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Breakthrough Cooling Comfort and Reliability

Ice Energy’s cooling technology has created a new paradigm for cooling. Rather than using a conventional air conditioning unit during the hottest times of the day when its performance is degraded and energy consumption is at its highest, the Ice Bear® product keeps you comfortable with a system cooled by ice. It provides full cooling performance independent of the outside temperature using only 300 watts of energy.

RightTemp™ is an advanced, highly efficient, patented technology for providing cold liquid refrigerant to the evaporator coil/blower system in your home or business in a way unlike conventional products. The result is improved air conditioned comfort and system reliability.

The patented RightTemp™ system within each Ice Bear® product provides:

  • Faster temperature “draw-down”, bringing your home or business to the desired temperature in minutes rather than hours
  • Precision temperature control, keeping your home or business at the desired temperature. No more hot/cold cycles of conventional systems.
  • Excellent de-humidification
  • Elimination of evaporator coil freeze-ups

The addition of an Ice Bear® system also improves overall system reliability by reducing the on/off cycling of the air conditioner compressor by an estimated factor of 30 times.

Faster Temperature “Draw-Down”. The need to reduce peak energy demand has, in many areas, led to the mandatory use of setback thermostats as well as requiring air conditioners be “sized” such that they will lack adequate cooling on the hottest days of the year. The Ice Energy®system delivers full performance independent of outside temperature.

More importantly, with our “liquid overfeed” method for providing the refrigerant to the evaporator coil, the warmer the return air from the building, the greater the cooling capacity applied. This results in a faster temperature “draw-down” to comfortable temperatures when required. As shown below, studies by the California Energy Commission measure a good air conditioning unit capable of returning a building to the desired setpoint in 4 hours. The Ice Energy®system would take less than 1 hour, keeping you cool in the late afternoon after a long day.

Precision Temperature Control. An additional benefit of our “liquid overfeed” method is improved ability to maintain a tight range of temperature control. The following chart is before/after data from a building with a 5-6 degree hot/cold/hot/cold cycling of conventional systems, compared with a 1 degree variation for Ice Energy.

Excellent Dehumidification. The Ice Energy®technology also delivers excellent dehumidification capability. The coil temperature operates in a precise range, always above freezing, and with less cycling. This results in improved condensation and dehumidification.

Elimination of evaporator coil freeze-ups. An additional, significant benefit is the elimination of costly coil freeze ups, the cause of roughly 1/3 of all air conditioning related service calls.

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