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Big Box Retail Case Study - System Configuration
Major Retail Chain, Victorville, CA

Each Ice Bear® System was connected to a 7.5 Ton coil that was placed in the ducting of each of the 15 Ton units. The Ice Bear®units themselves were located on the wall behind the building. The refrigerant lines were then connected to the coils and the lines ran for 150 ft on an average with a 25 ft rise. While this is outside the normal published specs for the Ice Bear, this will be a required configuration for Big Box retailers and made this installation a great test case. To adjust for the additional line length, additional refrigerant charge was added to the system to ensure that the pumps do not cavitate. Instead of the normal refrigerant charge of 39 lbs, these units were operated with a refrigerant charge of 50 lbs. The coils were designed to work with the Ice Bear® System were designed for 6000 cfm of airflow and to provide an exit air temperature of 62° F with an inlet air temperature of 75° F.

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Big Box Retail Case Study

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