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City of Victorville Expands Award-Winning Peak Power Shifting Program with Additional Orders from Ice Energy
10 Ice Bear Units to Provide Efficient, Reliable Cooling Power to High Desert Community Clubhouse

June 20, 2007 – Ice Energy®, the premier provider of efficient energy storage products for shifting air conditioning demand, today announced that the City of Victorville, California has ordered ten Ice Bear® units to provide clean, efficient cooling for the new clubhouse at the city’s Green Tree Golf Course. The Ice Bear units will provide 69 tons of cooling and slash the air conditioning peak demand by more than 95% at the 14,000 square foot event facility. The order is part of Victorville’s city-wide program to install Ice Bear units at every public building in order to dramatically reduce peak energy consumption, an effort that won the city a prestigious Flex Your Power award earlier this year. The clubhouse is scheduled for completion in June 2008, in time for the high desert region’s most extreme summer heat.

“As we saw through last year’s summer temperatures that soared above 110 degrees, the Ice Bear units enable us to provide community space that is cool, comfortable and sustainable,” said Victorville’s Director of Community Services, Jon Gargan. “In the face of growing concerns about the environment and the reliability of our power grid, Victorville is proud to be part of the solution.”

Clean, reliable, cost-effective energy has become a priority for the growing City of Victorville as the region continues to expand and attract new businesses and residents from the surrounding areas of San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles. Air-conditioning is a substantial component of the expanding community’s demand on the power grid. The ten new Ice Bear units expand Victorville’s pioneering peak demand shifting program, which has already deployed 31 Ice Bear units at municipally owned buildings throughout the city. By shifting energy demand for the city’s air conditioners to off-peak hours when electricity is cleaner and more abundant, Ice Energy estimates that Victorville’s 10 additional Ice Bear units will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 175 tons and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by nearly 370 lbs over the next five years.

“As an early adopter of our technology, Victorville demonstrated pioneering leadership in addressing critical energy and environmental concerns, and we look forward to continuing to support its city leaders, residents and businesses in expanding those efforts as the community continues to flourish,” said Frank Ramirez, CEO of Ice Energy.

In May 2007, Ice Energy accepted the 2007 Flex Your Power Award with Victorville City Council Member, Bob Hunter, at an awards ceremony in San Francisco. Honored in the “Demand Response/Conservation” category, the Victorville program was selected from several hundred applicants for its outstanding leadership in reducing electricity consumption during peak hours of the day.

About Ice Energy, Inc.
Ice Energy® is an energy technology company focused on energy storage and advanced cooling and refrigeration products and technologies. The company manufactures and markets a new Ice Storage Air Conditioner (ISAC) product line for residential and commercial applications that addresses the increasing demand for electricity. Ice Energy’s products shift the largest component of residential and commercial peak demand -- air conditioning -- from expensive “on-peak” times of the day to “off-peak” periods, when energy is less expensive and less polluting. Approved as an optional compliance measure for California’s Title 24 building energy efficiency standards, the Ice Bear® system provides superior cooling comfort while significantly reducing the cost of energy. For more information visit or call 877-5-ICEBEAR.

Ice Energy and Ice Bear are registered trademarks of Ice Energy, Inc.

About Victorville
Located in Southern California, Victorville is one of the fastest growing cities in California, now boasting a population of 100,000. Once known as the home of the former George Air Force Base, it is now the location of Southern California Logistics Airport, and is recognized for the opportunities it affords its residents and businesses. Victorville is known for its clean air and water, open space, and family-oriented atmosphere. Victorville has adopted a stance that is both pro-business and pro-environment, using green technology and clean and renewable fuels in their vehicle fleets and municipal power generators. For more information about Victorville, visit

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