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Ice Bear® Energy Storage Tank:

  • The double-walled, rotationally molded tank is comprised of High Density Cross-linked PolyEthylene (HDPE) for structural integrity and to withstand the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • The minimum insulation value is R-18.
  • Ice loss, due to melting, is less than 1% of rated capacity per day even during the hot summer months.
  • The tank holds approximately 570 gallons of tap water, which is treated with standard evaporative cooler tablets on an annual basis.

Ice Bear® Heat Exchanger:

  • The copper heat exchanger in the Ice Bear® storage tank operates:
  • As an evaporator during the ice make/recharge process;
  • As a condenser ice melt/cooling process.

Ice Bear® Refrigerant Management System (RMS)

  • The heart of the Ice Bear® product is the Refrigerant Management System (RMS). The main components of the RMS are the Universal Refrigerant Management Vessel (URMV), the oil distillation heat exchanger, the refrigerant pump, and a water pump.
  • The 115V refrigerant pump circulates refrigerant to the evaporator coil(s); consuming less than 100 W.
  • The 115 V water pump circulates water within the tank; consuming less than 200W
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