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California Title-24 Compliance
Non-Residential Impact

Ice Energy®commissioned Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) to evaluate the performance of the Ice Bear® air conditioner in enabling the new standards compliance for non-residential buildings. AEC, under contract with the California Energy Commission, authored the 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and developed the modeling software for compliance measurements.

AEC’s evaluation of the Ice Bear® product performance in 5 climate zones is representative of all 16 zones with regard to air-conditioning system usage. The results indicated 19 to 35% TDV energy savings over a conventional package direct expansion (DX) system.

A comparison with other TDV energy savings measures reveals the impact of using an Ice Bear® ice storage air conditioner with the new standards compliance. Lighting systems load would have to be reduced by an equivalent amount. Current lighting technologies

are incapable of achieving equivalent savings without extreme lighting controls and light level reductions in all non-essential spaces. The new standards however anticipate strict controls and reduced lighting levels for minimal compliance.

Building envelope improvements with additional insulation and high performance windows provide savings but without direct correlation with the TDV multiplier.

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