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Energy and Facilities Managers
Energy cost savings. Risk Mitigation and Control. Comfort. Environmental Benefits.

Energy cost savings. Rising peak demand fees are generating record high electric bills. Ice Energy’s products reduce electricity costs by reliably slashing the peak demand of air conditioners by 95%.

Risk Mitigation and Control. Rising energy costs threaten the bottom line. Price volatility reduces visibility and predictability. Ice Energy®products allow you to control the biggest contributor to increased electric rates and price volatility: Peak Demand. By slashing 95% of the peak demand of building air conditioning, Ice Energy’s Ice Storage Air Conditioners can reduce peak demand costs by over 50%. Reducing peak demand provides insulation against rising demand fees. Shifting energy consumption to off-peak hours allows you to take advantage of much lower nighttime energy costs. The bottom line results: Lower costs, greater visibility, and insulation against future price increases.

Comfort. Sales are dependent upon customer comfort. Air conditioning creates customer comfort. Ice Energy’s products deliver cooling “powered” by ice, which means that customers will be comfortable no matter how hot it is outside. For the first time, you have a tool that can significantly reduce the peak demand of your building, without sacrificing customer comfort.

Environmental Benefits. Help save the environment while improving and protecting the bottom line. Air quality studies conclude that NOx emissions are reduced by 56% and CO2 emissions by up to 35% when Ice Energy’s Ice Storage Air Conditioners are used to dramatically reduce peak period demand and energy consumption. Installing two Ice Bear®50 units is equivalent, in air emissions reductions, to removing one car from the road.

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