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Technical Advisors
Mr. Doug Hittle, Energy Efficiency and Technology Advisor

An important element in execution against the business development strategy of Ice Energy®is the leverage of its world-class board and advisors that provide assistance in the critical areas of leadership, strategy, sales, strategic partnering, legal, tax, governmental regulations, and public policy. All of the advisors have made cash investments in the Company and also have exchanged fees and expenses in exchange for equity.

Dr. Hittle brings more than 30 years of experience in design, research and consulting in mechanical and environmental engineering. He is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at Colorado State University and Director of the Solar Energy Applications Laboratory. Dr. Hittle conducts and directs research in air-conditioning system control, energy conservation, desiccant cooling, energy system simulation, and solar energy systems. Dr. Hittle has conducted research in various aspects of building energy systems including optimizing cooling coils for use with ice storage systems, low temperature air distribution systems, dynamics of humidity control, and expert systems and artificial intelligence for intelligent buildings.

Dr. Hittle is a recipient of the U.S. Army research and development achievement award, and was a project manager at the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Lab where he completed a major international energy analysis program.

Dr. Hittle is a Member of the ASHRAE College of Fellows, Board Member, ASHRAE Leaning Institute, and Member of the National Advisory Panel to DOE on the development of energy analysis computer programs. Dr. Hittle’s clients include the Electric Power Research Institute, Naval Weapons Support Center, Los Alamos Technical Associates, and the U.S.Department of Energy.

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