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Anaheim Business Receives Environmental Stewardship Award and Rebate from Anaheim Public Utilities for Using Ice Energy

Anaheim, Calif. — September 13, 2007— SI Manufacturing, Inc. received an environmental stewardship award and a rebate check for $100,760 this afternoon from Anaheim Public Utilities for the installation of five Ice Bear® hybrid air conditioning systems from Ice Energy. The manufacturing company will also be enrolled on a Time-of-Use rate that will generate ongoing savings from reduced peak electricity consumption.

Bud Reed, CEO of SI Manufacturing, said “From my observation of nature it seems intuitive to me that efficiency, economy and good environmental stewardship are not only compatible but complementary, though not always easily achievable. It is a pleasure to be involved in a project that confirms this belief. This is especially true when the appropriate support of government makes it easily doable. My congratulations and thanks to Ice Energy, The City of Anaheim, and Anaheim Public Utilities for making this possible and enabling us at SI to be the primary beneficiaries. More power to ya.”

SI Manufacturing is the first to take advantage of incentives from Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) to install Ice Energy’s Ice Bear unit. Using nighttime electricity to make and store ice which is then used to efficiently cool the air conditioning system during the day, SI Manufacturing’s Ice Bear units keep the manufacturing facility cool and comfortable without adding to the strain on the local grid. By participating in the APU program, SI Manufacturing is doing its part to help the utility provide reliable power to the community, avoid construction of costly new power plants, and reduce polluting air emissions and greenhouse gasses.

“As a manufacturing company in the southern California region we are acutely aware of the energy challenge associated with summer’s high temperatures,” said James Reed, President of SI Manufacturing. “Our work with Anaheim Public Utilities and Ice Energy will enable us to capture savings on our electricity bills and contribute to the statewide solution to the peak power problem.”

Under the terms of APU’s peak shifting incentive program, Anaheim businesses can receive a rebate covering the costs and installation of the Ice Bear products as well as qualify for a special Time-of-Use electricity rate that strongly encourages peak demand reduction in light commercial and industrial buildings. SI Manufacturing also expects to generate savings from the special rate through time-dependent efficiency and demand reduction measures associated with its ovens and other appliances. For details on the APU Thermal Energy Storage Incentive, please visit

“Air conditioning is the single largest contributor to summer’s peak demand on the electricity grid. Through its implementation of the Ice Bear technology, SI Manufacturing established itself as a leader in Anaheim’s effort to reduce peak energy usage and improve our environmental footprint,” said Marcie Edwards, general manager of Anaheim Public Utilities.

About SI Manufacturing:
SI Manufacturing offers a technical capability over a wide range of industrial, aerospace and military products. This capability includes design, development, environmental testing of power supplies, magnetic components such as transformers, coils, special magnetic harness assemblies and contract manufacturing services specializing in through hole P.C.B. assembly and box builds.

About Anaheim Public Utilities:
For more than 100 years, Anaheim Public Utilities has served Anaheim water and electric customers with low rates and reliable service. Anaheim Public Utilities is Orange County's only publicly owned water and electric utility.

About Ice Energy, Inc.:
Ice Energy is an energy technology company focused on energy storage and advanced cooling and refrigeration products and technologies. The company manufactures and markets a new Ice Storage Air Conditioner (ISAC) product line for residential and commercial applications that addresses the increasing demand for electricity. Ice Energy’s products shift the largest component of residential and commercial peak demand -- air conditioning -- from expensive “on-peak” times of the day to “off-peak” periods, when energy is less expensive and less polluting. Recently approved as an optional compliance measure for California’s Title 24 building energy efficiency standards, the Ice Bear system provides superior cooling comfort while significantly reducing the cost of energy. For more information visit

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