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Ice Bear® 50 - Residential
Ice Storage Air-conditioner

A residential version of Ice Energy’s® popular Ice Bear® 50 Unit, initially a hit in commercial markets, can now be applied to custom and larger semi-custom homes.    The residential Ice Bear® 50 module is an off-the-shelf product that “plugs-into” standard air-conditioning systems.  The storage module is charged by a standard 5-Ton condensing unit at night, when it’s cool, and the condenser’s efficiency is at its highest.  An Ice Bear® 50 module stores 50 Ton-hours of cooling capacity, roughly equal to running a 5-Ton unit continuously for 10 hours.    On the hottest days, a condensing unit’s ability to cool decreases dramatically.  In contrast, the Ice Bear® system’s ability to cool is unaffected by ambient temperature.  On the hottest days of the year, homeowners will enjoy rapid draw down of indoor temperature and up to 7.5 Tons of consistent “ice powered” cooling.  All this while only using the power required to run two 150 watt light bulbs:  An Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 300. Homeowners can feel good about being cool as every two Ice Bear® 50 units installed have the environmental impact of removing one car’s emissions from the air.

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