USA Domestic Market

  • Over 90% of all commercial buildings are air conditioned.
  • The USA consumes 1.4 quads of electrical energy annually cooling 36 billion square feet of building space.
  • The number of new central air conditioners shipped annually grew by over 5% in 2002 to 6.7 million units.
  • Ice Energy's target market generally includes all buildings under 200,000 square feet and less than 4 stories using rooftop or central, unitary style refrigerant based air conditioning systems. 
  • Ice Energy systems are applied to buildings and residences that use between 3 and 75 tons of air conditioning.
  • Ice Energy systems do not compete with engineered chiller based thermal energy storage systems.
  • Ice Energy Distributed Energy Storage modules are designed as off-the-shelf products that complement existing air conditioning systems.
  • The air conditioning market is characterized by two distinct segments

    • Chiller Based Cooling and   

    • Refrigerant Based Cooling

    Chiller based air conditioning systems are used to cool 32 % of all building space in the USA; roughly 12 billion square feet.

    Ice Energy’s Distributed Energy Storage Modules complement the  Refrigerant Based Cooling market segment commonly referred to as “central air conditioning” or packaged systems including the residential style split system that most likely provides the cooling for your home. These systems are also commonly found in small to moderately sized commercial buildings, including fast food, big box retail and small office buildings.

    Refrigerant  based air conditioning systems are used to cool 48 % of all building space in the USA; roughly 17 billion square feet.

    This emerging growth market segment is enabled by Ice Energy's Ice Bear and is characterized as:

    • High volume:  Over 6.7M central air-conditioning style units were shipped in 2002.   Ice Energy products are designed to  be applied to approximately 60% of these units.
    • Refrigerant-based systems:  The dominant technology in this market is refrigerant based cooling due to low-cost of manufacture, ease of design, installation and service, and reliability.  Ice Energy’s products are complementary to refrigerant based systems and offer the same ease of use attributes that consumers demand.
    • The bottom line:  Ice Energy products provide a previously untapped market with operational cost savings of approximately 50%.  Ice Energy's products complement the existing mature packaged air conditioning market and provide a clear choice for consumers to reduce the impact of cooling on the environment without sacrifice. 

    Follow this link to a typical layout of an Ice Energy Distributed Energy Storage module.

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