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Ice Bear® 50 - Commercial
Ice Storage Air Conditioner

Ice Energy's® Ice Bear® 50 product is the industry's first energy storage module specifically developed to reduce the cost of air conditioning for small to medium sized commercial businesses. The Ice Bear 50 system is compatible with conventional, refrigerant-based rooftop and split system air conditioners commonly used in commercial buildings with less than 150,000 square feet. The system can be quickly installed by traditional HVAC service personnel.

The Ice Bear 50 will deliver a remarkable 7.5 tons of cooling using only 300 watts of power.  This energy efficiency ratio (EER) is an amazing 300 during peak hours, as compared to a conventional air conditioner EER of approximately 10-12.

A condensing unit's ability to cool decreases dramatically on hot days. In contrast, the Ice Bear system’s ability to cool is unaffected by ambient temperature.  Even on the hottest days of the year, a building owner or operator can be confident their customers will be comfortable.

The Ice Bear system slashes up to 10kW of on-peak electrical demand per unit. For owners that means lower electrical bills, for utilities it means planning for extreme summer peak demand days could soon be a thing of the past, and for the rest of us it means a healthier environment due to a significant (30% – 50%) reduction in both NOx and CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions.

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