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Company Overview

Ice Energy® is an energy technology company developing energy storage and advanced cooling and refrigeration products and technologies. The company manufactures and markets a new Hybrid Air Conditioner for residential and commercial applications that reduces electric bills, improves energy efficiency, provides superior cooling comfort, and helps the environment.

The company’s hybrid cooling solutions address the increasing demand for electricity by shifting the largest component of residential and commercial demand – air conditioning – from expensive “on-peak” times to “off-peak” periods, when energy is less expensive and less polluting. By combining conventional air conditioning with Ice Energy’s ground-breaking energy storage technology, hybrid cooling saves money and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ice Bear® 30 Hybrid Air Conditioner is the industry's first energy storage solution specifically developed to reduce the cost of air conditioning for small to medium sized commercial businesses, delivering efficient cooling using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional systems, and surpassing the overall efficiency of conventional equipment alone. This patented hybrid cooling technology complements conventional refrigerant-based air conditioning systems found on most residential and light commercial buildings.

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