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Company Mission, Vision, and Values

Ice Energy, Inc. is a values-based company formed in January 2003 to commercialize certain patents, intellectual property and trade secrets for Distributed Energy Storage in residential and commercial cooling systems. Today, the company manufactures and markets breakthrough Hybrid Cooling solutions that reduce electricity bills, improve energy efficiency, provide superior cooling comfort, and benefit the environment.

Ice Energy’s patented hybrid air conditioning technology complements conventional refrigerant-based air conditioning systems, storing cooling energy at night when electricity generation and distribution assets are readily available, more efficient, cleaner, and less costly. Unaffected by rising daytime temperature, the stored energy is used to deliver cooling comfort, significantly reducing and flattening a building’s energy load profile.

By combining conventional air conditioning with Ice Energy’s ground-breaking energy storage technology, hybrid cooling saves money and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, delivering efficient cooling using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional systems, and surpassing the overall efficiency of conventional equipment alone.


To improve the efficient use of our energy resources, contributing to the reliability of the supply of electricity and benefiting the environment. We “level the demand” for electricity by the application of technologies optimizing electricity demand at the point of use.


Widespread adoption of Ice Energy® systems, making significant contribution to grid reliability and the reduction of source generation emissions, and achieving profitable multibillion dollar revenues.


We foresee a day when cooling energy storage is integral to the standard application of air conditioning and building energy efficiency management.

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Social and Environmental responsibility
  • Safety
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