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Builders and Developers
Title 24 Compliance with Design Flexibility. Protect Your Design Investment. Increase Property Values. Complement Solar PV. Protect the Environment. Customer Satisfaction.

Title 24 Compliance with Design Flexibility. Ice Energy’s products are the biggest tool for achieving California’s stringent Title 24 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. As a result you can use the liquid credits generated by the Ice Bear® product family to achieve the buyer’s design goals such as window area, glazing type, and lighting.

Protect Your Design Investment. In October of 2005, California required that all new and remodeled buildings adhere to new building standards based upon the cost of delivering energy during peak periods. Standards for the next generation of buildings will require even greater reduction in peak period energy demands. Ice Energy’s products are powerful compliance tools today and with increasing emphasis on peak period energy demand, will help protect your investment in building design for the future as well.

Increase Property Values. Building owners and tenants can reduce monthly electric bills by 20 to 30% with Ice Energy®products and protect themselves against future peak price increases. Lower operating expenses for commercial building operators can increase property values based upon prevailing cap rates. Residential buyers can lower expected monthly operating expenses and qualify for larger mortgages.

Complement Solar PV. The Ice Storage Air Conditioner eliminates 95% of the peak demand of air conditioners while providing the cooling needed later in the afternoon as solar output declines and building cooling load peaks. As a result, Solar PV output can be used to fulfill other energy needs in the building or can be used to sell energy back to the utility.

Protect the Environment. Help save the environment while improving and protecting the bottom line. Air quality studies conclude that NOx emissions are reduced by 56% and CO2 emissions by up to 35% when Ice Energy’s Ice Storage Air Conditioners are used to dramatically reduce peak period demand and energy consumption. Installing two Ice Bear®50 units is equivalent, in air emissions reductions, to removing one car from the road.

Customer Satisfaction. Ice Storage Air Conditioning from Ice Energy®delivers superior temperature draw down capacity and cooling comfort.

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