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Air Conditioning is Costing Your Business Too Much
Hybrid A/C Saves $1,000s Annually and Improves Cooling Comfort

Did you know that air conditioning is the single largest consumer of electricity during peak daytime hours?

A/C represents about 45% of an average building’s electricity use during the hours when the cost of electricity is the highest.

By shifting the energy used for air conditioning from day to night, hybrid cooling delivers efficient cooling comfort while cutting electricity costs. That could mean savings of 30% or more on your electric bill every month.

Pay Low Nighttime Rates for Daytime Air Conditioning

With time-of-use rates, electricity used during peak daytime hours costs significantly more than electricity used at night. That means when you use electricity is as important as how much you use.

Hybrid Cooling slashes peak electric demand associated with air conditioning by 95%.

By slashing daytime air conditioning demand by 95%, Hybrid A/C cuts the amount of electricity purchased at higher rates, and avoids the peak demand charges levied by many utilities. When you add the kilowatts moved to the savings per kilowatt, the positive impact of Hybrid A/C on the bottom line is clear as ice.

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