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Economic Benefits

The purchase of an Ice Energy® system can save money in two primary ways:

  • Reducing electricity bills, where favorable Time-of-Use electricity rates apply
  • Reducing the cost of complying with building codes during new or retrofit construction. Attractive alternative to achieve California Title 24 Building Energy Code compliance, thereby displacing the cost of additional insulation, more expensive glass treatment, and high SEER air conditioners

Most utilities have Time-of-Use (TOU) rates in place to reward customers for lower peak demand. Electricity for cooling is purchased off-peak at its lowest price, rather than during the highest price on-peak time of day. When the system purchase is included within a loan, the purchase can be cash flow positive on day one. Available utility rebates can reduce the upfront incremental cost.

The Ice Energy® system slashes the peak electricity demand associated with air conditioning by 95%.

The application of an Ice Bear® 50 system can typically save the average commercial building customer $1400 - $2000 per unit annually on their electricity bill. Actual savings are dependent on the rate structure of the utility. Customers with significant off-peak loads may see a decrease in their winter electricity bills as well due to the more favorable off-peak rate.

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