used to fund other programs!

The Ice Energy Solution:

Ice Energy’s Ice Storage Air Conditioners save money by running the energy consuming compressor at night when electrical costs are lowest and storing the cooling energy in an ice storage unit. During the day, when electric prices are high, air-conditioner efficiencies are low, and outside temperatures are at their peak, the needed cooling is drawn from the ice that has been stored overnight. The reduction in peak energy used to provide air-conditioning is staggering. While a conventional 7.5 Ton A/C unit will demand up to 10,000 W, the Ice Storage Air Conditioner demands a mere 300: a 97% reduction in air-conditioning related energy demand and consumption. Building occupants are not asked to sacrifice comfort. In fact, on hot days, cooling performance can actually improve due to the fact that the space is being cooled by ice!

The Ice Energy solution will work with new or existing refrigerant-based HVAC systems.

How the program saves you money:

The Ice Energy Ice Storage Air Conditioner effectively lowers operating costs by replacing expensive peak energy with inexpensive off-peak energy and avoiding costly peak demand charges. Installation of Ice Energy technology also insulates the user from escalating peak energy and demand charges. See the example below:

How does the program create positive cash flow?

Participation in Ice Energy’s California Public Entity Cash Flow Program immediately lowers operating costs by combining multiple factors. First, there is no up front cost to the entity due to 100% financing provided by the California Energy Commission. Second, as described above, Ice Energy’s products create immediate electric savings as a result of shifting energy demand and consumption to much lower priced off-peak hours. Finally, the loan from the CEC is provided at a very low interest rate and payments are structured to be less than the savings received. The result is lower operating costs and positive cash flow.

Additionally, Ice Energy’s Ice Storage Air Conditioners deliver energy efficiency savings, reduce maintenance costs by decreasing repair calls, and provide protection from future peak energy price escalation. These savings are not claimed in the loan application and, therefore, result in a better immediate and long term cash flow.

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