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Design Flexibility. Compliance. Customer Satisfaction.

Flexibility. Faced with the challenge of meeting customer requirements and passing California’s latest version of Title 24? Clients want more flexibility? Ice Energy’s products, which are approved as compliance options for use in Residential and Non-Residential applications, offer liquid compliance credits that can be used to increase building design options, including increased window area, west facing windows, and greater flexibility in framing construction methods.

Compliance. The Ice Bear® module, which slashes electricity needed for peak-period air conditioning by 95 percent, is the most powerful compliance option available to California building designers.

Independent studies by Architectural Energy Corporation, Enercomp and Bruce Wilcox, contributors to the California Energy Commission’s 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, show the Ice Bear®module reduces peak weighted electric energy up to 54 percent when compared to conventional air conditioners.

Customer Satisfaction. Ice Storage Air Conditioning from Ice Energy®delivers superior temperature draw down capacity and cooling comfort, while providing flexibility in design.

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