• Integrity
    Discerning right from wrong
    Choosing to do what is right regardless of risk to self
    Willing to publicly proclaim the stand taken

  • Profitability
    Creating shareholder value as measured by economic profit
    Aligning the strategic, marketing, operational and financial interests of the company to create value

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Intentionally looking at everything we do through the eyes of our customers
    Committing to lean, efficient processes and a quality discipline that is “built-in” as a matter of principle

  • Environmental Responsibility
    Using our core products and systems to incrementally conserve energy and to reduce air pollution
    Managing our organizational system to measure, control and improve the environmental aspects of our operations

  • Accountability
    Committing to social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting (SEAAR) that is inclusive, complete, material and regular
    Promoting quality assurance, accessibility, comparability, reliability and relevance of information

  • Leadership
    Inspiring others to be their best ethical selves


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