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April 15, 2004
Ice Energy Receives Award For "World’s Best Technology"

Arlington, TX-March 23, 2004. Ice Energy’s transformational Distributed Energy Storage module, the Ice Bear 50, was selected to receive the Gold Award by over 250 investors, technology commercialization experts and peers at the World’s Best Technology 2004 (WBT04).

The World’s Best Technology is sponsored by the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds and the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer for the purpose of linking seed stage companies with investors.

The Ice Bear 50 was selected from over 60 participating technologies, which were submitted by the nation’s most advanced research facilities and top universities and are considered to be the “best of the best.” Ice Energy’s participation was sponsored by the United States Department of Energy.

Ice Energy unleashes the off-peak potential of the nation’s electrical grid by addressing the root cause of the growing demand for peak electrical power and increasingly congested electrical transmission lines: Air-conditioning. On a typical summer day, fully one third of all the energy transmitted on the grid is consumed by either residential or commercial air conditioners. To meet this demand, polluting and expensive peak generation assets are called into service, straining the aging, under-funded, and congested grid. Ice Energy’s field-proven technology attacks the problems of growing on-peak demand and increasing congestion on the grid by slashing the peak demand of refrigerant-based air conditioning by up to 90%.

While the technology behind the Ice Bear is elegant and is considered among the world’s best, it is affordable, simple, reliable, and can be installed by local, licensed HVAC technicians.

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October, 2003
Ice Energy selects Centro as its key supplier for Rotationally Molded Tanks.

Ice Energy chose Centro because of their leadership in providing double walled insulated tanks.  "We were impressed with their customer focus and commitment to quality and excellence," said Gino Campana, VP of Manufacturing for Ice Energy. Centro is located in North Liberty, Iowa.

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April, 2003
Ice Energy selects SolidWorks 3D Design Software

Ice Energy chose SolidWorks because of the software's ease-of-use, Windows compatibility, short learning curve, and full associativity across assemblies, models, and drawings. By deploying SolidWorks, Ice Energy anticipates a 30+percent reduction in its design cycle.



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