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Environmental Benefits

The use of Ice Energy’s products to shift peak demand from air conditioning:

  • Makes better use of our natural resources
  • Reduces power generation emissions
  • Decreases smog formation

A California Energy Commission study concluded that technologies that shift air conditioning energy consumption could reduce the consumption of fuel for electricity generation and the associated emissions by 20 to 46%.

Recently, Ice Bear® engaged an independent environmental engineering firm to analyze the specific air emission impacts of its Ice Bear® technology within the Sacramento California Air Quality Management District. The analysis concluded that generating sources used primarily during peak periods have an average NOx emissions rate 56% greater than those sources used to serve base load energy needs at night. The report also found that the total NOx emissions savings attributable to an Ice Bear® 50 energy storage module is between 6 and 11 grams/day when shifting a 4-ton unit.
When applied to a 7.5-10 ton unit, this is equivalent to taking one car off the road for each 1-2 Ice Bear® 50 units installed.

Ice Bear® received a prestigious product award in November 2005 from BuildingGreen, publishers of GreenSpec and Environmental Building News, and has engaged in discussions with several green builders and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to incorporate the Company’s technology into Zero Energy Buildings.

Ice Energy’s products accelerate the adoption energy resources, such as solar PV, by making deployment more economically viable.

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