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Government Market

For Federal, State, and Municipal buildings – a dramatic advance in energy efficiency

Economic growth, security, and the environment – all inextricably linked to a reliable, efficient supply of energy. One of the most pressing threats is peak energy demand driven by air conditioning.

Ice Energy®offers a dramatic advance in efficiency without compromising cooling comfort – superior cooling during peak daytime hours using only a fraction of the energy of a conventional air conditioning system alone. (Building load energy shift chart – small version)

Offices, libraries, schools, senior centers, and other public buildings can experience significant reductions in the cost of electricity* and maintenance, cutting peak demand for electricity associated with air conditioning by 95%.

The California Energy Commission has added its support by adopting the technology as one of the most powerful compliance options under the state’s stringent Title-24 building energy efficiency code. It is LEED certified, has won the BuildingGreen 2005 Top 10 Product of the Year award, and enables more effective use of solar PV.

Superior cooling – and good for the community and the environment.

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Economic Benefits

California Title 24 Compliance

Environmental Benefits

Breakthrough Cooling Performance


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