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Hybrid Cooling Solutions for the Government Market
A Dramatic Advance in Energy Efficiency

Economic growth, security, and the environment are all inextricably linked to an efficient supply of energy and reliability of the power grid. One of the most pressing threats to both is the rising demand for peak energy, driven in large part by air conditioning.

By shifting the energy used for air conditioning from day to night, hybrid cooling delivers a dramatic advance in efficiency – cutting peak demand for the energy associated with air conditioning by 95%.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint — and Your Energy Bill

Offices, libraries, schools, senior centers, and other public buildings can reduce their carbon footprint and realize significant savings in the cost of electricity with hybrid cooling, which delivers superior cooling during peak daytime hours for only a fraction of the energy required by a conventional air conditioning system alone.

Hybrid A/C is also a powerful sustainable design option that can be used toward LEED certification and compliance with California’s Title 24 Building Energy Code. Choosing Hybrid A/C from Ice Energy for your building design provides “cleaner,” more eco-responsible construction within the community.


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