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Fitness Center Case Study

Miramont Fitness Center, Fort Collins, CO

Units 1 and 2 were connected into existing 12.5 Ton rooftop units (RTU) that cool the gymnasium area of the fitness center. Each 12.5 Ton RTU was made up of two separate 6.25 Ton stages. Each Ice Bear® 50 Storage Module was configured to displace the first of these two stages in their respective RTUs.

Unit 3 was tied into an existing 15 Ton RTU and was configured to displace the first of three 5 Ton stages. This stage had recently failed and the Ice Bear® was installed to replace it. This unit currently serves the cardio area. Unit 4 also replaced a dead circuit in one of Miramont’s existing rooftop systems. The unit was connected to an existing 12 Ton RTU that was serving the weight area. This rooftop unit was comprised of a 7 Ton first stage followed by a second stage of 5 Tons. The Ice Bear® system currently replaces the failed 7 Ton portion.

Finally, Unit 5 was installed to add cooling capacity to the spinning room without increasing Miramont’s air conditioning demand. The Ice Bear®currently adds 6 Tons of cooling capacity to the space and is supplemented by the original 5 Ton unit that acts as a second stage during peak hours.

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Fitness Center Case Study

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